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It could’ve been a bad day!

Yes… today … could’ve been one of “those days” when you feel like you wish you could just erase that day and start it all over again to do it all different… I felt hungrier and a little (or a lot) out of control, ate in moments when I shouldn’t have and things that I hadn’t initially planned to… But I kept tracking it ALL! and adding it to my Fitness Pal Food Diary… I reached 1546 calories from food today! It’s the most I’ve eaten since I re-started this… I didn’t feel like exercising either because I felt like I am getting a cold… but once I realized “what was happening” I just started doing the Wii (Free Step and Free Run) and burned 477 calories (finished at 9:40 p.m.) now… of course it would’ve been better to do that earlier but I wasn’t going to let the day pass without doing something about my health… I am committed to this! I am not going to make excuses for myself!

so 1546 calories from food – 477 calories from exercise = 1069 NET Calories (according to MyFitness Pal) … which is well within my range for the day (1200) and for the pace of weight loss I want to have… I even have 131 calories to spare (which I will not use) … Do I hope to have better days than this? Of course I do… I will continue to work to stay in control … Thank you all for being here and supporting my journey! Truly… every comment, like, rating, etc.. just makes my day!

The Thin Lady Inside


8 thoughts on “It could’ve been a bad day!

  1. Good for you! At first I was going to tell you not to worry about eating a little extra today, since you were quite under your goal the other day, but it’s WAY better that you just didn’t allow yourself any excuses! *** HIGH FIVE**** 🙂

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