Chewing bad thoughts away!

I just want to write a quick post on something I’ve been doing lately… I’ve been literally “chewing” my “bad thoughts” away… I basically got “sugar free” chewing gum and I keep it IN THE PANTRY so I can get a piece of gum while I cook and/or while I feed my girlies 😉 .

I find out that I still get anxious sometimes when I am cooking and many times I’ve realized (too late) that I kept putting things in my mouth in the process of cooking or feeding someone… it felt bad because THOSE ARE ALL CALORIES! Yes, that string of cheese that your baby didn’t eat and that you ended up eating so quickly … those are calories! and “the fat in it” COUNTS … so … I’ve always hated chewing gum but I knew I NEEDED to do something about my WORSE-than-chewing-gum-habit of eating when I shouldn’t … and that’s when I bought my “sugar free” chewing gum, and there are so many good options out there! with only 5 calories per gum I get to  taste something sweet that brings my “anxiety down” and also makes me very aware of the fact that I CAN’T JUST throw anything into my mouth while chewing! (that would be gross! LOL!) PLUS… (yes there is more) did you know that chewing gum fools the mind into thinking you are eating. It enhances the digestive process and raises your metabolism. There is also some “calorie burning” involved but not very high of course and since I am not an “avid gum chewer” it doesn’t make much of a difference for me but as far as I know chewing gum burns about 11 calories per hour. If you chew gum for 12 hours a day (ok… I would never be able to do this!!!), you’ll chew through 132 calories (no wonder goats keep their figure). If you weigh 150 pounds, you’d have to walk for 35 minutes at 3 miles per hour to burn that same number of calories.

Interesting, huh? so … chew away those bad thoughts of eating something you shouldn’t! If you are like me, finding it hard to not “snack” while you are cooking, trust me, this helps! It sure is helping me.

The Thin Lady Inside


Yoplait Chocolate/Banana Smoothie Review

Well… I was watching “The Biggest Loser” on Tuesday and they were all “on vacations” in Hawaii! What a beautiful place to go on vacations! This last episode was all about getting rid of the “I can’t lose weight on vacations” excuse. The contestants had to face challenges and still watch what they were eating while enjoying the beautiful place! Most of them didn’t feel like exercising but they found that they could still burn calories while engaging in fun activities! So.. that was all very cool! Anyway… many times there are “commercials” during the show, usually “the trainers” (Bob and/or Dolvett) endorse a product or restaurant (like Subway, protein/healthy bars, etc) and this time it was the turn for the new “Yoplait Chocolate/Banana Smoothie” the moment I heard about it I thought “oooh! Sounds goooood! and if The Biggest Loser is advertising it then it means it must be ‘ok’ for me, even if just like a low calorie treat” the contestants -of course- seemed to love their smoothie (which was served in big glasses) and they kept saying how great it was to be able to enjoy something like this without affecting your diet… So I almost ran to the store to get my own! I didn’t find it… so hubby later went and got it for me… Had I been in the store I would’ve read the “nutritional information” in the back of the bag and never gotten it… but I was (and still am) very thankful he got it for me! (even when I gasped after reading all the stuff in it) I was actually surprised “The Biggest Loser” recommended it but I guess business is business.

I think it is very important for us, trying to be not only thinner but healthier, to read the LABELS of everything we eat… I know not “everything” we eat is going to be “wholesome” and we can have one or two “low calorie” not very healthy treats here and there… but this smoothie has tons of sugar in it!

I still made it, the 7 oz. package is enough to make 2 smoothies, you find it in the frozen foods aisle and the contents are basically frozen slices of banana AND small chunks of creamy/milky chocolate, then you just blend it with 1 cup (8 oz.) of skim milk and you have 2 (not very big) smoothies for a total 130 calories each, yes, it’s not “that many calories” for a “creamy chocolaty treat” but…. BUT… I think that we should try to watch “where those calories come from” 1 single serving of this smoothie represents 11 grams of SUGAR, only 3 grams of Protein. There is not much fat from it but sugar… sugar! That’s a lot! In the ingredients you find Sugar, corn starch and sucralose (which basically means sugar on top of sugar!) I was actually disappointed, I still got myself to make it, just to see “how good” the flavor was, I loved it when the spoon was filled of something that almost looked like “chocolate ice cream” but the flavor (FOR ME) was still not quite “there” you know? I mean, if I am going to eat “all that sugar” then make it “worth”, don’t you think? and the flavor didn’t entirely convince me.

So… I thought I would share my findings with all of you.

If you do not care much about “sugar intake” and you are only counting calories then I guess it would be fine, but if you are also concerned about carbs/sugar then I would suggest to stay away from this.

The Thin Lady Inside.

Becoming one of those people…

Hello! Well… I’ve been VERY ACTIVE with my exercise! I actually haven’t been to the gym running on the treadmill because I’ve been soooo into the Wii Fit… doing strength training, balance exercises and aerobics… it’s very very cool! I try to do the Wii thing in the morning and afternoon but yesterday was such a beautiful day that I also wanted to try running outside, it is hard because I have 2 girls, a 3 yr. and a 1 yr. old… I don’t have a double stroller, so my 3 yr. old would HAVE to “RUN” with me,  I would really like to do this more often (or for a longer period of time) but with my girls having to be with me I just can’t! Anyway… yesterday I still went outside! and we had a great time! I ran 1 mile and my 3 yr. old was behind me walking… Of course I had to stop and run “on the same spot” many times so she could “catch up” with me…  It was a “1 mile” trail but I know I ran “over a mile” because it took forever to end it! just from waiting for my little girl (who was ecstatic we were doing this together) I was so surprised to see that I could run the whole thing… Because 4 months ago I went to that same trail and I was out of breath just walking it!

So… here is where I ran:

But after that… I worked out 2 1/2 hours in the Wii… So… it was about 3 hours of exercise today! and I felt great! I had never actually ENJOYED exercising and I thought I never would! I’ve heard stories of people who said they “hated” working out and then they got so into it that they can’t live without it… I thought those were “tales” or things that only happened to other people… I also thought that they probably never hated exercising enough! LOL! but I can’t believe I am becoming one of those people! I AM LOVING this feeling! And I can’t get enough of it!

The Thin Lady Inside

Are you Pregnant?

So…. last night I went to church for Ladies Bible Study! I was very happy feeling “thinner” LOL! Until I went to the restroom and someone looked at me and made a “very excited face” and said “oh! You are pregnant!?” and I then said (trying to keep a normal voice) “Oh no! no no no no no” (I guess I said many times no) and she said… (trying to make things better) “Oh! I just thought you were because I didn’t see you last week! So I thought maybe she is pregnant!” -yeah! right- (LOL! I just laughed and felt bad for how uncomfortable she probably felt!) I went outside and told hubby about it and he said: “THAT IS A COMPLIMENT! The thing is that you look much slimmer now but since you still have stomach well, that’s why she thought you look pregnant” ehem! I guess I need to work even harder on those abs! Right? so… yay! I got asked if I was pregnant! what a compliment” (rolling my eyes!) 😛

On another note let me share that I keep exercising like crazy! I spent two hours on the Wii Fit yesterday! I try to AT LEAST do that! I feel great! my eating has been great and I am 194 pounds right now! I am just very very happy! Tomorrow hubby and I were going to attend one of the “Social Fridays” from church but I BEGGED HIM not to! It’s just too hard for me to watch everybody eat and not eat anything! There is nothing good to even choose from… I am strong and I know I can do it but nah! I just don’t feel like putting myself in “harms way” right? rather stay home for now! just this one time! I don’t want to be anti-social but it’s hard that every single thing we go to involves fattening food! so oh well… tonight at 12:01 am (well, I guess that makes it tomorrow morning) I will be going to the movie theater with some friends from sure (see! I am not that anti-social) I am not a night person but I love going to the movies and it’s been at least 2 years since I last watched a movie at the theater… I can’t wait !!! now… I just have to avoid the candy and popcorn! LOL!

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Eating for my birthday…

Well… I told you all I went to Chick-Fil-A for my birthday, right? And I told you about the good choices I made! that was great! but the real “celebration” happened this weekend! Saturday! because my mom and sister came from Mx to celebrate with me… and here’s what we had:

(minus the baby bottle!)

Doesn’t it look great? Grilled chicken breasts and vegetable skewers (I must confess the skewers had about 2 small pieces of bacon each) but nobody felt like they “missed out” on anything! We dined next to the pool and enjoyed a great time! Later… for “the cake” I made individual molten cakes… so there wouldn’t be any leftovers… (I also made them with a cupcake pan instead of ramekins to make them even smaller!) they were really, really good! And I indulged myself with ONE!

So… there you have it… there was no need to throw all my efforts overboard and destroy what I’ve accomplished so far! Plus we all enjoyed playing the “Wii FIT” so had very healthy entertainment too!

The Thin Lady Inside

Happy Birthday to me!

No, not today… but yesterday, it was my birthday! It was a busy day, grocery shopping in the morning and then celebrated with my little girls at Chick-Fil-A … they love it and I do too, especially because I can still watch what I eat, “water to drink, thank you and my chicken sandwich make it grilled with whole wheat bread, um! No… no waffle potato fries but how about some side salad? oh yes, dressing, the fat free honey mustard one, please… I’ll just have a little bit! you know? still watching the sugar!” 😉

Then came home and still exercised on the Wii, only about half an hour… I started feeling sick and yes, I have a very bad cold! coughed all night long! (how about that for toning your abs?) and today… well, today I am waiting for my mom and sister to arrive from Mx… they’ll be visiting because of my birthday! YES! I hope I’ll feel better tomorrow! we’ll be having cake! ( I’m scared! 😮 LOL!) I’ll just have a thin slice… Thank God I am not a big fan of frosting anyway!

So, that’s it for now… It feels good to start a new “year of life” on the right foot, not feeling like years translate in pounds that accumulate on me… but feeling like I can actually still enjoy life for many many more healthy years God willing!

So… Happy birthday to ME!

The Thin Lady Inside

Living like a thin person

So, watching “The Biggest Loser” right now… I had a “breakthrough” (if you could call it that)… some “viewer” contacted the show (via facebook, twitter or something like that) asking: “I’ve lost tons of weight! I am thin now! Why do I still see myself fat? What can I do to see myself like the slim person I am now?” (something like that! I don’t remember exactly, but that was the whole point of the question)… so … I immediately turned up the volume to hear the answer, because I needed to know the “secret”! I’ve been really thin in the past, and no matter what… I’ve always seen myself like I am obese… So I couldn’t wait to hear the answer, almost nervous and excited at the same time! Hoping what he would say would be a total revelation to my life and help ME when I become a thin person to see myself as one! so … leaning my body forward and being really careful to hear and understand what the answer would be… I heard Bob Harper say: “Dear (whatever the name was) if you want to feel thin, do the things that you couldn’t do when you were fat, do “thin people” things! run marathons, climb mountains, sky dive, go rapelling! Do the things that you couldn’t do because you were obese…” and the rest became a blur! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! What a revelation that was to me! Something soooo simple! Something that you could think is just “common sense” for me was such a huge revelation! And I realized… that I didn’t feel “thin” because I never “acted thin” … I always acted obese even when I was UNDERWEIGHT, so I never felt thin, I never saw myself thin and as a result ended up being what I acted like… an obese person all over again! I guess if I had acted like I was thin and done “thin people things” I would’ve, eventually, “become a thin person” not only physically but mentally too! Every time I’ve lost tons of weight it seems that “I don’t know what to do with it” yes, I have so much energy, yes I feel better and I know I can do more things but … I don’t do it! It’s like if I was still “carrying all the weight” inside of me! I am so happy I heard such a great advice… and I am planning on living like a thin person! I am already acting “thinner” (although I am still obese) but once the shackles start falling and the pounds that anchor me disappear, I won’t stay quiet! I will live like the thin person I’ll become! I won’t waste all that gained energy going back to restaurants and movie theaters (at least I won’t JUST do that) I will get involved in activities that require my body to move, that make me conscious and enjoy this new ME! … Yes… It’s a plan!

The Thin Lady Inside