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My food so far…

So here I am … starting my food diary here… Today this is what I’ve eaten so far:

Breakfast:  Total – 341 calories

1 egg

olive oil

1 cup green beans

1/2 cup white mushrooms

1/2 zucchini

1 oz. “Queso Panela”

Lunch:Total 510 Calories

I had a small slice of an amazing meatloaf I made…

Sandwich with thin sandwich bun, queso panela, tomato, green spring mix, onion, yellow mustard, avocado.

I have only had 2 big cups of water… but I am working towards drinking 6 more…

I will register whatever else I eat later… I think I’ve been doing pretty good so far… 851 calories total… After this I usually only have coffee and a 60 calorie chocolate pudding (sugar free) so that would add only about 100 calories.

I also exercised already and burned almost 600 calories.

So I will say it’s been a pretty good day!

The Thin Lady Inside


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