And then in Chili’s…

Hello everybody! Here I am … with a horrible cold! I don’t even know if it’s a cold or just allergies… but I feel horrible! I couldn’t go running this morning… I couldn’t even wake hubby up like I always do so he was late for work! -sigh- I hope I’ll be better tomorrow so I can run in the evening!

Anyway… Saturday was a great day, hubby came home around 4, we went for a walk at a park, I needed to get some steps “in” for the day… so here is a picture of the place where we walked…


and then went to Chili’s for dinner… I ordered a bowl of chili (but only ate 2/3 of it) and had the 6oz. sirloin steak with steamed broccoli, had water with ice with it and that was it, I really enjoyed my meal and it was only 500 calories total! For the whole day I had 1444 calories so, not bad!

Here’s a picture of me with my littlest one at Chili’s


I published this picture on my fb profile and many mentioned how much slimmer my face looks, I agree with everyone! I liked the picture and I like how I feel! much stronger and just leaner! it’s great!

Tonight I can’t wait to watch The Biggest Loser Finale! It’s going to be great! I am rooting for Danni! We’ll see how that goes! No matter who is officially declared the “Biggest Loser” they are all winners! They have lost tons of pounds and gained so much confidence, strength and health! I am so excited for all of them!

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Burning that burger!

Well, yesterday my goal was to burn the massive burger I ate on Sunday, along with the french fries and the bacon wrapped stuffed shrimp! It was a great day, I got up at 5 to go running with my friend, it was cold and it felt “too early” with the whole time change, I didn’t get to see the sunrise but I still managed to run 1.5 miles non-stop and then walk the rest. It was a total of 3 miles. Then I stayed active during the day and went to the store (which is very close) just to get more steps in my day and later, when “the Biggest Loser” show started I got on the rowing machine and did 40 minutes IN A ROW! After the rowing I ate a protein bar and I felt great! Hopefully my body will start to show soon what I am doing, I promise there won’t be any more massive burgers, fries and shrimp like that… I can’t afford it! I really can’t! and I need to remember that… I am a little afraid because now my birthday is coming and then Easter but I know I can still make good choices, for my birthday we’ll go to Chili’s though… I know they do have good, healthier choices there so I am already committing to stay on “the good side” of the menu! Anyway… just for some numbers, my day ended like this:

13,560 steps taken

6.22 miles traveled

2698 calories burned

1341 calories eaten = 1357 calorie deficit (which could’ve all gone to my weight loss efforts but they have to go to making up for the huge dinner I had on Sunday)

Now… about The Biggest Loser, it was great, it was the last week at the Ranch and I love that week because they show the contestants, individually, the highlights of their journey, from beginning to end and then they show them a part they recorded at the beginning of the show where “the fattest version” of the contestant is speaking directly to him/herself saying “Never go back to this! Remember the sadness, depression, etc… you felt!” It’s very emotional and real! I am looking forward to watching “the BIG Live Finale” next week! it’s going to be GREAT! I am rooting for Danni! She truly deserves being THE BIGGEST LOSER! To the last week in the ranch not only she’s lost TONS OF WEIGHT, she’s also gained 19 pounds of muscle! 19 POUNDS OF MUSCLE! in 3 months! That’s awesome! and so inspiring!

Ok… that’s it for now… today I didn’t run in the morning because on Tuesdays hubby leaves at 5:30 a.m. so he wouldn’t be able to watch the girls, so I am running in the evening! I can’t wait!

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Row, Row, Row your boat

Hello people! Here I am just to give a quick update…

So… yesterday was a good day… I ate 1200 calories and exercised for 10 mins. on my rowing machine… I should do some other exercises but since I am still coming out of the diseases going around in this house all the month of February I am taking it easy LOL! …

Rowing is actually getting to be fun, if I think about it as if I was really “rowing” … so I even think of the song “Row, Row, Row your boat, gently down the stream, merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily… ” well… you get the idea… I am excited to hopefully start feeling stronger soon!

Yesterday I didn’t get to watch the biggest loser and I was very bummed out but I had choir rehearsal at church, today I looked for the full episode, found it and was so thrilled to have done that… even if you don’t watch the Biggest Loser YOU HAVE TO SEE the last part of it… when you see who gets eliminated and the transformation of that person! WOW! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! it’s incredible… you can watch the whole thing here:

Biggest Loser, “Face your Fear” Full Episode, Air Date: 02/25/2013

Ok, I think that’s it for now… my back is hurting from the rowing… I feel it! But not “bad hurting” it’s actually “good hurting” 🙂

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Something good out of the bad…

Hello everybody! I am feeling much better today! Thankfully whatever it is that I had didn’t last long, it sure was violent though! My goodness, the night before last night was pretty rough, and yesterday thankfully I only threw up twice… (TMI?) anyway… I wasn’t hungry for most of the day and I was actually scared of eating, so I had some saltines and apple juice, plus tons of water, in the night I got hungry though and hubby made the very Mexican remedy to all our ailments, “Caldo de Pollo”, which is a delicious chicken soup with tons of vegetables, I gave him all the instructions on how to make it and it really turned out good, so my calories for yesterday were 786, wow! I was shocked when I saw that I ate 786 calories even when I barely ate, calories can sure pile up! I am glad I am much better today! just feeling tired.

So… I hope something good comes out of this and I can actually “break my 178 barrier for good” as you know, if you’ve been reading this journal for a while, I’ve been stuck in 178-180 for a long time, it seems I just can’t pass that number, well today I was 176.6 and even when I know it might not be a very realistic number because I was sick I am going to take it! My next goal is to be 172.6 in a month! so I need to lose 4 pounds in 4 weeks, seems pretty doable, especially if I did indeed break my barrier (crossed fingers).


And now my Biggest Loser recap… if you’re not into it… you can skip this part…

So… I watched the Biggest Loser yesterday… WOW! What an encouragement those people are, although I must say that even when I’ve liked Jillian in past seasons this time it’s way over the top, she is just annoying! always going into this weird mental games and trying to get the contestants to spit out some weird/psychological reason why they can’t work out with her… well… Jill… you’re annoying! I like it when she shows she cares, but this is beyond caring, it’s just too much! So.. let’s leave Jill alone and focus on the contestants, the challenges were great, the kids did great, they sure are showing some improvement in the way they think in regards to food and physical activity, this time the whole members of the BL had the opportunity to reach immunity if they lost 70 pounds combined, they played some of the challenges to reduce that number and they got it down to 51 pounds, so in the end they had to lose 51 pounds together and hopefully win immunity for the whole group, that was not the case, they fell way too short from the goal, nobody had a great number (except for Danni, that girl rocks!) and one member had to be eliminated… that member was

******SPOILER ALERT******

Franceline … she’s such a pretty girl… and now she’s lost a total of 70 pounds, they showed her in her house enjoying life and finally pursuing her dream of becoming an MD, she is also officially dating Jeff (another Biggest Loser member of the house) and they sure look like they care for each other, the way he speaks about her is really sweet. AAWW!!! He’s still in the house and she is looking forward to seeing him at the end and celebrating their weight loss together!

Well, that’s it for now… it’s time to do some blog hopping!

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Showing off – here’s my brother

Well… I always write her about my weight loss journey, that’s what this blog is all about, but today I thought I would just share real quick about my brother… I am the oldest of 3 siblings in my family, I am 33, my sister is 30, my brother just turned 26, so he is the baby!

I am so proud of him and his art, I am very proud of my sister too and I guess I’ll share about her in some other post soon… but today is about him… I won’t say much except that he is very determined and persistent…. maybe I will say more soon… today I just want to show some pics of his art…


He’s got a lot more stuff, he is an Architect so his projects are really cool too, this is something I found of his architecture projects…

I need to ask him for more pictures… he’s also a musician and sings in a band… my sister is the drum player… and his wife plays the bass… I sing too… not in the band, obviously, because we’re so far… maybe some day I will share a video of me singing 😉

I have to go now, I still have more exercise to do I also have to make dinner and get ready to watch The Biggest Loser!

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Weigh in … -sigh-

Hello everybody, first of all let me just say that AF just ruins everything! If you don’t know what AF stands for let me tell you it stands for “Always Faithful” so you must get an idea what I am talking about…

AF came yesterday and I was hyper hungry! Like needing to eat everything! I chose chicken for my binging and stayed within my calorie range, although on the higher end… I ate 1500 calories. I was sleepy all day and not motivated, feeling bloated and just blah… I think I am retaining liquids because my hands felt stretched and heavy… I still exercised (without much motivation but did it) for 1 hour and a half on the Wii Balance Board while watching TV, I burned 470 calories… it really helped me to be watching the Biggest Loser as I exercised, it made the time go faster and just remind me why I am doing this! the contestants ran a 5k and they all did awesome! I was very happy to see their triumphant smiley faces when they reached the finish line!

Anyway… I told hubby how I was feeling and hubby said: “I wouldn’t weigh myself tomorrow if I was you, I don’t want you to get discouraged, you might not see any weight loss on the scale, it’s not the best time to step on it” and I knew it too but it’s my weigh in day so I did weigh myself this morning…

And it was true… There was no change on the scale, not even an ounce (thankfully it didn’t show any increase either) … then I left to my Bible Study which re-started today, just feeling kind of “blah” … but I am so happy I went because it’s like everybody “planned” on telling me encouraging things… I don’t think there was ONE person that didn’t tell me something like “you look great” or “share your secret with me” … I was so happy! It was just what I was needing and the perfect thing to remind me the scale is not the only indicator that I am doing good! Of course since it was our first Bible Study of the season there were all kinds of amazing things to eat… I chose 2 4oz. low fat yogurts and added some walnuts and craisins to them… it was truly the healthiest choice and I was pleased with it… I am looking forward to the rest of the day… working towards making it great!

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Burning Cake!

So… yesterday we had lunch with friends and I made a cake for my friend’s husband, because it’s almost his birthday so we decided to celebrate it on Saturday, hubby kept praising the cake so I had to try it (had to? well, not necessarily, but really wanted to!) so I did try it, I asked for a very thin slice of cake which was enough to let me enjoy all the flavors! The cake was just simply amazing! It was a two layered white/yellow cake with a ganache frosting… just AMAZING! And very high in calories too! I also had some of the pasta my friend made although my main food was salad (with very little dressing) and my Progresso soup! WE had a great time but I couldn’t wait to get home and burn the cake! LOL! My total of calories for the day was on the higher side, still within my daily goal, 1,500 calories! So even when it was later and I was tired I immediately got my balance board and did the free run for an hour and the free step for half an hour, those are pretty much the best “calorie burning” exercises on the Wii, then I did some push-ups (like 7, LOL!) and repetitions to work my abs… I burned 560 calories there and I had gone to Sam’s to do the rest of our grocery shopping in the morning… so I know I burned some calories there too… I think it was over all a good day! I can’t wait for tomorrow to watch “The Biggest Loser” and then Tuesday have my weigh in!

And that’s how I turned around a day that could’ve been bad if I had chosen to just “let my impulses take over” … I could’ve had lots of pasta (which was delicious) and a big slice of that amazing cake, but I still enjoyed it all without having the regrets and guilt that I would’ve had if I hadn’t stayed in control! YEAH! and I am so happy that through exercise I ended up “burning the cake” that I did have!

Here’s “the Cake”:

IMG_4799 IMG_4808