Yes it’s Easter, Yes it’s Early, yes it’s Sunday!

Hello everybody! I haven’t been blogging much lately but I feel like I’ve been doing really good… I think I’ve stayed away from my blog more due to my anxiety from the “solo” I would have for the Easter program in church (which thank God was done already!) and I couldn’t get my head “clear enough” to write posts… at least not coherent ones… LOL … Anyway… that’s done so I just want to report that I’ve always stayed within the recommended calorie range… except for yesterday… I went just a little higher because it was my friend’s birthday and she had a magnificent spread! Oh my goodness! Everything was great! I must say that my favorite part of the spread was the chicken salad I made (LOL) but it’s not low in calories and has real mayo in it (not the light stuff!), I had chips and a sandwich and some other salads as well… So I know I had around 1500 calories all at once… I had yogurt for breakfast and then I didn’t have anything else to eat after the stuff in her house, so my calories still stayed in the “decent and human numbers” still, when I realized how many calories I ate (even when I didn’t drink any soda or ate any dessert) and then I checked my fitbit and I had only walked 1100 steps total I decided to go to wal-mart and then to kroger for some extra steps in the stores… so I ended up with a count of around 7000 steps… better than 1000 that’s for sure!

It’s amazing what “high calorie” food like that does to your body though… I was sleepy and feeling so heavy that I could’ve sworn I gained back all the calories I’ve lost in the whole time I’ve been in this journey… I could see myself GROW in front of the mirror (even when I know it’s not true) but even my clothes felt different… I went to sleep with a bad feeling in my stomach just from “the thought” of being obese again… I know that feeling too well! I don’t want to be there ever again… So I told my birthday friend (who is also my running pal) that we definitely needed to run “the next day” (today) and even when I had to be in church at 7:30 a.m. for sound check and have a long morning singing for the 3 Easter Services… I decided that nothing would make me not run today… so my friend, accepted to run with me… and so we did… we met at 5:30 a.m., we walked 1.7 miles and ran the same distance back…. I must say it felt great when she said “you pushed me this time!” she’s the one always taking “the lead” and I am the one always panting a few steps behind her feeling like it’s a real battle to keep up with her… this time I think I was a few inches ahead of her… and I was the one setting the pace… it felt good! it felt awesome! we laughed when we saw cars drove slow by us… we were joking around saying maybe they thought we were crazy… we made up conversations making up what “they were saying inside their cars” … like “hey! are you crazy? It’s so early! And it’s Easter! And it’s Sunday!” LOL! 🙂

The Thin Lady Inside


And then my solo came

And here it is… Praise God He took care of my nerves…. The size of my shirt is “large” and I can clearly see how I should’ve changed it to a medium… I was the one with the biggest looking shirt… it felt wrong and made me look even bigger… but who cares… LOL! At least it went well! Here it goes:

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Keeping my voice

Hello everybody… well… Friday is the day when I will be singing in our Easter Program. The name of the Program is “Victorious” and it’s going to be really beautiful but nerves are really taking a toll in me… My stomach is always unsettled and I know it’s all nervousness… It’s actually been about 12 years since I last sang “for real” … My throat closes up and I start coughing every time it’s my turn to sing during rehearsals… and allergies, well… they’re not helping…

So… my friend and I will be running in the Fitness Center of the Apartment Complex where I live the whole week… it’s a longer drive for her but I am happy to have such a good friend who will do this for me to avoid running outside in the cold and with all the pollen and humidity in the environment… We’re actually going to reach freezing temperatures tomorrow morning… so I am glad we have the option to run indoors! The gym is actually very nice… There are two treadmills (and thank God they’re both working right now), 2 elliptical machines, 1 bycicle, weights and other equipment… Today I walked 1 mile and ran a little over 3. I am happy! I burned 714 calories (according to the watch that hubby gave me that calculates burned calories based on your heart rate/age/etc.)

I hope all the congestion will soon go away, this whole week is filled with rehearsals… Solos rehearsal tomorrow, general rehearsal on Wednesday and Dress Rehearsal on Thursday… I am nervous, nervous, nervous! My mom and sister will be visiting for Easter and I am excited… they’ll get to hear me sing “formally” like that after 12 years of not doing so … the program will be so beautiful and I know they’ll love it! Then on Sunday we’ll have 3 special Easter Services and I’ll have to be in church since 7:30 a.m. … I am just thankful for such a supportive husband that helps me and encourages me to do everything!

Today I weighed myself and I lost .7 pounds ONLY! I can not believe it! But oh well! At least there was a loss… Last week there was a gain of 1.1 pounds (which I couldn’t believe either) … but here I am… fighting… fighting and singing!

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Running Late

Hello everybody! Sorry I haven’t been very active blogging! It doesn’t mean I haven’t been doing “My job” here! I definitely have! There hasn’t been a day where I have exceeded my “recommended by the fitbit” calories or that I have neglected my exercising… Wait… I didn’t go running just one day because I was just coughing too much and it was raining so I had to stay in…

Anyway… so … everyday I wake up at 5:10 to just go to the bathroom, brush my teeth and get in my running clothes as silently and quickly as possible to meet my friend at 6:30 and run with her… I even went running after a horrible night that I didn’t sleep AT ALL due to the coughing… I figured it didn’t make sense staying in bed if I wasn’t going to sleep anyway! But… well.. that’s not the story… Today… my 4 yr. old came to my bed at 4 a.m., she wanted me to go with her to the bathroom because she wanted to pee, then she wanted me to stay with her in her bed because her sister (2 yrs. old) abandoned her and was already IN my bed so she didn’t want to sleep on her own… I figured my sleep was ruined by then so I went to her room, kept looking at my cell phone to get up at 5:10 like I usually do… and then at 5:07 I turned the alarm off to avoid making any noise and wake anybody up… and then I blinked (or so I thought) until my cell phone made a noise that let me know I “had a new message” and it was my friend saying “Where are you?” I rubbed my eyes and realized it was 5:42! We both have a tight schedule in the mornings, she has kids to send to school, I have a husband that has to go to work and I can’t be late back at home because we have little ones… so we can’t both be gone… I was so embarrassed with my friend for getting up so late, I called her and said “I’ll be right over” … I don’t know how I made it there at 5:5ish … but … something good came out of all of this… what my friend and I usually do in 1 hour we did in 46 minutes… so we definitely got a good work out and I guess that should now be “our time to beat” 🙂

Whew… Running late was bad but at least worked for the good!

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And then in Chili’s…

Hello everybody! Here I am … with a horrible cold! I don’t even know if it’s a cold or just allergies… but I feel horrible! I couldn’t go running this morning… I couldn’t even wake hubby up like I always do so he was late for work! -sigh- I hope I’ll be better tomorrow so I can run in the evening!

Anyway… Saturday was a great day, hubby came home around 4, we went for a walk at a park, I needed to get some steps “in” for the day… so here is a picture of the place where we walked…


and then went to Chili’s for dinner… I ordered a bowl of chili (but only ate 2/3 of it) and had the 6oz. sirloin steak with steamed broccoli, had water with ice with it and that was it, I really enjoyed my meal and it was only 500 calories total! For the whole day I had 1444 calories so, not bad!

Here’s a picture of me with my littlest one at Chili’s


I published this picture on my fb profile and many mentioned how much slimmer my face looks, I agree with everyone! I liked the picture and I like how I feel! much stronger and just leaner! it’s great!

Tonight I can’t wait to watch The Biggest Loser Finale! It’s going to be great! I am rooting for Danni! We’ll see how that goes! No matter who is officially declared the “Biggest Loser” they are all winners! They have lost tons of pounds and gained so much confidence, strength and health! I am so excited for all of them!

The Thin Lady Inside

And for my birthday I got…

Well… as I already said… I got to run in the morning, I got to eat at Chick-fil-a with my girls (obviously stayed on the healthy choices), got to eat a tiny sliver of chocolate cake that hubby bought as a surprise for me… got to enjoy watching my girls play at the pool, got a cold afterwards and right now my throat is killing me … but I also got…


Two pairs of walking weights (2 lbs. and 4 lbs) -in the picture I am showing only one set, the other was still in the bag and it’s purple- and a heart rate monitoring/cal counting watch. It’s water resistant too! (Those were gifts from hubby). My friend that runs with me in the morning got me a Chick-Fil-A card and a miniature rose bush (so cute!) … that was so nice! Another friend gave me a Starbucks card and my FIL got me a nice card and $25.00 … 🙂 It was a great day … mainly for having so much love in my life and that my loved ones are healthy… I got tons of “FB birthday wishes” and my mom shared a link on YouTube of a song that she’s always loved and that she would sing for me when I was little… it was sweet!

That’s it for now… as I said… I think we’ll go to Chili’s tonight… maybe not… this cold is bothering me and I don’t need any temptations anyway… but if we do go I’ll stay on “the right side” of the menu

Have a great weekend everyone!

The Thin Lady Inside

BECAUSE it’s my birthday

So…. Yesterday my running partner and very good friend asked me: “Are we still running tomorrow? I mean, it’ll be your birthday” … “Yes, we’re running! BECAUSE it is my birthday!” and that’s the way I see it… I am not saying it’s easy to get out of my warm bed at 5 in the morning when everything is still dark and cold outside but… I think I DESERVE this! Running is good for me… being healthy is a great gift! So… BECAUSE it’s my birthday… I ran this morning! 🙂

And later:


I took the girls to Chick-Fil-A … they gave us each a scoop of ice-cream, a friend from church works there and my oldest told her it’s “mommy’s birthday” so, that’s why the ice-cream! I had to throw mine away (I felt bad but had to be done!)… but the girls enjoyed theirs … and even later…


My goodness! The water was icy cold… I couldn’t believe there were people swimming there two days ago! crazy! I mean… it gets pretty cold at night… and in the day it doesn’t even reach 80 degrees, but the day was too beautiful to be inside the house, the girls enjoyed in the shallow side of the pool while mommy watched them and relaxed…

Have to go now… I have something bugging me in my throat… I think I am catching a cold.. -sigh-

Happy Birthday to ME!

The Thin Lady Inside