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And last night we went for Ice-cream

Well, as I mentioned, we had family visiting this weekend, actually they *just* left 5 minutes ago… it was a nice visit and it kept me very active, it’s my FIL and his wife that were here and last night they decided we’d go for ice cream… I do like Ice-cream, don’t get me wrong, especially traditional Wisconsin Frozen Custard! Now … that’s good stuff! but I prefer it when it’s winter and super cold outside… I don’t know why… maybe for how sweet it is? I am not sure… anyway… FIL said I had to have something with them! I said, I really couldn’t but thank you (I really wasn’t in the mood for ice cream at that point and I still wanted to enjoy my coffee and “90 calorie” brownie at home in the night) – My fitness pal said I had over 500 calories still left to reach my net calorie intake of 1200 but as I said, I really don’t want to “use up” all the extra calories I gain from exercise! … So… they wanted to go to Culver’s (which is a traditional, Wisconsin, hamburger place – actually they call their hamburgers “butter-burgers”) I’ve always been crazy about Culver’s and their frozen custard as well… but they said they could stop by “Tutti Fruti”for me to get a frozen yogurt treat…
And this is where  I am going… My very personal “Tutti Fruti Review”

1. The calorie difference between Frozen Custard and Tutti Fruti might not be that big, so… choose wisely!

2. As soon as I went into the place I asked them for their nutritional information and they have a big binder with all their flavors and the info per serving… very helpful indeed! so check it out when you visit before choosing your treat!

3. Their smallest “container” is a dish that could fit about 3 cups so be careful because 1 serving is only 1/2 a cup (or 4 oz.) so if you see that the mango frozen yogurt has only 104 calories remember that that’s only PER SERVING!

4. You go and serve your own yogurt from a swirling machine, it comes out pretty fast, so be careful! They will later weigh it and tell you how much it is in $ It might look like it’s just very little (because their containers are so big!) but don’t believe your eyes! It’s just the “impression” because even when the bottom of my container wasn’t even completely covered it was already 1/2 a cup (almost exactly! it was just a tad less than 4 oz.)

5. You can choose from about 84 calories up to about 130 calories per serving! So be wise when choosing! If you fill their smallest container with a flavor (like chocolate or cheesecake) you could look at a 600 calorie treat or more! (and about 12 dollars to pay too!) My treat wasn’t expensive! but remember, I had a little less than 1/2 a cup, so it was $1.70 – Remember, the calorie per serving is just for their “base” like frozen yogurt or sorbet but does not include their toppings, which look deliciously dangerous!

6.Their establishments are very attractive and it does have the “very healthy” feel to it! they do have great quality ingredients, but remember, not just because you are eating something very healthy means you can eat lots of it

After getting my delicious, very delicious by the way… “Mango Frozen Yogurt” we went to Culver’s, everyone had their custard as they love it… hubby had 3 big scoops of chocolate custard in a huge waffle cone, FIL had an amazingly looking banana split, his wife had a Sundae with nuts and my girls each had a scoop of chocolate custard! Looked good but I was already satisfied by my little frozen treat, proud of how good I was doing and looking forward to enjoying my coffee with brownie at home! Even FIL said he was proud of me and he really respected how I “did that”.

Yesterday I ate 1171 calories, I was “allowed” to eat 1544 because I had a deficit of 344 calories from exercise on the Balance Board that I could’ve used in extra-food but as I mentioned, I want to stay around 1200 always… and keep the “extras” earned by the exercise for my weight loss and maybe even for very rare special occasions. Basically my “net” calorie consumption yesterday was of 798 calories!

I am feeling good and I am not feeling hungry! Don’t take me wrong, that sounds like “too little” but I am eating plenty and drinking a lot of water! I am just doing much better choices, staying active and trying to exercise consistently!

My weight today was 179.8 and it sure feels good to leave the 180’s (again) behind!

The Thin Lady Inside



6 thoughts on “And last night we went for Ice-cream

  1. You’re gettin’ it! You’re totally doing what you need to do to be able to diet in the “real world”. It’s all about substitutions and making choices! And being informed!
    I am a HUGE ice cream fan and eat it nightly. But I don’t like to go OUT for ice cream. At home I can measure how much I have and eat it while I watch TV or blog. (I’m eating it now in fact… 🙂 )
    BUT, if I’m on vacation, I will eat out if necessary and those frozen yogurt places are my favorite. You’re right about the serving sizes though! And if you taste test, you add more!
    I am so happy for you! And congrats for breaking the 180 mark!
    You go Girl! 🙂

    • Thank you! Well… it’s definitely a good thing that tutti fruti has that scale thing! and yes… tasting will add more calories!

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