Not dead

Hello everybody… I’m here… Not dead just busy, then had a wonderful long 2 week vacation and then I’ve been sick with a cold that won’t leave my body!

I gained 7 pounds on said vacation and already lost it… (whew) … I am still in the fight but once I get to a certain weight I just get stuck there!

Everything else has been good… hubby’s writing a book, I am back to Bible Study, girls are both big and in Awana (cubbies and sparkies) in church and I just can’t wait to just be healthy to get back to running (I did and got worse so I am waiting to get better)

I’m here though… I’m here! vacation was wonderful and active (camping, apple picking, lots of walking and hiking) but still managed to get big and bloated because I wasn’t drinking as much water (bathrooms weren’t as accessible and also spent lots of time on the road)… over 1600 miles were driven and thankfully we’re back home!

I’ve been receiving notifications of the posts my fellow bloggers/friends have been posting!

Shadow: WOW! all those changes going on! I know a thing or two about moving and it’s exhausting! Only you could do so much! BTW… You can send the kite my way … the girls would love it! LOL! 😉

Jackie: Continue to admire your determination and attitude… finding always the good in the midst of it all! Don’t care about the labels… In my mind the only labels that apply to you are those that define such a strong, joyful, kind woman!

Dave: Keep on keepin’ on! Don’t stop running!!!

THL: you still there???

The Thin Lady Inside


I can’t believe it’s been so long…

Hello everybody! I am back and everything seems to have changed on my wordpress dashboard! I apologize for taking so long to write an update or to do some “blog-hopping” it’s just been really busy here… just little things like our rent going up, not being able to buy a house just yet and me trying to find some online jobs to do… like … translating jobs or something… I spend my days looking for coupons and/or jobs … I know I am good at translating (not just good… I’m pretty awesome 😀 ) but all the sites to do jobs (like they are obviously open to the world and there are other freelancers in other countries that are willing to do “the job” almost for free… and it’s just not worth it for me… so… the coupons are more like it I guess… I want to feel like I contribute somehow but we have it very clear that I want to stay home with my little ones… so… that’s part of what’s been going on here… I continue to do whatever I do to watch my weight… I watch it… a lot… I watch it go up a little and then down a little… I had to quit FMD because it was too expensive to do everything organic… and I felt like I was eating our whole refrigerator with all the vegetable and fruits I had to eat … so… back to Trim Healthy Mama and hoping that the FMD (Fast Metabolism Diet) helped me a little to get my metabolism going and hopefully see results on THM…. I continue running every morning and that’s about it… Just wanted togive a quick update as to why I haven’t been around… and also wanted to share this picture that a friend shared on fb… I thought it was really cute… so I am sharing but I am not claiming any kind of rights whatsoever over it… it’s not mine… I am not sure who is the original owner, if you know the source please let me know so I can give proper credit where it’s due…

fatI’ll be around…

The Thin Lady Inside

Long time no see -sigh-

Hello friends… patient friends… here I am … again…

I have continued to follow my Trim Healthy Mama regime and … well… it’s been nice to be able to eat… it’s not been nice to not be able to lose weight…

I have been doing some things and waiting on some tests before coming and giving an update… I guess I didn’t even know what to say? It’s been kind of confusing here…

So… several changes have been made:

– I no longer run/walk in the mornings… I had to admit I am not a morning person and walking/running in the morning actually made me tired for the rest of the day… having to take naps here and there… just extremely fatigued… so… hubby banned them suggested I shouldn’t continue running so early (5 in the morning) maybe soon I’ll be able to walk/run again in the morning when his schedule is a bit more flexible and allows me to go at 6:30 a.m. as the earliest time…

– How is his schedule going to be more flexible? Well… it turns out that he now works across the street from home YAY! so … I love that BUT here he has been starting at 6:30 a.m. many days of the week… so… he is actually leaving home earlier than he used to… but soon the schedule there will change too and I’ll be able to go walk while he’s still home and then when I come back he can leave (just in case you don’t know, we have two little ones so, one of us always has to stay home with them)

– In my desperation and due to the fact that I saw the scale go up a few times regardless of all the changes towards healthier eating, etc… I went to see a charlatan “Professional Homeopath” that I was referred to …. I got there and I actually started crying from the very beginning (that’s how desperate and maybe hormonal I am) so… they did 1 weird test (that didn’t even last 10 seconds) and they were able to tell me the following:

  • – My biological age is 60 years old
  • – I am 44% fat (which I believe)
  • – I burn only 1340 calories in 24 hours (not too improbable either)
  • – I am allergic to milk (what??? I never saw the allergy tests, etc… but she mentioned that I must be allergic because of my skin sensitivities, interesting! No blood drawn, no skin tests, not even a look at my skin! nothing)
  • – All of my ailments have a solution! Yes… one easy solution… I have to buy all of their products!!! (-sigh- I must say I got a very expensive sales pitch!)

They also managed to make me feel confused and discouraged… I had been reading an awesome book that I got from the library… “The Good Fats Cookbook” (look it up!!!) and it all pretty much agrees with everything else I’ve been learning on my own about health, good fats, dangers of sugar, soy products, etc… besides the amazing benefits of coconut oil… etc… etc… well… this lady from the Natural Center of Health… told me that soy is the best for hormonal balance (WHAT???!), coconut oil isn’t that good for you (HUH!!??), and that I obviously need to eat well below 1300 calories if I want to see any weight loss… pretty much … many things that go against everything I’ve been reading… I gave her my arguments and she treated me as an idiot… she said that she knows we all just go “running to Google” and believe everything we find there… ummmm I honestly didn’t want to convince her of anything… by then I realized it was best to just end it all quickly and go home… I couldn’t believe I traveled that far (it was quite the drive) and pay money to hear so many things that made me feel so… BAD! I cried the whole way home!

So… a few days later I went to my OB/GYN… I told her many people have told me I must have some hormonal imbalance… she “chuckled” and said: “many people come here saying the same thing! I wish I knew what they’re talking about! There’s no such thing! except for thyroid or … I don’t know… I wish I knew specifically what they’re talking about” I thought I was “in” for another session that would leave me feeling like I am not just fat but dumb too… thankfully the Ob/gyn appt. didn’t last too long but she did have some blood tests done and… it turns out I have dangerously low levels of vitamin D … Praise the Lord! This could explain my chronic fatigue! I am now being treated for that and hopefully I’ll start to feel better!

I continue doing THM … at least I can eat… today I have actually started the “fuel cycle” which is a plan within the method that is done only when you have stubborn weight that will not budge… so… I am trying that… we’ll see how that goes!


Sorry this is not my usual, upbeat post… I wish I had more of a better attitude and happier things to share right now…. I want to feel good… I want to lose weight … I am 190 pounds and staying there! Nothing like my 172 pounds I had already reached (and I still had a long way to go) so … it’s even worse now…

Thanks for reading!



It’s Pizza Time!

Hello everybody! I’ve been hanging in there… some days are better than others, some days are easier than others… but it’s mostly my attitude that makes it harder… It is just hard to have gained back so much that I had already lost … But crying about it will do nothing for me… I still cry though… LOL!

Anyway… Saturday night hubby decided to buy pizza… now… pizza is not on plan… and it’s not the cheese and toppings that THM (Trim Healthy Mama) worry about… it’s the bread… and it’s not that we can’t eat bread… but the whole thing about this plan is to try to keep your glycemic index at healthy levels… and pizza crust is just “too much bread” and not necessarily “the good kind” … and then… mixing all those carbs with the amount of fat from the cheese/meats is just too much!

So… instead of “giving in” I decided to invest some time and make my own “plan approved” pizza… “Fooled ya’ Pizza”… This pizza is made with a cauliflower based crust and I found it to be absolutely delicious… Now… the crust won’t really fool ANYBODY! It is NOT BREAD! or bread like! Don’t expect bread flavor or texture to magically come from cauliflower but it is SOOO YUMMY! And if you get your favorite toppings on top… you CAN fool yourself and your cravings and have that “satisfying feel” that pizza can give… but without the guilt!

So… it was my first try to attempt and it was easier than I thought… Hubby loved it too (even when he had already had his own pizza) – I think this recipe would also be “Paleo Diet approved”

I am sharing the recipe from the book because it’s already been shared in multiple blogs, forums and groups.

Here it is: (Disclaimer… if you’re a calorie counter THIS IS NOT a low-calorie dish)


Here’s the whole pizza with toppings right before putting it in the oven for the toppings to bake.


This is just the pizza crust once it’s been flipped and baked on both sides.

Fooled ya’ Pizza – Trim Healthy Mama

1. Lightly steam 1 (16oz) bag of frozen cauliflower. (I only had a head of fresh cauliflower and used that.)

2. Put lightly steamed cauliflower in colander and press out as much water as possible. (I used a big spoon to press it with.) The less water the crispier it will be. (Trust me… get ALL THE WATER out of that cauliflower… I can say this enough! Use paper towel if necessary)

3. Transfer cauliflower to a food processor and pulse a few times, NOT to much. You want rice-size pieces.

4. Add 3/4cup egg whites and pulse again a few times. (You can also just use 3 eggs. That’s what I did.)

5. Add 2 cups grated part skim mozzarella cheese, pinch of sea salt, dash or two of Italian seasoning, and a little onion or garlic powder to taste.

6. Mix ingredients together well with a spatula inside the food processor.

7. Line a large cookie sheet with parchment paper and grease parchment well (this is important or the crust will stick.).

8. Plop entire mixture onto the middle of the tray and start spreading it outwards with a spatula or with your hands until it covers most of the sheet. Try not to have a thicker middle than sides. (If you have a perfectionist husband like mine, you wont have to worry about that! He spent quite a bit of time fixing my spreading job. *smile*). Keep pressing until mixture almost touches the edges of the sheet. This crust is better thin, but don’t let the edges become wispy thin or they will get too dark when they cook (it puffs up a bit after cooking).

9. Bake at 450 for 20 minutes. (turn it over after 15 minutes to crisp the bottom. Flip it including the parchment paper, then remove the parchment paper).

10. Cool crust for several minutes before topping.  (Do not skip this step)

Once crust has cooled you can top it with pizza sauce, a little *Very little* more cheese (you don’t need much, since the crust already has it). Add any toppings you want and broil it in the oven until toppings are done.

You need to cut this pizza into smaller, rather than larger pieces. This makes it easier to hold them in your hand. Very large pieces are slightly droopy. Also if you don’t have a food processor you chop it to the “rice-size pieces” – I actually just mashed it with a potato masher while getting all the liquid out and it worked too!

The Thin Lady Inside

Just waiting and eating

I am literally sitting here waiting for my “Trim Healthy Mama” Book… and eating as I wait… I see no point in calorie counting anymore and I am going to start a new regime when the book arrives… I am reading about it and making plans on what I’ll be buying to start strong… but in the mean time I am eating and staying away from clothes that I know I’ll struggle to get in… it’s a bad approach but that’s pretty much what’s going on and I am just putting it all out there.

The Thin Impatient Lady Inside

Could it be?

Just want to say I continue to struggle with my weight regardless of working out/counting calories… I lose a bit and then gain it back… Yesterday I went to the dr’s office because I am late with my period (it should’ve started on the 14th and nothing yet) so I want to discard the possibility of a pregnancy.

The doctor was shocked when I told her how much I walk/count calories, etc… and how I don’t lose weight… she actually weighed me yesterday and I was 190 pounds -BIG, LONG SIGH-

I have already taken pregnancy tests at home and they are negative (although I read they can come negative if you’re early in the pregnancy, drink a lot of water and pee a lot and very often) the HCG might be too diluted for the urine test to pick it up… so that’s why I am getting the blood test done. I will find more tomorrow and hopefully get an explanation for my “no period” thing… I am even getting nauseous in the morning but I wonder if it’s because I am obsessing about it.

If I am not pregnant, the doctor said I should schedule an appt. to treat “gain weight” … I am sure that requires meds… I don’t want to go that route….

I am left with so many questions… wondering if I am hormonally jacked up and/or even pre-menopausal.

We’ll see

The weird lady Inside

I washed my jeans

Ok… I should be replying comments first… but I am in a bit of a hurry… I’ll come back tomorrow and write more… but for now I just want to say


So… I guess I am not as far as I thought I was from my goal… yes… I am heavier and yes… the jeans feel different… but I am happy I still get in them without having to lay on my bed and struggle to zip them up! I refuse to ever buy anything bigger! I am determined to ever do that… So I am happy I am moving on the right direction.

The Thin Lady Inside