Poor decision?

Yes… I am going to eat pizza tonight… I passed on Chinese yesterday and today… well… I am sending hubby to get a pizza LOL! …

I promise I WILL indeed catch up this week…


Is that ok? ugh… I don’t know if I should feel guilty or just be ok with what I am doing … I want to eat pizza with my hubby and enjoy every bit of it!

The Thin Lady Inside


Ah… the temptation

Hello everybody… so … I’ve been doing good… BUT… it’s been hard… for the last couple days I’ve opened invitations for all my fb contacts (in the area) to come and eat cupcakes or just even stop by and pick a cupcake up for free obviously… I love having people over… I love adding some “sweetness” to someone else’s day … so I figure my baking is the way to do it 🙂 I love it because my girls get to have a great time and they enjoy playing with the children of the moms who stop by for their cupcakes… and the moms stay and sit for a while and just enjoy some “girl talk” while their little ones play with my girls… They always tell me they leave my house “refreshed” and that makes me feel so happy! I want my girls to be always hospitable … rather than focusing on being good entertainers… and I don’t want them to wait to have “the perfect home” or “the perfect dishes” … the “matching napkins” … all that is cute… and I do want it as well… LOL! But I think, here, in the USA… whatever it is you have is ALREADY PERFECT.. If you have air conditioner during summer or heat during winter in your house … it is already PERFECT! trust this Mexican!

Anyway… So… I made lots of cupcakes to share… and people loved them (I was tagged in some sweet pictures of cupcakes or empty cupcake liners on facebook with lots of “thanks”) … BUT… and here’s the but… hearing over and over how good my cupcakes were, giving a cupcake to every child, woman and even a guy who stopped by to get one… started to turn into a temptation… I could’ve just bended my arm a little more, direct my hand to my mouth and… bite! and enjoy what everybody else was enjoying! LOL! … But then I managed and realized I didn’t really “want or need” the cupcake… it would’ve been more like “social eating” rather than a real need or want… so … I did good with that…


This is the picture I used to invite everyone over… I had just made them!

But then, last night… I was tired and had to pick hubby up from work (his car just died) and I had no chance to make dinner… I was hungry and exhausted… so I told hubby “how about eating chinese?” he was so hungry he agreed and said “oooh! Yes” so I started thinking of all this deliciousness! I thought “yeah… it’s not that bad… and then I’ll just burn it off the next days” but… once we got home (hubby would go get the food) I just started cooking dinner… I made myself a very healthy hamburger with sandwich thins, lean meat, avocado, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and pickles and I made hubby “breakfast” which he always loves for dinner (eggs, bacon, english muffin with jelly) and that’s what we had… I was happy and proud of myself… hubby was confused… but I explained I was acting on impulse and motivated by my being too tired and hungry… but I knew better than that… he was proud of me… I was proud as well! I am so happy I can now write this instead of sharing with you what could’ve been a whole different story… full of excuses and loaded with guilt!

Today… is a good day!

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Ok I did it…

Hello everyone… So… in my previous post I shared about how I started to see the numbers go up on the scale again little by little, first +0.4 then +0.7 and I began to think about the reasons why this could be when everything seemed to be going “so good” … I thought maybe I needed to have one of those days where I eat more to kind of get my body going again but I was doubtful, hesitant and scared about doing that… what if I just gained more weight without any results? But still did it… I ate good for the whole day and then at night I ate more than I usually do, not junk food, just more and more of a “regular meal” without worrying about my usual calorie counting … I had meatloaf (still lean beef and my “healthier meatloaf” recipe with pace salsa in it and no bacon and without a ketchup/mustard/brown sugar glaze on top, I also had a baked red potato with butter) and 1 homemade oatmeal/chocolate chip cookie. It felt good to just “eat” I didn’t weigh-in the next day (yesterday) I didn’t want to freak out from seeing the numbers possibly go higher in the morning from the bigger dinner the night before but what I did instead was “RUN again” … As you know my running pal doesn’t want to run anymore… she just wants to walk… and I understand it… she doesn’t enjoy running very much and also there’s no much motivation in it for her because she doesn’t burn that much more calories running vs walking (Weird) … she burns WAY more calories than I do walking but then I kill it running… so we walk… we just walk… and talk… and it’s very enjoyable but I do need to do something else to get my heart rate going… So now that her kids are back in school we’ve been going earlier for our walks and that means I get at least 15 more minutes before hubby has to go to work… So.. when we’re done with our walk and I head home I go to the gym in the apartments instead and hop on the treadmill and run for those 15 minutes … It’s amazing! I only get to run about 1.5 miles but it’s better than nothing and I do get my heart rate going faster and burn way more calories… just this morning I had only burned 290 calories in 1 hour of brisk walking and then burned an additional 350 calories in 20 minutes (15 mins. of running and 5 minutes of walking around the apartment complex) … incredible!  I am also slowly starting to incorporate strength training (planks/push-ups/abs) and hopefully that will make a difference as well.

So… I had already reached 174.1 then gained those +0.4 and +0.7 which took me to 175.2 today I am 174.5 so hopefully whatever I am doing (including the “indulging” with a purpose and controlled and scheduled) works and keeps my body guessing enough to make it lose more!

I feel encouraged and motivated on that area… Although I am a little worried because I know that the emotional stuff plays a big role in the weight loss area and right now my heart is heavy and a little anxious about several things, a friend is pregnant in very “special” circumstances and doctors don’t give much hopes for either her or her babies (yes, more than 1) and a team from our church just came back from another of their many Mission Trips to Peru… and the things I heard about the conditions many live there… were just heartbreaking and so many details that I didn’t need to know… I am angry and sad… and … well… I hope I can move on because it’s not like I am making a difference by “getting angry” … right? -sigh-

Anyway… That’s it for now… Today I already did my walking and my running …

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A small gain

Hello everybody… My scale is acting up on me! LOL! … Yesterday it gave me a +0.4 and today it gave me a +0.7  … There’s nothing I’ve changed… I continue to eat fruit instead of ice cream… I continue to exercise… BUT I am not going to start freaking out… my weight is still lower than it had been in a whole year… I am not going to start fretting over this because it’s still minimal… hopefully it will all go away within the next few days…

I just wanted to share that!

Happy week everyone!

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Slow but steady!

Hello people! I am here just to say that I am continuing to see slow progress in my weight… First of all I am thankful with God… because if He wasn’t giving me strength I would’ve probably quit a long time ago, when I stopped seeing any results (on the scale)… I am thankful I still saw health improvements and that also kept me motivated to go on… But right now I am just thrilled to start seeing the numbers go down again… I think what’s been doing it also is … well… the thyroid hormone treatment, I am sure it’s helping… BUT also the changes I made… trying to get rid of processed stuff (my nightly ice cream treat) that even when it was low in calories it still had plenty of sugar… I am actually eating about 150 more calories a day (I am usually at 1350 calories now) I substituted the nightly ice cream for fruit that I eat throughout the day… I think when I made the switch I started seeing some of this progress… It might have been the “extra push” my body was needing

Today I am 174.1 pounds (I hadn’t been able to leave the 178 -182 pound range for a long, long, long, long time -over a year of trying and trying-)

and I am ecstatic! My hopes and dreams of hopefully crossing to the 160’s before going on our Family Vacation might not be too far fetched anymore. We shall see!

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Going back victoriously!

Hello everybody! I am here and I am pumped… My friend and I got back to walking in the morning this morning, I hope we’ll be running again soon! I miss it! But it’s good to at least be back to a routine… she had a family reunion and left on Thursday, they got back on Monday but Tuesdays is the day when we don’t walk because of my hubby’s schedule so finally we got back at it… I’ve been staying in control and even when I’ve gained 1 pound I am staying positive because the numbers in the scale still look smaller than they used to… I can handle 176  and I work towards seeing the 160’s soon! We’re going to be going on a family vacation in September… to the place where we first lived when we first got married… Wisconsin! We’ve lived in Texas only for 2 years and I soooo miss the beautiful place where we lived… it’s like heaven on earth! And I can’t wait to see family and friends! But… I must confess some of the things that I am looking forward to the most are the following:

1. Going back victoriously! I left Wisconsin at 222+ pounds and I will go back at hopefully low 170’s (and it will be a dream come true if I can reach 160’s by then… but I know I have to stay realistic and not get stressed out about that or it can have the opposite effect)

2. REALLY enjoying  all these beautiful places I used to go to when I lived there but I never fully enjoyed! Now… with a much lighter body and much more physical strength I look forward to the walks in the beautiful parks, the apple picking, the hay rides, playing in the leaves! Instead of watching on the side while daddy runs around with the girls!

3. Running by Lake Michigan! I love Lake Michigan! It’s so beautiful! And I’d go with hubby as often as we could (we lived 15 min. from it) and I would just sit on a bench… I can’t wait to RUN THERE!

I am so excited! I really can’t wait! Prayers for safe travels are appreciated! There’s still time… we’ll go in about 3 weeks and I am just thrilled! (we’ll drive to get there and back… so… yes… prayers appreciated!)

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No zumba!

Hello everybody… Just a quick update… I promise I’ll reply to the comments on my previous post as soon as I have a chance… I am just stopping by to say that my day yesterday ended great and that today I didn’t go to “zumba” after all… I was very unsettled the whole day about thinking of leaving my girls in a gym’s daycare… especially because I’ve never been to that gym! And when I heard the area where the gym is I just knew I didn’t even know the area… but when I told hubby about it he told me that it’s a very, VERY dangerous rough place and that I can definitely not go there, especially leaving the girls there… so I called my friend to tell her we can have lunch together instead after her gym… She’s about to get here and I have prepared a healthy lunch… bread, thinly sliced turkey, very thinly sliced sharp cheddar cheese, sliced tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, baby carrots, strawberries, grapes and pickles… I also have some potato chips and juice for the little ones…

Part of what's for lunch

Part of what’s for lunch

I am very happy to feel like I can still be a good hostess and have healthy options for my guests, I can still put together a good spread, enjoy with them and not feel guilty afterwards!

Ok… gotta go now! Peace out!

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