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Day 16 continued…


Hi! Good day everyone! Yesterday I didn’t get the chance to “finish my food dairy” but I am here to do so…

Yesterday I registered my breakfast, lunch and exercise… I was at  851 calories when I posted, but then at 5:00 p.m. I decided to go with the girls to the pool, we were in there only for about 45 minutes but I think I did very good use of it… moving and kicking all the time, playing to catch my 18 month old (that game she invented… there was no way I could keep her on one spot) and chasing her so she wouldn’t get too far from me (she has one of those inflatable things on her) my 3 yr. old just stayed by my side at all times so she was easy to handle…But I got another good workout there! No idea how much I burned though…. So I’ll say about 200 right?

Then… When we came back from the pool I needed to EAT! So I had a banana and some grapes ( I realized I hadn’t had any fruit for the day ) so that adds 162 calories to my intake … and lots of good, easy to process, and very needed SUGAR (energy) and potassium!

That’s all I ate… and I didn’t manage to drink 6 additional big glasses of water but I did drink 4 (they are pretty big glasses. So I think I did good with the water, hopefully better today though)

Later in the night I had my coffee with sugar free french vanilla creamer and my sugar free chocolate pudding cup… which adds 90 calories

For a total of: 1102 calories

And considering I burned 600 on the Wii and around 200 swimming I burned an estimate of 800 calories (just exercising)

Pretty awesome day! 🙂 I am all sore today, I can tell I hadn’t exercised that much for a while… I am happy… I like the feeling.

Oh… and didn’t weigh myself so:

The Thin Lady Inside


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