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About ME

I am a wife to a wonderful husband, a mom to two beautiful girls (ages 3 and 1) but I am also a woman, I am also the little girl that used to “spin” to make my dress “fly” and I felt beautiful, inside of me there is still a witty girl that can make people laugh, I am also the romantic poet that used to write verses of love, joy and life, I am also the young woman with great ideas and innovative points of view, the one who always sees more than 1 solution to every problem… I am so many things… sister, daughter, singer, etc… but many of those things can’t even be noticed because they have hidden in this body that is soooo BIG! and it seems to be bigger than my personality…. I am a 222.8 pound woman! I am a 32 yr. old overweight woman and I don’t like it… In my mind I can do SO MANY THINGS and want to enjoy life but it can only stay there because my body is so heavy! yes… I have tried so many diets before, yes I have managed to lose all the extra weight (AND MORE) and be skinny! and yet I have more extra pounds now than ever before! The only thing I have never been consistent with has been exercise! I’ve done pills, diets, some exercise on and off, shots of medication to burn fat directly in the zones where it needs to be done but I’ve never RUN to be free! and this time I HAVE TO do it!

I don’t want to be sick (I have RA and Sleep Apnea) I can hardly breathe at night, my husband is obviously worried about it! I don’t want my family to have to “carry me as a burden” when I should still be active and happy! I am done! I am done with my excuses and I am here… putting it all out there and letting you know… I am FAT! but not for long.

Today… it all begins… Trust me … this is not a “New Year’s Resolution” I don’t even believe in those… it’s not just because “it’s January” but because I can’t continue like this. I won’t disclose my name or anything like that just yet… I won’t share the address to my blog to friends and family… I just want to write my journey to find freedom from this heavy body and find MY very hidden self that seems I ate a long time ago.

This blog is for me… and hopefully for those who need to start this journey too….

The thin lady inside.


8 thoughts on “About ME

  1. I understand what you mean, it’s like carrying someone else (that we don’t like too much) around all the time and be too tired for anything else. I have sleep apnea too and I now have a machine to help me breathe, it’s helps to give me some energy back so I might as well use it to help myself and hopefully one day be fine without the APAP. We just have to accept that it will be a life time change and everything should be alright!

  2. Best of luck on your quest. I have had a weight problem in the past, but no more. Please check out my page – How to Lose Weight and Keep it Off on my blog. I guarantee you will find something that helps you there.

    Tony from guysandgoodhealth.com

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