Food Diary and a message for Tiffany

I don’t have too much time to post right now but here is what I ate:

(I’ll count calories tomorrow)


  • egg
  • broccoli
  • zucchini
  • mushrooms
  • olive oil (1 tbsp)
  • 1 oz. queso panela


  • 1/2 corn tortilla and a thin slice of avocado


  • Some chicken (love chicken LOL!) but not too much, about 3 oz.
  • Sandwich (with queso panela, tomato, green spring mix, mustard, thin sandwich buns, onion)

I haven’t had any dinner… but I don’t feel hungry, I’ll just have my coffee and sugar free pudding.

Exercise: I worked out with the WII for a little over 2 hours. for a total of 529 calories burned.

That’s it… didn’t weigh myself… have to go now!

Now for my Friend TIFF who always reads my blog: If you are reading this… I am sorry I haven’t contacted you lately 😦 I feel horrible… going to send you an e-mail soon! HUGS!

The Thin Lady Inside


UGH! Too much chicken!

Hello… here I am with my food diary, calorie counting and recording my physical activities.

Today… I did good, although I binged on chicken… I ate too much!

Let’s see how the day went:

Breakfast: Total = 341 calories

  • 1 egg w/sauteed broccoli, mushrooms, green bell peppers and zucchini
  • slice of queso panela (cheese)

Lunch: Total: About 700 calories.

  • Chicken, chicken and more chicken!

… For some reason I just felt HUNGRY FOR MEAT! I wanted, craved, needed meat! Very weird (and very carnivore I guess) I roasted a whole chicken and had all the dark meat … 2 drum sticks and 2 thighs… they were pretty big … I just removed the skin.

I’ve been drinking lots of water… I think I’ve had 5 or 6 full big glasses so far and that’s all I am eating for the day… so that adds up to about 1041 calories… I might just add a coffee tonight (about 30 calories due to the sugar free creamer) but I will not have my sugar free chocolate pudding… I still feel stuffed!

About my exercise… I went to the pool and spent there about 1.5 hours. I made a point to NEVER stop moving… My arms and legs DEFINITELY FEEL IT right now… I was moving like I was crazy… kicking, moving my arms and even doing torso twists in the water to tone my waistline, some rowing squats and more kicking and moving my arms… I don’t think there was a moment that I just “stood there”

So… I would say that’s about 490 calories burned considering it was a “4 METS” activity and assuming I am still 180.0 pounds. (making very conservative calculations)

So… there you go… that’s about my day today… Looking forward to tomorrow and when I get those protein cravings I slow down a little bit before eating so much!

The Thin Lady Inside

Day 16 continued…


Hi! Good day everyone! Yesterday I didn’t get the chance to “finish my food dairy” but I am here to do so…

Yesterday I registered my breakfast, lunch and exercise… I was at  851 calories when I posted, but then at 5:00 p.m. I decided to go with the girls to the pool, we were in there only for about 45 minutes but I think I did very good use of it… moving and kicking all the time, playing to catch my 18 month old (that game she invented… there was no way I could keep her on one spot) and chasing her so she wouldn’t get too far from me (she has one of those inflatable things on her) my 3 yr. old just stayed by my side at all times so she was easy to handle…But I got another good workout there! No idea how much I burned though…. So I’ll say about 200 right?

Then… When we came back from the pool I needed to EAT! So I had a banana and some grapes ( I realized I hadn’t had any fruit for the day ) so that adds 162 calories to my intake … and lots of good, easy to process, and very needed SUGAR (energy) and potassium!

That’s all I ate… and I didn’t manage to drink 6 additional big glasses of water but I did drink 4 (they are pretty big glasses. So I think I did good with the water, hopefully better today though)

Later in the night I had my coffee with sugar free french vanilla creamer and my sugar free chocolate pudding cup… which adds 90 calories

For a total of: 1102 calories

And considering I burned 600 on the Wii and around 200 swimming I burned an estimate of 800 calories (just exercising)

Pretty awesome day! 🙂 I am all sore today, I can tell I hadn’t exercised that much for a while… I am happy… I like the feeling.

Oh… and didn’t weigh myself so:

The Thin Lady Inside

My food so far…

So here I am … starting my food diary here… Today this is what I’ve eaten so far:

Breakfast:  Total – 341 calories

1 egg

olive oil

1 cup green beans

1/2 cup white mushrooms

1/2 zucchini

1 oz. “Queso Panela”

Lunch:Total 510 Calories

I had a small slice of an amazing meatloaf I made…

Sandwich with thin sandwich bun, queso panela, tomato, green spring mix, onion, yellow mustard, avocado.

I have only had 2 big cups of water… but I am working towards drinking 6 more…

I will register whatever else I eat later… I think I’ve been doing pretty good so far… 851 calories total… After this I usually only have coffee and a 60 calorie chocolate pudding (sugar free) so that would add only about 100 calories.

I also exercised already and burned almost 600 calories.

So I will say it’s been a pretty good day!

The Thin Lady Inside

Where are my training wheels?

If you’ve been following my weight loss battle you know I am right now trying to NOT weigh myself in for a week! I have not stepped on a scale but I’ve also done poorly with my exercising, I have been eating well for most part but I know I need to get WAY MORE STRICT there too! I feel like someone removed the training wheels from my bike and I lost a little balance and even fell a few times… but I am up and I am sure… I KNOW I will do great! This week will be a great opportunity to get back on track and I am planning on recording EVERYTHING I EAT HERE… hopefully that will help!!! right?

So… now two pictures I found on fb and I thought would be good to share here:

Having children is no excuse!

So… let’s all have a good week!!!!
The Thin Lady Inside.

I am back… 13 days and counting

Hello friends! I was away for a week! I am sorry I didn’t give more details! Nothing wrong was happening… just my hubby left on a trip and I felt very vulnerable… I didn’t want to share about it online because you never know who might be reading … and I am not talking about my friends or fellow weight fighters! I am talking about just privacy/safety in general… right? And I knew that If I posted here (which is my most personal, intimate blog) would be hard without sharing about him not being home and the struggles I would face as a result of him being away… It was harder, indeed… the girls got sick… I got sick too.. (just that cough, sniffles that persisted!) and it wasn’t easy for me being on my own with them… I know 6 days without my hubby my seem like nothing for many…. especially those brave women whose hubbies have to travel for work or serve somehow in the Army, Marines, etc… but for me it was just an eternity… I am not used to that, and the girls aren’t either… so my littlest one was having some “emotional issues” (to call it something) and didn’t want to go to bed AT ALL! She needed her daddy to hold her like each night (even when she is my “independent one”) so we stayed up later from them being sick, missing their daddy, etc… I only exercised one day and I know that was wrong… My intention was to exercise even more than I usually do but I let my “feeling overwhelmed” win in that area… no excuses… just letting you know what happened. I did good with my eating though… and I was sooo tempted to weigh myself… The first two days that hubby was gone were ok… I actually spent all Monday with friends (pool, sharing cake -not me eating it… just sharing it- etc.) Tuesday was great too, we spent some time at a friend’s house and had dinner with her and her family…when her husband (NFL Player) appeared for dinner, my littlest girl just threw herself right at him! She was needing someone (a man) to hold her… and since he is sooo big she just CHOSE HIM! you should’ve seen her! You could tell she wasn’t as happy as she is with daddy but she found comfort there… I was glad… and that was actually the only night she went to bed without crying!

here is a pic of that:


So… here I am … back on track! 13 days I haven’t weighed myself and today will be the 14th… Happy to be back and looking forward to reading your blogs and hearing from all of you! and actually looking forward to RUNNING AND RUNNING some more to burn all the extra calories I didn’t burn this week!

Thanks for being here and part of my life!

The Thin Lady Inside

Not posting…

I have to take a break from posting (Maybe I’ll be able to post more than I think)… I’ll share more about the reasons on Saturday… but do not worry… everything is ok and I am strong! It’s been 7 days (today will be the 8th) of my “No Scale Project” and I am learning a lot!
I’ll be back soon!

Happy Father’s Day everyone (by the way… I just had a slice of chocolate cake! LOL! I’ll share more on Saturday but… no worries! )

The Thin Lady Inside.