Running again / The Biggest Loser

Hello! here I am again! Just to report I did great with my workout today and my knees seem to be getting better… It is interesting how your body “starts talking to you” (if you could say it like that) and you feel like it even PUSHES you to do more! So today I did… and I ran a minute every 10 minutes… It’s not much but I don’t want to push it and get injured again… I love my Tuesday workouts because I get to watch “The Biggest Loser” while I exercise! And it really helps me push myself!

***SPOILER ALERT!!! If you haven’t watched tonight’s episode 1/31/12 you might want to stay away from the rest of this post***

Well… today was all about “I can’t reach my goal” excuse… it was very good… but I am not even going to talk about that… the highlight of tonight’s episode was the return of the aqua team (Adrian and Daphne – brother and sister) They not only reached their goal to lose 50 pounds combined while they were out of the ranch to earn their way back to the ranch but exceeded it by 10 pounds. In the beginning both the black and red teams were not happy, obviously because they feel like “the prize” is closer as they are less in the Ranch and all of a sudden these team gets a second chance, they think it is unfair… I think it is… but who knows… a game is a game. I think they should remain focused on their mail goal which is being healthier/thinner and let all the drama/fights and stuff aside… Anyway… so drama there was! Especially with Conda (which is incredible how she always, ALWAYS has something negative to say about everything) … I think the guys tried to see the good side of Adrian joining their team (Adrian went to the red team) but then… I must say Adrian is making it harder for his team to accept him… He has a moving story and he is very very strong and I think he can be a good asset to the team but at the same time he showed he is stubborn, opinionated and then asks for feedback saying he is open to hear it and even when they tell him nicely to be quicker to listen than to talk he takes it the wrong way -sigh- interesting how bad we all are one way or another… Anyway… The red team lost the weigh-in but Adrian had immunity (as his sister now in the black team) so that’s the only thing that saved him… Nancy was the one voted off and with 5 votes against her she will not be the Biggest Loser. She is now home, doing great weighing 176lbs., more active and enjoying her family!

And again.. what I take of the Biggest Loser is… If she can do it… so can I

The Thin Lady Inside


Here I am

Ready to start another day! But first I want to share with you about my numbers….

Yesterday’s weight: 209.6        Today’s weight: 209.2

Last night I exercised… I am not running yet… my knees don’t seem to be able to handle it… so just walking (1 mile in 15:23 mins.) I burned about 650 calories in one hour… I am still having to start slower because of my knees…. I think the running will have to wait until I’ve lost some more weight and it’s not as hard joints.

Anyway… just happy and thankful with each achievement! Last night hubs said he is really proud of me… 😉 … He can see this is a real effort I am making …but as I’ve shared with you… the credit is not mine… on my own I really have no strength, it’s really been God helping me, and it never ceases to amaze me how such a Great God cares for me… even in these things… even when it’s about losing weight.

Today…  I am going to Ladies’ Bible Study… and if you remember there are always GREAT things for breakfast there…. I know I’ll do good! 🙂

The Thin Lady Inside

For my records

Since today it’s been exactly 3 weeks since I started my exercising/eating healthier/better i thought I would write a post about how much I’ve lost week per week…

Week 1 – 2.6 lbs. (I know I would’ve lost more the first week but I had a little set back because of a date with hubby where I just ate whatever I wanted)

Week 2 – 5.6 lbs. (Not bad at all I think)

Week 3 – 5.0 lbs. (Consistent progress)

I am so excited! It’s been a total of 13.2 lbs. that I’ve lost! Looking forward to more!

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Losing more… and some more!

I am just beyond excited! Sooo happy to see the numbers going down and down and down… I just wish I could keep it like this always… but even when I know there will be “plateaus” on the road and moments when I might get impatient because the “losing” is slower I am just going to enjoy every moment of this! So… here are my numbers today:

Yesterday’s weight: 211.2       Today’s weight: 209.6

So… how about that? I am just beyond ecstatic and I can already SEE me leaving the 200’s behind!!! all the effort is being rewarded! and it just feels sooo great! And helps me keep going with even more steam!!! The credit is not all mine! God is the one who should take credit! He is my strength even to do this! I know without him I have no self-control at all… but His peace and grace are definitely the very things that are allowing me to do this… Praise God!

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When THEY start asking

Today was a great day… we went to church and I got to rest in the afternoon (Long, very deserved nap!) but something that MADE my day was a lady in church who said: “You are losing weight, aren’t you?” oh! Sweet words! People are starting to notice!!! Isn’t that awesome? I am just so happy because it’s starting to “show” 🙂 ! My prison keeps getting smaller as my strength keeps getting bigger! I feel like this is doable… at least that’s how I feel today! I can do it! It’s not impossible!

Just thought I would share real quick! Have a great week!

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I said: NO!

Well… I have to write very quick because I have to get ready to go to church… but I just want to share another victory! Yesterday was a great day… we went to the zoo and did a lot of walking! We didn’t even have time to eat and I was starving! Hubby was offered some candy bar and he wanted to share with me… I said: “no Thanks! I can wait”…. and so we did… when we left the zoo hubby wanted to stop somewhere to eat so I said “Subway” right? Ordered my sub with chicken breast and lots of veggies, some mustard, no mayo, no dressing, it was really really good! Then we were invited for dinner at some friends’ house… I was still hungry and worried… we are just making friends in the area (we moved here recently) and we didn’t want to say no… so we said yes and I thought “I’ll just manage”… when we got there the food was really good and nothing terrible for my diet so I had some chicken, some potatoes, lots of salad and lots and lots of water… when it came time for dessert I said : “No, thanks” … It was hard but it felt great! I did it! I can say “no” without making a big fuss about it…. Then we came home, watched a movie and I just had a sugar free chocolate-pudding (60 calories) and a cup of coffee… It was a great day and I still enjoyed eating… I ate out, I went to a friends house… I didn’t feel like my “diet” was “isolating me”… or that I couldn’t enjoy it all! (those two were other of my most common excuses)…. I can be part of it all, I can still enjoy friends…. I don’t have to really “miss out on anything” and I can actually enjoy some more because I feel better!

I am just so happy to share today’s numbers with you:

Yesterday’s weight: 212.4       Today’s weight: 211.2

YES! A little over a pound! I am so thankful! It’s almost like the prize after the battle! I am very happy! and it gives me extra motivation to keep going!

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I’ll be shameless!

Old… very very very old …. That’s how I feel… LOL! …. like a very very very old person… when I am at the gym (with pain in my knees) and just WALKING (I walk fast but just walk) on the treadmill, and I get off the treadmill, slowly and with shaky legs… people look at me like “huh??? really?” (or at least I think so) …. even getting of the treadmill is painful to my knees…. and I feel embarrassed and I even feel like I want to explain… LOL! but … that’s been another excuse in my life… “Shame… embarrassment” that’s always been something else to stop me from doing what I should be doing, and I identified it yesterday… not only in my “exercising” but also in many other aspects of my life… afraid of ridicule, what people think of me, what I look like when doing something, how I am perceived… those thoughts are constantly in my mind and I think I never even accepted it… I come off like a very confident person… you know? But I have to admit I am very insecure… I love being “on stage” and being “the center of attention” many times… which is weird… I would even say “I am a performer” … but at the same time… there are many, many OTHER THINGS that make me nervous, afraid, insecure and I wish nobody would see me! at the gym… I feel like the weakest of all people… not even sure what to wear, how to walk, how to stand or if I am even allowed to “puff” from exhaustion… I wish it was just me in the gym… always… and when there are people around “the hour” seems to last “forever!” but that will not be my case anymore… or at least I won’t “act on that shame” that shame has been part of the reason why my prison (this body) got sooooo big! so my shame grew with it… turning into a vicious circle… of shame…. shame being the cause and the result of it all… -sigh-

Oh! … and speaking about feeling old… it’s weird what’s going on with my body…. when I walk upstairs I LITERALLY HEAR a cracking EVERY single step… right in the middle of my spine… from the bottom to the top of my back… it doesn’t really hurt but it is uncomfortable… weird! I hope it’s a good thing somehow!

Oh! and here are my numbers today:

Yesterday’s weight: 213.0           Today’s weight: 212.4

Not bad! huh?

Today we’ll go to the zoo with a friend! It’ll be a good day… God willing!

The Thin Lady Inside