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Even with guests!

Hello everybody! I’ve had family over visiting and I’ve been doing really good, still exercising (even when I’ve been baking and serving everyone!) so I am very happy and motivated.
My weight today: 180.8 which is -1.1 pounds since yesterday.

I can clearly see it on my face again and my clothes are starting to feel more comfortable (I had bought clothes when I was at 178 and when I reached 185 during my weight gain they weren’t fitting nicely!)  … If you check my previous numbers the scale said I was 185 in Sept. 29th. 184.3 in Sept. 30th… and now, just a week later I’ve lost 4.2 pounds… I’ll stay at this!

Today I burned 344 calories on the Wii but was active all day long just keeping our guests comfortable, doing dishes, cooking and normal “mommy stuff”

Have to go now!

The Thin Lady Inside


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