Extremely Proud…

Hello, it’s me again, I’ve been posting probably a little too often but I had to share! I just came back from a Christmas celebration from my “LifeGroup” at church and… I didn’t eat A THING! … I had dinner before going there and I took with me my little packet of hot cocoa mix and a 90 calorie Fiber One Brownie… I enjoyed both but didn’t touch a thing of the amazingly tempting spread that had been laid before us! There was so much stuff! Including a delicious, very delicious cheesy potato casserole that I made… but I had none of it! This makes me feel invincible! If I could do this in the “most impossible moment”  when won’t I be able to do it? YKWIM? I hope I go to this feeling of victory and accomplishment when I hit a bump on the road… ’cause I know we have peaks and lows! Ah! Making happy dance!

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Oh wow!

Well… I just had the “chicken Tortilla” Progresso Soup and it’s soooo yummy! I’ve been in this “Quest” of finding Yummy canned soups (which I thought was impossible) and even when I loved The Creamy Potato Bacon one… this one is even better! Soooo good! Only 110 calories per serving (220 calories if you eat the whole can, which of course I did) … I am so happy to have found these! I have more options! YAY!!!! … BTW… It might seem like I get some kind of compensation by Progresso Soups but I do not… this is just my personal opinion.


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Breakfast Time! Egg Burrito for less than 300 calories!

Hello everybody! How are you doing? just a couple days ago I was looking at the stuff in my fridge and I was really low on veggies, I usually have lots of veggies with an egg in the morning but this time I wanted something different and the fridge just confirmed I’d have to find another choice.

So… I decided to make a “breakfast burrito or breakfast taco”

It turned out delicious, it’s easy to make and very satisfying… so… here it is!



  • 1 90 calorie tortilla (I use whole wheat from HEB)
  • 2 large Eggs -150/160 calories-
  • 2 tbsp. Pace Chunky Salsa (Mild) -10 calories-
  • 1 sec. Spray of Pam (Olive Oil or Butter Flavor) -9 calories-
  • 1 tbsp. Sharp Shredded Cheddar Cheese (whole) -22 calories-

On medium heat… Spray a (non stick) skillet with pam (for 1 second only), Let it warm up, when the skillet is hot (not smoking, just hot enough) add the eggs, a sprinkle of salt if desired and once the eggs are cooked half way through just add the 2 tbsp. of salsa. stir until incorporated. Also at the same time warm up your tortilla (on a griddle like I do or in the microwave if you prefer) Fill the tortilla up with the cooked eggs and salsa and sprinkle with the cheddar cheese!

YUM! This tasty burrito made with TWO eggs is only 281 calories! Very flavorful and obviously packed with protein which will make you feel more satisfied during the day. Enjoy with a cup of coffee.

Ok… now… about me… I did great yesterday… 1 hour exercise and calories right on my daily goal! Feeling good!

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Proceed with Caution!

Careful with those innocent looking Christmas cookies, of course we all know cookies are not the best friend of a person who wants to lose weight… and they always come holding hands with at least a couple of extra pounds… But looking at the calories PER cookie might make you open your eyes even more to the DANGER that they represent to your figure and to your weight loss efforts!

Today… I made Mexican Wedding Cakes… I love those cookies, they are sooo buttery and ah so perfect! They are not really Mexican and Not really Cakes… But they are amazing! And they feel “so light” when you eat them, plus they just “melt in your mouth” so… how could something like that destroy your good efforts to keep your calories in control?

Well… Today, while rolling my cookies in powdered sugar… I broke one… it didn’t look pretty… so… how am I going to include that in my “cookie package”? (I made them for a gift) … so … I just put it in my mouth… broken cookies shouldn’t count! All the calories should just “leak out” of them! LOL! … well… they don’t! Guess how many calories that heavenly cookie had? 104!  104 calories! I couldn’t believe it! I think I had at least a dozen on my own last Christmas! They’re not even big!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! come on! incredible! can you imagine… 12×104= 1248!!! And that’s just in little cookies, not counting everything else! So… I am just saying… watch it! If possible be ready with your own healthy treats because cookies are just merciless! I know I won’t “trust them” again!

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Soup… I love soup!

Hello everybody! I just want to share with all of you about my latest finding… Progresso Soup!

I am sure most of you have watched the commercials and probably even tried these soups! Well… I hadn’t…. I hate canned soup… and I didn’t think Progresso would be any different… I tried their chicken noodle soup once and it tasted just like the others… just blah! Canned soups are something that’s never been in my pantry… Especially for all the Good Soups Mexican Cuisine Offers! I am spoiled that way! Coming to the USA I discovered other soups, like creamy potato with ham and cheese and cauliflower soup… probably doesn’t sound too unhealthy but when you find out the amount of butter and cream involved… well… it’s just loaded! Then recently watching TV I saw this commercial of the newest “Light Potato and Bacon” Progresso soup… it got my attention and decided to give it a try… It does not compare to a “made from scratch butter loaded creamy soup” but let me say that it does satisfy MY creamy soup craving! It’s actually good and you can taste the “bacon” somewhere in there even when you can hardly see any… it’s only 100 calories per serving (1 cup), so each can is two servings (200 cal) … I do eat the whole can and that’s my lunch when I am craving something warm and creamy… So I thought I’d recommend it to all of you… give it a try… and keep some in your pantry  for those days when you’re in a hurry and don’t know what to make and are being tempted to eat something fattening… just open the can and warm it up… you’ll scare those “bad thoughts” away!


Just make sure it says LIGHT on the label


I actually measured it in a measuring jar because I wanted to make sure there were only 2 cups per can.

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The best moment is NOW

Hello everybody… First of all let me tell you… I had been doing sooo good (after Thanksgiving) until today… I made breaded chicken strips (which I love) and ate tons of them -sigh- anyway…  I am very encouraged because I’ve been doing much better than I thought … and just determined to continue losing! Not as determined with the exercise… I need some extra motivation for that… But I know that it will only come when I take the first step to DO IT even when I don’t “feel it” … so… I’ve been thinking a lot about the excuses we – I – make so many times and how we are always waiting for the best moment to “start” a diet, start exercising or just making any kind of change in our lives…

And I thought about this:

The Best moment is NOW… Now … while the cookies are still warm

The Best moment is NOW, yes Now, right before that big party… Now that you are in front of your favorite meal, Now that there’s that cake inviting you to eat… The best moment is NOW, as the couch looks so inviting, now that you’re tired and just want to relax… Now… even if it’s Friday, Now, even if the year is about to end… The best moment is NOW… Not Monday, Not January 1st… waiting a little longer will only weaken you… doing it now… means you’ll see results sooner… will empower you, realizing, that if you could do it when it seemed “impossible” there’s nothing that can stop you!

The best moment… for me… is NOW… even when I just ate too much! I can’t wait until tomorrow… My moment is NOW

That was brutal!

Oh! my goodness… I ate! ate and ate some more! I was so stuffed yesterday!
My sister, brother and sister in law came from Mexico to spend Thanksgiving with us! I love cooking and I love it even more when I cook for something big like Thanksgiving! I just love being able to make the traditional dishes that hubby grew up with and that I know make him feel closer to home and also I like being able to introduce my family to all this which is so different than what we are used to growing up in Mexico…
I cooked, baked and baked some more… I had tons of “good stuff” to eat… it was just sinful! but man! It was nice not saying “no” to anything! LOL! … I just “let it happen” and I am back today… it’s being hard… because I like the “freedom” of eating it all… but that “freedom” comes with a bonding… with a price too high to pay and it’s fake… it becomes a prison that I know it’s very hard to come out of! So… I need to remember that and stay focused! I think it’s been discouraging to be stuck for so long in the same weight and even gain some… last time I weighed myself I was at 183.5 pounds (three days ago) even when I’ve been doing good with my food and exercising! I felt really discouraged all day long! Like… what in the world???? but… oh well… there’s no choice for me but to “stick with it” and hope my body “will get it”
This time I’ve decided I’m going to weigh myself in January 1st. 2013 to avoid getting so worked up about it… (of course working hard at it) but hopefully I’ll see the numbers drop! I know I’ll have to make up for all the eating from yesterday and I know there’s more “indulging” coming my way…. I’ll try to do better than yesterday though… I know there was much “unnecessary overeating”

Here are some pictures:

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving Day!

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