Eat this not that!

Hello! Here I am … again! Motivated…. yes! … Today I had a great day! Ladies Bible Study in church! It was the last class of the semester! We’ll be back in Spring… but I know I’m going to miss all the wonderful ladies I see every Tuesday! πŸ™‚

Because it was the last meeting, there was a luncheon! … Thankfully the group that was supposed to bring breakfast forgot about it so there was no breakfast, unfortunately I was hungrier by lunch!

Everything looked good, really good! it was all by chick-fil-a so not many very bad things… there were chicken wraps, chicken salad sandwiches and fried chicken nuggets, there were also cookies and brownies… that looked very yummy! I was super hungry so I had a whole wrap, 1/2 chicken sandwich and some (about 8) small chicken nuggets… Had water and no dessert! Amazingly that meal ended up being about 985 calories according to myfitness pal! I was shocked! Really shocked!

Anyway… Then I exercised (507 calories burned) and had some snacks/food here at home for a total of 1146 net calories (My actual calorie intake was 1654 but if we take the 507 calories from exercise out of the intake then we end up having the 1146, right? at least that’s how myfitnesspal does it!)

So… today… I was looking for calories IN Starbucks items! Hubby promised to take us on a date to Starbucks tomorrow (by us, I mean, the girls and I) …. so I thought I would start looking at the calorie amounts in the item I usually order… to adjust my intake during the day!) well… this is what I found

If I order a Cinnamon Dolce Latte – Tall – Nonfat Milk – No Whipped Cream it’ll be 160 calories… but If I hadn’t checked and ordered (like I used to) a regular Starbucks – Cinnamon Dolce Latte – Venti – Whole Milk – With Whipped Cream it would’ve been 450 calories! YIKES!

Incredible! I am so happy I checked! That’s what I always do now! Because I know how deceiving some food items can be! You can’t believe sometimes that something that you DRINK can have so many calories! wow!

Well… I have to go now… I just wanted to share about that!

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Mas vale paso que dure…

Ok, you probably didn’t understand the title of my post… In Mexico we’re full of “sayings” and popular expressions/phrases…. there is one that goes: “Mas vale paso que dure y no trote que canse” which means “A slow pace that lasts is better than a quick pace that tires” … I guess I got too hard on myself trying to lose weight too fast, I was doing good but obsessed with reducing my calorie intake each day, every time I had a calorie net intakeΒ  for the day that was lower than 900 calories “myfitnesspal” would say that I’d lose more than 10 pounds in 5 weeks… and I could almost “feel it!” … I was so excited that I forgot that even when myfitnesspal was calculating my weightloss with the amount of calories I was eating… they were also suggesting I should eat more (just like some friends here in the blog did too!) But I just wanted to lose those pounds, quickly! and ate less than I should’ve… This weekend, as you know I ate, more than I usually would… and it turns out that I’ve lost 1.3 pounds… I know I wasn’t eating enough calories… So… I guess the “Mexican expression” applies to me… It’s better if I lose weight slower, steadily and can keep up with it… rather than trying to go too fast and then not be able to continue! Today… I had a net calorie intake of 1309 which is 109 calories over my daily goal, but it’s fine… It’s still a good number, and I’d rather do this and lose, even if not as fast as I want, than just ending up discouraged from burning myself trying to eat as little as possible…

Ok… so I admit it … You (myfitnesspal, shadowrun, etc.) were right, I’ll stick closer to my calorie goal instead of going too low… πŸ™‚ It was a good day today… Got my exercise, ate healthy and enough! Good night now! πŸ˜‰
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So I ate again!

LOL! … Ok… here’s the deal… Yesterday (Saturday) I did great, we went to a “Ranch/Farm” thing… that has a pumpkin patch and it’s huge, lots of walking, not too much eating, was below my calorie count for the day… Today… I just ate… anything… not too much but didn’t even count! I know that not counting (for me, at least) is dangerous… But I don’t want to “hide it” sometimes when I don’t do what I am supposed to I just avoid writing here and hide my head in the ground! Instead of facing it and moving on!

The scale showed a loss of half a pound this morning (after the consistent gain I had the previous days) I think the planned overeating of Friday got me “unstuck” again from the weird plateau… Hopefully the numbers will go down this week!

Right now I am facing that I ate more today and I am ready to work harder tomorrow! Nighty Night!
The Thin Lady Inside!

So I ate!

Yes, today I ate and enjoyed… I just feel like I needed a break… a day to “reset” … a day to rest and enjoy food even! I’ve been too obsessed with calorie counting and exercise, I am not saying it’s necessarily bad, I just needed to relax and realize “it’s ok” I can take a breath! … Today I started counting calories but then decided not to do that and when I could’ve exercised I decided to take a nap! It was a long one and very much needed one too! I realize this is something I am doing! Oh you bet I am doing it! And you bet I will get there! But today… I needed to just do this! I intentionally did it on a Friday instead of a Saturday because I felt that if I did it on the Saturday I would probably feel tempted to continue on Sunday… and I am making sure it was a “one day thing” … I read, I took a hot shower, I watched tv and I didn’t worry too much about anything…
Yes, today I indulged! And tomorrow… I will continue my journey! πŸ™‚
Today is over!

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Consistently GAINING weight?

Weird… yes, I’ve been consistently gaining weight! I had reached 178.8 and right now I am at 181.2 huh! Weird! again I am not going to freak out but I must admit I am intrigued! I am working hard, really, I am not making excuses to myself, I am not cheating, I am not even allowing any kind of deception in my brain, I count every little bit of thing that goes into my mouth! I am meticulous about it! and when “in doubt” I just go to the higher possible amount of calories when I track my food, for example if I eat a small bite of a string cheese I just record like I a 1/4 of a string of cheese, if I eat a thin slice of carrot cake (like a did yesterday) I just go ahead and track it like a “slice of carrot cake” in myfitnesspal! and act accordingly during the day!

Yesterday, regardless of the “carrot cake and pound cake” -I know it sounds bad! But you have to believe me when I say I had super thin slices of them- I had guests over for cake and coffee so I didn’t want to “not eat” with them, I had to make “that” my breakfast and I eliminated other calories during the day so these were my numbers:

Totals 1,372 197 60 36
Your Daily Goal 1,678 230 55 62
Remaining 306 33 -5 26
Calories Carbs Fat Protein
*You’ve earned 478 extra calories from exercise today

As you can see I only ate 1372 calories for the day… then I burned 478 so I “supposedly” had a net calorie intake of 894 calories, the “myfitness pal” thing has been saying “if everyday is like today you’ll be 169 pounds in 5 weeks” it’s been 3 already and I am at 181.0 pounds! -sigh- I keep trusting and of course I’ll keep doing this, there’s no choice! I can’t go back! so… I am working, working, working! It would sure be nice to see the numbers go down! But I guess it’ll happen over time! It would just be nice to be able to reach my initial goal which was to lose 10 pounds in 5 weeks and now that’s far from a reality… I still have to lose 8 pounds and I am almost at the 5 week mark! -sigh-
Ok… enough of my pity party! Have a great weekend!

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Quick Update

Sorry I’ve been away! I’ve been really busy! But I’ve been working hard at this! My last post was on the 22nd. reporting my calorie intake from the 21st. Well… the next days (22nd. 23rd. and today) I’ve been under my calorie goal (because of the exercise), Today was the day with highest calorie intake… I just couldn’t resist the pasta! (It’s amazing the amount of calories in pasta!!!) but I was really busy during the day, even had choir rehearsal and still exercised for 2 hours! I even exercised from 10 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. to “catch up” and get ahead a little bit! My calorie intake today was 1770 calories! YIKES! But I exercised for two hours (just wii fit free run and wii fit free step) and burned 686 calories which according to MyFitnessPal would’ve allowed me to eat 1886 calories for a Total Net Calorie of 1200 for the day… the 1886 seemed excessive though… the 1770 by itself seemed excessive! So … I had a Net Calorie for the day of 1086! Not bad after eating all those bow tie noodles! LOL! … Anyway… That’s my update for the day! I have to go now but I am still working very, very hard! Right now I haven’t been focusing much on the toning/strength training but I need to do better with that! I will try to incorporate some toning exercising somehow soon!
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Does confidence make you thin?

I don’t know the answer to that question… I don’t think confidence by itself makes you lose weight… But I think that relaxing and being more confident about your decisions helps you stay on track with weight loss! I am feeling it! In the days that fear took over me and I felt like I couldn’t eat ANYTHING because I was sure I’d gain weight even from just looking at the broccoli… I tended to either stay or gain some weight… even if just a little bit… I think stress is something to get rid of when you’re trying to lose weight… and confidence should replace it!

When you know you’re doing the “right thing” and taking the steps you need to take to lose weight… there should be the peace of knowing that eventually your body will start to show it and respond to it! I used to freak out at any increase on the scale and I am not saying it’s never going to happen again (I sure hope so) but I think I am learning to be more confident and trust the fact that I actually NEED TO eat in order to lose weight… such confidence and trust is actually giving me the freedom to play around with the food and with the calories I consume… to do things like “save calories for later” or just burn it all with exercise!

I don’t know if I am making any sense… the thing is that I feel somewhat liberated even by the things that I used to think were restrictions! Like calorie counting and exercise! Those are great tools that are making me take charge of my health and my weight! Interesting!

So… here are yesterday’s numbers (I try to share them every day for accountability and self discipline!)

Totals 1,479 179 58 88
Your Daily Goal 1200+299* 206 49 56
Remaining 20 27 -9 -32
Calories Carbs Fat Protein
*You’ve earned 299 extra calories from exercise today

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