Day 8 -82 to go: I just couldn’t!

Hello everybody! Here I am… to report, like everyday during these 90 day goal that I have set for myself, how I am doing… Yesterday (Tuesday) was supposed to be my “day of rest” just a day where I wouldn’t do my regular exercise because of something I read where you need to let you body rest for a day not only for the muscles to heal but also to keep the body from “adapting” it’s kind of a “reset button” thing… 🙂 … And I just couldn’t! I couldn’t not exercise! Without my morning walk I was all jittery all day long! It’s not like “I love exercising” … I feel like I haven’t gotten there yet… I always wonder if I ever will… So I was kind of looking forward to not doing a thing! LOL! But I couldn’t… You can still consider it my “day of rest” because I didn’t go to the gym and I didn’t run like I always do… But all day long I kept looking for ways to keep moving otherwise the energy was almost unbearable! LOL! So even while watching TV I would get my Wii Balance Board out and without even turning it on I used it as a “small step” and I did almost 13,000  steps during the day… I reached 6 miles… So… I feel like it was still good “rest” for my body from the High Impact exercises of the week but I didn’t just sit all day!

Then in the night I watched the “Extreme Weight Loss” show! WOW! That was amazing! The show was about this African American girl who talked about how in her culture it seems that in many families (not all)  “bigger is better” and “unhealthy is normal” … everybody in her family had weight issues and diabetes is seen as something you just “get” … they actually discouraged her to lose weight even when she was over 300 pounds…. but this girl was determined and she lost all the weight! Oh my goodness! Her personality was already like “the sun” but when she lost all the excess of weight … WOW! She gained extra confidence and showed the world who she truly is! I was telling my sister today (I already talked to her at 7:30 a.m.) that it’s almost like if they got psychological therapy! I mean the attitude and overall demeanor changes so much when the pounds are gone! But that’s what exercising and eating right does to you! Not only you lose weight! You prove yourself what you’re really made of and how strong you really are when you thought you weren’t! I love it! By the way… My sister (who I had already talked about before), she’s exercising everyday and eating right! I am so proud of her! I look forward to the day when she leaves me behind (being that I struggle so much being stuck in this weight) and that she loses even more weight than I have! She is proud of herself as well… and I can hear it in her voice… THIS IS IT! She is determined and tomorrow will be her first weigh-in (after 1 week) so I pray and hope the scale will be nice to her… still I hope she also remembers what I’ve failed to remember many times… the numbers on the scale don’t determine who I am or If I am being successful… Just the fact that we are doing THIS already makes us successful and says how strong we are! anyway… I am just happy… Well.. the thing is though… that I was going to go to the gym this morning but after my overly-energetic day yesterday I crashed! LOL! And I couldn’t even get up from bed at 6 but it will still be an active day and I hope I will be able to squeeze a run in my busy schedule ahead of me.

Yes… I am The Thin Lady Inside and I am a food addict… I’ve been sober for 8 days… And today… just for today… I’ll make all the right choices…. ONE DAY AT A TIME!

The Thin Lady Inside


Weigh in … -sigh-

Hello everybody, first of all let me just say that AF just ruins everything! If you don’t know what AF stands for let me tell you it stands for “Always Faithful” so you must get an idea what I am talking about…

AF came yesterday and I was hyper hungry! Like needing to eat everything! I chose chicken for my binging and stayed within my calorie range, although on the higher end… I ate 1500 calories. I was sleepy all day and not motivated, feeling bloated and just blah… I think I am retaining liquids because my hands felt stretched and heavy… I still exercised (without much motivation but did it) for 1 hour and a half on the Wii Balance Board while watching TV, I burned 470 calories… it really helped me to be watching the Biggest Loser as I exercised, it made the time go faster and just remind me why I am doing this! the contestants ran a 5k and they all did awesome! I was very happy to see their triumphant smiley faces when they reached the finish line!

Anyway… I told hubby how I was feeling and hubby said: “I wouldn’t weigh myself tomorrow if I was you, I don’t want you to get discouraged, you might not see any weight loss on the scale, it’s not the best time to step on it” and I knew it too but it’s my weigh in day so I did weigh myself this morning…

And it was true… There was no change on the scale, not even an ounce (thankfully it didn’t show any increase either) … then I left to my Bible Study which re-started today, just feeling kind of “blah” … but I am so happy I went because it’s like everybody “planned” on telling me encouraging things… I don’t think there was ONE person that didn’t tell me something like “you look great” or “share your secret with me” … I was so happy! It was just what I was needing and the perfect thing to remind me the scale is not the only indicator that I am doing good! Of course since it was our first Bible Study of the season there were all kinds of amazing things to eat… I chose 2 4oz. low fat yogurts and added some walnuts and craisins to them… it was truly the healthiest choice and I was pleased with it… I am looking forward to the rest of the day… working towards making it great!

The Thin Lady Inside

Happy Anniversary to Me!

Today, but a year ago, my weight-loss journey began… I am very proud to have stayed on the journey, even when “I sat” and “took breaks” I stayed “in the path” I really thought I would be further along by now but I can’t say I am disappointed either… Changing your life and leaving obesity behind is not for sissies! That’s for sure! When I look in the mirror now I have glances of who I really am…. A Thin Lady that has been “inside” and trapped in a big jail of extra pounds, excuses, lack of motivation and self-pity!

But not anymore… The “jail” has put up a fight but it’s coming down… and as I fight against the pounds I am learning more than just better eating habits! and the Thin Lady gets stronger and is ready to come out and be free!

Ah! it’s been a good year… ups and downs but always learning! And I am working towards leaving the prison entirely in the past and live a life as a Thin Lady … without the “Inside” anymore! but not just to be “Thin” but to be healthy, happy and better at everything I do… enjoying my family and the life that God has given me to live.

So… Happy Anniversary to me!

Yesterday… well… Yesterday was a great day… here are my numbers:

I ate: 1250 calories

I exercised (on the Wii Balance Board) for 2 hours and 20 minutes burning 682 calories, I did both cardiovascular and strength training.

Yesterday was my weigh-in day and I had a good number on the scale! I lost 3.3 pounds and hopefully the numbers will continue like that… Tune in every Tuesday to see what my scale says!

The Thin Lady Inside

Weigh in day is here!

Hello everybody… I am so excited! I made it to Tuesday (my now official “weigh-in Day”) and I didn’t check my weight before… I am proud because even when it seems like “no big deal” I’ve been obsessed with the scale to a point where I would weigh myself more than once a day! So this is a small step in my journey … I am learning to be more confident on what I am doing and trying to see the scale as one of the indicators that what I am doing is working!

Before I tell you what my weight is… (yes! I already know… I checked right away!) let me tell you about my day yesterday…

Yesterday I ate a total of 1,404 calories, I exercised for 1 hr. 55 mins. on the Wii Board burning a total of 585 calories there… I also went to the Park with my girls (it was too cold though, so we didn’t stay too long) but I kept chasing them there, there were too many people and mine are little, very little, so they need my constant help (especially my little 2 yr. old daredevil) to be safe and still have fun climbing, etc. I also tried to stay active cooking and even using my 2 yr. old as “weights” sometimes LOL!

I did some strength training too… jacknife repetitions and push-ups… it was fun!

I am not 100% yet though, this was a bad cold or I would even say respiratory flu! Last night I couldn’t sleep well from the congestion and my eyes still watery and burning… ah! I just want to breath normal!

So… now… my weight…

Previous weight: (a week ago)

January 1st. 2013: 184.3

Current weight:

January 8th 2013: 181.0

I lost: 3.3 pounds (not bad!)

So… there you go… it was a good week even when I was sooo sick and couldn’t do as much as I would’ve liked to! Hard work and self-control (with food) definitely pays off!

It really helped to be watching “The Biggest Loser” last night… I didn’t even know it was on! (DUH! I should’ve checked that) so… I my evening work out occurred while the show was on and they showed the contestants training, they are already starting to talk about how much stronger they feel! After just ONE week! Our body is amazing! And it’s amazing how much we can hurt it with so much extra weight! I was very happy that this time around I am not watching the show in a “hopeless attitude” crying tears of defeat and eating some fattening dessert while feeling like a total failure, this time around is different! I’ve already proven that I am no failure, that I can do this and I’m already “half-way there!” I am not letting myself have more excuses, even to the point of saying “well, maybe I would be able to do it if I was in the Biggest Loser Ranch and didn’t have to be a full-time mom and wife” … For me, there are no excuses anymore! it can be done at home, everybody’s circumstances are different and yes, it is easier for some than it is for others but we can still choose better and do better whatever our circumstances are… At least… I know I can!

The Thin Lady Inside

Ok… officially “out”

Yesterday was a good day, at least when it comes to eating good and exercising… But I felt really sick and still pushed through it… I exercised on the Wii for about 1 hour and 40 minutes but today I feel like I am not going to be able to do so… My ears are in horrible pain, my eyes are watery and burning, everything hurts and I can hardly breath from how congested my nose is! -sigh-

Hopefully I’ll still be able to do at least some “Free Step” on the Wii Balance Board but we’ll see…

So… my day yesterday:

I ate 1233 calories

I exercised for 1 hr. 40 minutes burning a total of 420 calories

Plus some random push ups here and there… I also stayed as active as possible.

Today I might be a couch potato!

The Thin Lady Inside

Quick Update

Sorry I’ve been away! I’ve been really busy! But I’ve been working hard at this! My last post was on the 22nd. reporting my calorie intake from the 21st. Well… the next days (22nd. 23rd. and today) I’ve been under my calorie goal (because of the exercise), Today was the day with highest calorie intake… I just couldn’t resist the pasta! (It’s amazing the amount of calories in pasta!!!) but I was really busy during the day, even had choir rehearsal and still exercised for 2 hours! I even exercised from 10 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. to “catch up” and get ahead a little bit! My calorie intake today was 1770 calories! YIKES! But I exercised for two hours (just wii fit free run and wii fit free step) and burned 686 calories which according to MyFitnessPal would’ve allowed me to eat 1886 calories for a Total Net Calorie of 1200 for the day… the 1886 seemed excessive though… the 1770 by itself seemed excessive! So … I had a Net Calorie for the day of 1086! Not bad after eating all those bow tie noodles! LOL! … Anyway… That’s my update for the day! I have to go now but I am still working very, very hard! Right now I haven’t been focusing much on the toning/strength training but I need to do better with that! I will try to incorporate some toning exercising somehow soon!
The Thin Lady Inside

Frumpiness makes me eat!

Hello! I’ve been busy and absent from my blog but it doesn’t mean that I am not working out or watching what I eat… I’ve been very active… trying to burn at least 700 calories daily on the Wii… today was 759 calories (and I still need to run 1/2 hour) so … I’m definitely on the fight! daily! I had some not so good days last week, when I felt like I could eat a whole cow… I felt like the fattest person on earth and I was just struggling! I wanted to eat … I felt like I haven’t really lost anything… (why!? I don’t know! The scale shows good numbers but I guess that’s how the complicated brain of a person with obesity and weight issues works) I didn’t like my reflection on the mirror and of course I didn’t like it… I didn’t even feel like getting dressed or anything… If you’ve been reading my posts you know that’s not very much like me… I mean… the whole “being down” attitude… But I guess there are days in the month when a woman (whether we admit it or not) just feels ugly, sad, angry, etc… (oh! Our friends the hormones!) and I realized that I had to “shake that off” and the first step was to… well… of course… for me is going to God and just leaving my burdens to Him and just praise Him! Focus on the blessings and not on the clouds in my head… butt the other quick and practical thing to do is… take a shower and put on nice clothes! doesn’t have to be fancy … just something better than pajamas or that frumpy huge t-shirt you wear! LOL! Because it is weird how being “frumpy” translates into this feeling of “desolation” that makes you want to eat to “feel better” or just to “escape” … Don’t worry… I shook those feelings off pretty quickly… and I am thrilled to share that I am now at: 189.4 pounds! YOOHOO! Another milestone!!! I am almost out of the “obesity” range! YAY! Gotta go now! I’ll be posting again soon!

The Thin Lady Inside