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UGH! Too much chicken!

Hello… here I am with my food diary, calorie counting and recording my physical activities.

Today… I did good, although I binged on chicken… I ate too much!

Let’s see how the day went:

Breakfast: Total = 341 calories

  • 1 egg w/sauteed broccoli, mushrooms, green bell peppers and zucchini
  • slice of queso panela (cheese)

Lunch: Total: About 700 calories.

  • Chicken, chicken and more chicken!

… For some reason I just felt HUNGRY FOR MEAT! I wanted, craved, needed meat! Very weird (and very carnivore I guess) I roasted a whole chicken and had all the dark meat … 2 drum sticks and 2 thighs… they were pretty big … I just removed the skin.

I’ve been drinking lots of water… I think I’ve had 5 or 6 full big glasses so far and that’s all I am eating for the day… so that adds up to about 1041 calories… I might just add a coffee tonight (about 30 calories due to the sugar free creamer) but I will not have my sugar free chocolate pudding… I still feel stuffed!

About my exercise… I went to the pool and spent there about 1.5 hours. I made a point to NEVER stop moving… My arms and legs DEFINITELY FEEL IT right now… I was moving like I was crazy… kicking, moving my arms and even doing torso twists in the water to tone my waistline, some rowing squats and more kicking and moving my arms… I don’t think there was a moment that I just “stood there”

So… I would say that’s about 490 calories burned considering it was a “4 METS” activity and assuming I am still 180.0 pounds. (making very conservative calculations)

So… there you go… that’s about my day today… Looking forward to tomorrow and when I get those protein cravings I slow down a little bit before eating so much!

The Thin Lady Inside


4 thoughts on “UGH! Too much chicken!

  1. Chicken isn’t so bad to binge on since like you said it fills you up so much that you are good for the rest of the day loll I think in the water you work harder than you think because you don’t feel it as much πŸ™‚

  2. There are much worse things to binge on than chicken. AND, if you’re going to have a big meal, it’s best to do it with breakfast or lunch. So to me, it doesn’t look like a bad day at all. πŸ™‚ Congratulations on making it another day!

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