Guess what?

Well…. that’s what I am telling my body! GUESS WHAT? LOL! If it’s about keeping my body guessing I am sure I shocked it yesterday!

Yesterday I just ate and ate… nothing horrible… all good healthy stuff… I did count calories but not with the purpose of staying within goal… just with the purpose of making sure I remembered I was doing this “intentionally” and avoid “losing control” … so… I ate 1725 calories and didn’t exercise at all… not at all… today I am planning on keeping my calorie intake at 1300 and even when I didn’t exercise I am just tired! Did grocery shopping and then took the girls to a “photo session” a friend of mine is doing some pics for us… my 2 yr. old didn’t sleep well last night (she had a little fever) and I watched her the whole night… she woke up many times crying so let me say I was way more active today than I thought I would be able to! I plan on getting a good workout tomorrow…

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No reason to get so worked up!

Ok… so yesterday wasn’t a good day, emotionally… first I started my day by stepping on a scale that refuses to show any lower numbers… I thought that was bad and I cried… then I went to Bible Study but I am proud to say that I didn’t touch any of their breakfast! I made a point to wake up earlier and have my own breakfast here at home, I skipped my coffee and had coffee (just coffee) at church… it was nice!

But then… one of the members of the next Mission Trip to India asked us for prayer for a horrible situation that is going on over there… this lady (and many others) go directly to the brothels to pray and try to help in any way they can the ladies that are there, many times because they don’t seem to have a choice, other times because they were sold, and they’re having babies there, in that environment, etc… One of the ladies was rescued from the brothel community and taken to a shelter but the brothel owner stole her baby… and is not giving the baby back… they know for a fact that this baby is being abused… so they’re asking for prayer and for a miracle so something happens…. when they said this… I had to leave the room, I wasn’t ready to hear such horrible things, I wanted to leave the whole thing, grab my girls and come back to my bubble (my home) where I hide most of the time! I was thinking about this in another room, just sobbing and crying in a way I thought I needed to scream! There was pain in my stomach to think of this poor baby (and so many others! sadly!) that is not with his mom and if they’re abusing him you think someone is caring to change his diapers? To feed him? it breaks my heart and made me feel ashamed of my sadness for my “scale issues” that was definitely no reason  to get so “worked up”…all these people from church are going back, trying to hopefully do something… but they know it will be hard… I just hope I’ll be hearing some good report soon because I can’t shake these horrible thoughts off! And I cry as I type this…

The world keeps spinning and my life continues, I am a mom and a wife and I have responsibilities here… I still must take care of my health even if being overweight seems like “is not a problem” in comparison… but if I want to do anything at all in this world I must take care of my health and exemplify it to my girls too! I was a little afraid such emotional things would make me eat more and I was tempted indeed… all day long I had a knot in my stomach/chest/throat that I felt could be loosened if I just ate something delicious and high in calories… and lots of it! But I didn’t… so here are my numbers:

I ate 1421 calories

I exercised on the wii and burned 285 calories …

That’s it for now… if you pray…. please include this in your prayers… Thank you!

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Why am I so stuck here??????

Agh! I can’t help but be frustrated… last year in May I reached the weight where I am at right now… I lost weight fine the first five months and then when I reached 178 I couldn’t move from there, at least not to lose weight!!! it made me lose some of the excitement I had in the beginning… This time… I thought it would be different… but I am at 178 pounds and I can’t move… last week the scale didn’t move at all… this week it didn’t move either! I am so frustrated, I can’t help it! Why didn’t I lose an ounce? there’s still so much extra weight!!! Why won’t I lose? I am not quitting! Obviously! That’s not a choice… but I wish I’d lose more!

Now… my numbers for yesterday:

Calorie intake: 1438 calories

I stayed active all day long, I scrubbed bath tub, cleaned bathrooms, etc… plus I exercised for almost 1 hr. 45 mins. on the Wii Balance Board and burned 568 calories there.

Ok… gotta go now… 😦

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Showing off – here’s my brother

Well… I always write her about my weight loss journey, that’s what this blog is all about, but today I thought I would just share real quick about my brother… I am the oldest of 3 siblings in my family, I am 33, my sister is 30, my brother just turned 26, so he is the baby!

I am so proud of him and his art, I am very proud of my sister too and I guess I’ll share about her in some other post soon… but today is about him… I won’t say much except that he is very determined and persistent…. maybe I will say more soon… today I just want to show some pics of his art…


He’s got a lot more stuff, he is an Architect so his projects are really cool too, this is something I found of his architecture projects…

I need to ask him for more pictures… he’s also a musician and sings in a band… my sister is the drum player… and his wife plays the bass… I sing too… not in the band, obviously, because we’re so far… maybe some day I will share a video of me singing 😉

I have to go now, I still have more exercise to do I also have to make dinner and get ready to watch The Biggest Loser!

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And then the potluck came…

Today was hard for me… In the morning I got up early planning on making enough time to have a good breakfast and not be starving when the “potluck time” came … well… It turns out that I translate the sermon in church, real time, it’s quite a challenge but I love doing it… Pastor sends me his sermon notes on Sunday morning and I translate those to have an idea what the whole thing will be about, so I translated the sermon notes and when I finished I realized I translated an old one… so I had to start from the top with the new one… I barely had any time left so I just grabbed two quaker cereal bars and ate them in the car, those aren’t very filling, not for me and “sweet stuff” in the morning isn’t very satisfying (for me) that’s why I never have cereal… but the calories, well, those are always there even if you feel like you didn’t eat much!

Then the potluck came, I was sooo hungry and there were all kinds of good (very bad) things!!! nothing very healthy… there was chili soup with cheese, something called “Mexican lasagna” which I’ve never seen in Mexico! LOL!, real lasagna loaded with cheese, different pasta dishes with cream or mayo, etc… and fried chicken! Let’s not even mention the blueberry cake with a glaze on top or the cake balls!!! so… I started with the best possible choice I found (which was some pasta salad, with some greens and some dressing that I couldn’t figure out what it was) but I started to feel even dizzy for how hungry I was and I had a pounding headache so I pretty much cleared my girls plates, whatever they didn’t eat I ate, it wasn’t much because I didn’t serve them a lot and they ate pretty good, but since the choices weren’t great I ate a total of 900 calories for that meal (and still felt hungry) – obviously I didn’t even get close to the dessert table – … then I came home and didn’t eat anything else and to avoid getting hungrier (and being as tired as I was) I just took a nap and later when I woke up I just had my nightly treat and kept my calories at 1352 for the whole day… whew… I made it! So… today I am just excited that even with it all I still stayed very well within my calorie range and I am just looking forward to a brand new week and exercise tomorrow! … This was a good week all things considered… my calories everyday were around 1300 or less except for yesterday which was my highest day around the 1700’s … I exercised from Monday to Friday so I definitely expect to see something show when I step on the scale on Tuesday…

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Nothing to fear … ’till I came home

Hello everybody! I am thrilled to let you know that … today I had the church retreat I was fearing so much because of the food that I knew would be “there” … but… let me tell you I was very surprised with the choices that we had… Yogurt, fruit and granola for breakfast… sandwich thins, turkey breast, provolone cheese, tons of salad and soups for lunch… and just water to drink! I was soooo happy I even kissed the organizer of it all! LOL! …

Anyway… then I came home and I was too hungry though… hungry, hungry, hungry… I ate more things than I had already planned for… so the day was all full of great choices but I still managed to exceed my daily calorie intake … my daily goal is 1200-1600 calories and today I ate 1759 calories… I can’t say I exercised during the day and I am just beat wanting to go to bed… I guess today will be my “rest day” instead of Sunday and I’ll have to do some exercise tomorrow… Tomorrow I’ll have to face a big pot luck dinner in church… I will make the best possible choices and stay away from desserts!

Just wanted to give a quick update!

Quick post – let’s face the weekend

Ok… here I am … yesterday was a good day…

Total calorie intake: 1,297 calories

Total calories burned with exercise on the Wii: 470 calories

Right now I have to get going… but having such a tempting weekend ahead of me I had to log in to keep my journal routine going and maintain my confidence and strength! I can do this!

Temptations to face:

Tonight: Dinner and treats at church

Tomorrow: Seminar at church from early morning to late afternoon (breakfast, lunch and treats provided by church)

Sunday: Potluck Dinner with friends… -sigh- …

I got this!!!!

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