What’s going on…

Hello peeps! We had a WONDERFUL, just wonderful time in Wisconsin… and I did pretty good with my eating and staying active… BUT… BUT…. yes… there’s a BUT… the return wasn’t that smooth… well… first of all… I got sick right the day before we started our trip back home… I completely lost my voice! That was the day I was going to have my “date” with hubby at the same restaurant when we first went on a date there… and… well… I couldn’t speak! I still didn’t want to let that ruin my time so I guess I was a “very good listener” LOL! although my throat was killing me!

I am so happy our first date was at a “Health Food place” because it’s easy to go there again and order good stuff… Here’s what I ate:

Tuna Melt with Alfalfa Sprouts and Indian Rice

Tuna Melt with Alfalfa Sprouts and Indian Rice

Then we went to our favorite coffee shop, the name of that place used to be “Alterra” but they sold the name to Mars Inc. so it’s now “Colectivo”. I still love the place!


I had a “cortado” 1/2 espresso 1/2 milk foam and he had his usual strong black coffee


“Alterra” (or Colectivo now) uses old historical buildings for their shops, this is in the old water pump building that used to supply water from Lake Michigan to the city of Milwaukee

So, date was “fine” and pretty silent… but it was nice to go to those places. Then, Friday we began our journey back home and for some reason… I just ate! It’s like I almost “ruined” the entire time of vacation that I did good… -sigh- back home I checked my weight and I gained 3 pounds (in those 2 days of traveling back) – I am going to blame it on the fact that it was too hard being silent… so… how else could I use my time on a road trip? well… I ate! Back home I have struggled to get back in line but I already lost some of the weight I gained… I am positive and setting new goals for myself… I am right now 176 pounds and I want to be in the 160’s by the end of the year (even if it’s 169.9 LOL!). It is also nice to get back into my routine of my morning walks as well!

My voice… well… it’s coming back (although still pretty raspy) but at least I feel much better.

That’s it forΒ  now…

Thanks for being patient with me.

The Thin Lady Inside


You can still do something…

Hello everybody, here I am, “interrupting” my vacation just to report how things are going

We are having a grand time! Enjoying visiting with family, friends and just loving the cooler weather in Wisconsin! tomorrow we will go apple picking, so I am excited! I love doing that! And hubby is planning on taking me to dinner on Thursday, just the two of us while the girls stay with their grandparents… we’ll go to a nice place where he took me on my first trip up to Wisconsin… “Beans&Barley”, it’s a “Deli, Market, Cafe” kind of place, very trendy, healthy and just … for me… well… romantic… because again, that was the first place where we went out on a date when I first visited from Mexico… so it will be a nice trip down memory road! right? πŸ™‚ As you might now… our dates were always “e-mails and phone calls” because of the distance, and meeting in e-harmony… so… we DO REMEMBER and treasure each date we had in person back then! πŸ™‚

So… I’ve been doing good with the eating… yesterday not so much… but I still didn’t go overboard… my worst sin was a sausage/cream cheese dip with tostitos! It was sooo good! but considering we are on vacation and we’ve been having family get togethers with all kinds of food I’ve been doing great, Saturday I ate 1350 calories, regardless of the party, regardless of the snacking, I filled myself with lots of water and veggies… I also went for a run around the area… it was such a gorgeous day and I burned plenty of calories! Yesterday was the hard one, as I said, but I still didn’t pass the 2000 calories (although, almost did!) and didn’t exercise! It was just busy from morning to night just eating and visiting with people … today I went for a walk with one of hubby’s aunts and his father’s wife… walked for an hour and burned a little over 400 calories with it! Ate about 1500 calories total!

So… I am definitely proving to myself you can still DO SOMETHING during vacation! I am very proud of myself because even during our road trip I did awesome… only drinking water and eating only what I needed, not what I wanted! Oh my goodness! That proved to be a big test and I am happy I passed it with an A+ ! Even hubby was shocked! we drove 24 “almost straight” hours (with stops just to eat and go to the bathroom and only once to sleep for an hour) and still… I stayed strong! Hubby kept stopping to buy candy bars, cheesy popcorn, snacks, soda, coffee, etc… and I still remained strong! Trust me… it wasn’t easy! I had doughnuts, cheetos and chocolate covered raisins in my mind! But only when we had to stop for a main meal I would eat… we had breakfast at Dennys and I only ate 2 pancakes without butter and just 1 tbsp. of maple syrup (less than 400 calories) and for lunch we had Subway… (light Ranch Dressing in a 6″ sub) … so… I am happy regardless of yesterday’s indulging!

Have to go now… my girls are giggling in the other room when they should be sleeping… it will be a busy day tomorrow!


I knew my “weight gain” was more “hormone related” than real weight… I am back to 173.1 and we are about to leave on our vacation.

Shadowrun… my blog and I miss you over here! LOL! πŸ™‚ I miss THL and Dave too… Jackie… well… so many … I guess my posts have been quite boring! LOL! Hopefully I’ll have nice stuff to share from my trip!

I will try to keep you posted even while I am away… I will remain in the fight even these days…


The Thin Lady Inside


Well… that’s my weight this morning… It seems I gained a little but I don’t really “feel like it” … I have been feeling and looking thinner… so … I am pretty sure it’s more hormone related … yes… AF showed up… so I might just be retaining liquids or something…

That’s it… just wanted to report that πŸ˜€ … It’s now obvious I won’t reach my goal of crossing to the 160’s for our trip… but I am ok with it.

Gotta go now!

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New size… ?

Hello everybody! Here I am, just aΒ  real quick stop before our family vacation… I’ve been baking a lot so I’ve been pretty busy… and, I’ve been a little stressed out, just worrying about something… Well.. not really worrying but something has been “occupying my mind” turns out that I’ve been having thoughts… about … the possibility… of … being pregnant! … Don’t worry… I don’t think I am, I really don’t … and it’s almost confirmed that I am not… but the thought has been there. We haven’t been thinking about getting pregnant again, we actually think we “are done” but… there has been the chance that I am so… I took a pregnancy test yesterday and it was negative… although… I took it before the time I should… I haven’t even missed my period yet… so… it’s not time for me to be POAS… not yet… but I have all the symptoms that my period is coming soon so I doubt it even more…

Anyway… that kept my thoughts… let’s say… busy!

So… because of our upcoming trip, I knew I would need to get some clothes, for the girls and for myself, I went to the store and got my “usual size” 12 but had a feeling and also took a size 10 to the fitting room “just in case” and it turns out that I tried size 10 first and it fits perfect, which makes me soooo happy! it’s not even “a little tight” it’s JUST PERFECT! I wonder if I can trust this, because I am always doubting myself, but my clothes do start to feel a little looser … and today, everybody in church kept mentioning I am looking thinner… so I am thrilled of course! I am excited! Everything seems to be going great! I didn’t weigh myself today but I will tomorrow and I will share with all of you!

Have to go now… busy day ahead!

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Hearty Breakfast Options for less than 400 calories

Hello everybody… So yesterday wasn’t that good of a day… I am catching up today… I hate “catching up” because I know in the end… if you do it too often… well… you lose the battle… But I am doing good and staying focused.

Something I’ve noticed works best for me is to have a good, big breakfast, I think I’ve mentioned it before… If I eat too little for breakfast I pretty much set myself up for failure for the rest of the day… and even if I “make it” I end up frustrated or in a bad mood all day long…

So… I try to eat plenty in the morning… Something I’ve been doing lately is reduce, a lot, the amount of eggs I eat… so I but I only eat eggs on Sundays, when, because of extra church activities, I know I will spend more time without being able to eat… the rest of the week I just replace the egg with extra fruit…

Anyway… here are my breakfast options for you (all include Van’s Organic Waffles, which I just discovered and are sooo delicious!)


Waffles with Maple Syrup, Fruit and Coffee = 330 cals.

You need:

Van’s Totally Natural Organic Waffles (2 Waffles) 170 cals.

Dark Amber 100% Pure Maple Syrup 1 tbsp. 53 cals.

Coffee with 1 tbsp. sugar free creamer (the sugar free creamer is optional and it’s the least healthy of all items) = 19 cals.

1/4 Banana (medium) = 35 cals.

4 Medium Strawberries 15 cals.

7 Fresh Raspberries 7 cals.

1 tbsp. raw almonds 30 cals.

Waffles with Maple Syrup and Big Banana Milk Shake: 306 calories

You need:

Van’s Totally Natural Organic Waffles (2 Waffles) 170 cals.

Dark Amber 100% Pure Maple Syrup 1 tbsp. 53 cals.

Unsweetened Almond Milk (Vanilla) – 1 cup (8 oz.) = 30 cals.

1/2 medium ripe banana 53 cals. (If you use the whole medium ripe banana your whole breakfast will be 359 calories… so still very good!)

(For the milk shake just blend the Almond Milk and Ripe Banana, serve cold and sprinkle some ground cinnamon on top)

Waffles with Maple Syrup, Egg and Fruit: 368 calories.

You need:

Van’s Totally Natural Organic Waffles (2 Waffles) 170 cals.

Dark Amber 100% Pure Maple Syrup 1 tbsp. 53 cals.

2 Medium Strawberries = 8 cals.

1/2 Medium Banana = 53 cals. (substitute for your favorite fruit, just check the portion sizes)

1 large egg (scrambled and cooked with Pam) = 84 cals.

So… I hope you enjoy a big, guilt-free breakfast that will help you stay satisfied and energized throughout the day!


The Thin Lady Inside

Birthday cake!

Hello everybody! Here I am, doing good, just super busy though… I had to bake cookies and cake for my birthday girl! I can’t believe she turned 5! How did that happen? I was just holding her for the first time not long ago and … she is 5??? How dare she? πŸ™‚ Here is the birthday girl and what I made for her:



She wanted a cat (but not kitty) on her cakes… so, there’s the cat! πŸ˜€


When I was making them I thought the petals resembled “bunny ears” so these would be good for Easter too πŸ˜›

We were very blessed with lots of friends who came over and celebrated with us yesterday… and I didn’t even have a slice of cake… trust me… I really wanted to… and I had perfect excuses in my head “it’s your daughter’s birthday! How come are you not eating cake” but my daughter was having so much fun with her friends she could’ve cared less if I ate cake or not… so I was not “offending anybody” by not eating… and I stayed strong!

Today I weigh: 173.5 pounds… which is a whole other pound I’ve lost! It’s not a lot… and it’s not fast… but it’s consistent! And I am just thrilled to not be stuck between 178-182 anymore! I hope I’ll continue going this way! It hasn’t been easy… it sure hasn’t! I have been so hungry these few days… but I am staying strong!

πŸ™‚ Just wanted to make sure I stopped by and shared with all of you

The Thin Lady Inside