I never give up…

Hello peeps, if there’s anybody still around… or if anybody stops by and realizes that there was a long, long time since I last posted and that my last few posts were all about my struggle to find out the reasons why I didn’t seem to be able to lose weight… Just in case anybody wondered what happened to the lady who was looking for the thin-lady-inside of her… I am still here… I just want you to know that no matter what… no matter the struggles… I just DON’T GIVE UP! That’s right! … And while my weight kept slowly (and sometimes not so slowly) but surely creeping up… I never quit my battle against obesity… and while I did reach the 200’s again I didn’t gain all my weight back….

My last resort has been to invest in an expensive gym membership (which included 5 sessions with a fitness trainer and some blood work)

The blood work said what I already knew… Everything looks amazing in paper! They can tell I eat healthy and I exercise because the glucose is spot on, ideal numbers for triglycerides, HDL cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, blood pressure EVERYTHING! … They did a cardio test and they also were able to prove that I wasn’t lying when I said I exercise every day! They got me on the elliptical and it did nothing! High resistance and incline and I was feeling like I was sitting on a couch! My hear rate was so stable and not spiking… I could talk through the whole test… it was… GREAT! The trainer said: Wow, you really are strong… and I even told him when everything was done: “Sorry, I just have to ask… am I the healthiest fat person you’ve ever helped?” I could tell he was afraid to answer … Poor guy! but he finally said: “I am going to have to say yes to that!” LOL… So he started explaining to me that my body had just simply adapted to EVERYTHING I DO… Yes… everything! Including the 10 mile walks, the eating healthy, everything! And when the discouragement came and I did eat out of my normal, healthy stuff… of course I saw even an increase… and that was doing it! So what am I doing now?

  1. Weight Lifting… I had never tried that and the trainer highly recommended it (plus I’ve always had the goal of looking somewhat like a bodybuilder… I know… it might seem crazy… but I really reach for that!)
  2. Switching things around more both with the food and the exercise… in regards to food I am sticking to strictly healthy stuff, avoiding grains but not excluding them, continuing to live a “sugar free lifestyle”, and sticking to what I already used to do of no artificial junk and stuff like that… BUT now I am just making sure that I am not always “eating the same” everyday… adding more fish to my diet and like my trainer said: “When things stop working, change things up a bit”
  3. I am not focusing on the scale…. After 2 weeks of all the training and sticking to my healthy food… I felt stronger yet the scale said I had lost only 2 pounds (what!? I am still walking 10 miles, plus 1 hour of cardio and 1 hour of weights! How can that be?) well… looking deeper into it… and with the right equipment… ALL THE OTHER NUMBERS told a more encouraging story… I had lost 7.5 pounds of fat during those 2 weeks… yet gained 4.5 pounds of lean mass… AMAZING! Had I not known those details I know I would’ve let the 2 pounds be very discouraging! All that work for NOTHING??? BUT …. Now I know I have to REALLY trust other things more than the number on the scale… How do I feel? Am I getting stronger? How do the clothes feel? Etc… and I can’t let the scale ruin all those other tangible victories!
  4. Resting… With this I am still struggling… I have to trust what the trainer said about letting my body rest… I get this weird anxiety if I relax… I feel like I can’t sit or not train for a day because I will get huge… like… on that day! and this takes me to the next point…
  5. Training my mind as well… I am learning a lot about neuroplasticity… which is basically how our thinking affects our brains and our bodies… it might sound like it’s not something serious but being healthy involves our minds too… I have to change the way I think about myself… and even quit the negative thoughts that tell me “I’ll never get to accomplish something” and learn to relax, enjoy and not obsess.


So … there you see me in the blurry picture above… I have those bands in my legs, I walk sideways with those and it is a great strength exercise for my legs (hips and thighs I think) … I am having a lot of fun and loving seeing results in my body… Hopefully my experience encourages you! I never quit… I just don’t… Find what works for you! I hope I can give you a great update soon!

The Thin Lady Inside


Ok I did it…

Hello everyone… So… in my previous post I shared about how I started to see the numbers go up on the scale again little by little, first +0.4 then +0.7 and I began to think about the reasons why this could be when everything seemed to be going “so good” … I thought maybe I needed to have one of those days where I eat more to kind of get my body going again but I was doubtful, hesitant and scared about doing that… what if I just gained more weight without any results? But still did it… I ate good for the whole day and then at night I ate more than I usually do, not junk food, just more and more of a “regular meal” without worrying about my usual calorie counting … I had meatloaf (still lean beef and my “healthier meatloaf” recipe with pace salsa in it and no bacon and without a ketchup/mustard/brown sugar glaze on top, I also had a baked red potato with butter) and 1 homemade oatmeal/chocolate chip cookie. It felt good to just “eat” I didn’t weigh-in the next day (yesterday) I didn’t want to freak out from seeing the numbers possibly go higher in the morning from the bigger dinner the night before but what I did instead was “RUN again” … As you know my running pal doesn’t want to run anymore… she just wants to walk… and I understand it… she doesn’t enjoy running very much and also there’s no much motivation in it for her because she doesn’t burn that much more calories running vs walking (Weird) … she burns WAY more calories than I do walking but then I kill it running… so we walk… we just walk… and talk… and it’s very enjoyable but I do need to do something else to get my heart rate going… So now that her kids are back in school we’ve been going earlier for our walks and that means I get at least 15 more minutes before hubby has to go to work… So.. when we’re done with our walk and I head home I go to the gym in the apartments instead and hop on the treadmill and run for those 15 minutes … It’s amazing! I only get to run about 1.5 miles but it’s better than nothing and I do get my heart rate going faster and burn way more calories… just this morning I had only burned 290 calories in 1 hour of brisk walking and then burned an additional 350 calories in 20 minutes (15 mins. of running and 5 minutes of walking around the apartment complex) … incredible!¬† I am also slowly starting to incorporate strength training (planks/push-ups/abs) and hopefully that will make a difference as well.

So… I had already reached 174.1 then gained those +0.4 and +0.7 which took me to 175.2 today I am 174.5 so hopefully whatever I am doing (including the “indulging” with a purpose and controlled and scheduled) works and keeps my body guessing enough to make it lose more!

I feel encouraged and motivated on that area… Although I am a little worried because I know that the emotional stuff plays a big role in the weight loss area and right now my heart is heavy and a little anxious about several things, a friend is pregnant in very “special” circumstances and doctors don’t give much hopes for either her or her babies (yes, more than 1) and a team from our church just came back from another of their many Mission Trips to Peru… and the things I heard about the conditions many live there… were just heartbreaking and so many details that I didn’t need to know… I am angry and sad… and … well… I hope I can move on because it’s not like I am making a difference by “getting angry” … right? -sigh-

Anyway… That’s it for now… Today I already did my walking and my running …

The Thin Lady Inside

My first 5K

Hello everybody… Remember how the other day I said I was done trying to “lose weight”? I explained I wasn’t done eating healthy and exercising… just done with the hope of seeing the scale or measuring tape reflect my efforts! But you know what? I am SOOO not done! I guess I’ll never be! I am pushing towards my goal… I do not know how long it will take… I know it will not be easy… I know I will get discouraged at times… but I am NOT done!

So I am switching things up around a little bit… once again eating less calories… staying within 1200-1500 a day and incorporating more strength training… Right now I am pumped because my first 5k is coming! April 27th I will be running! I will be in a group that will not be timed! I am not going for “speed” right now… I am just going to continue to incorporate healthy activities in my life that keep me motivated and encouraged!

So… My first 5k will be to support a missionary cause… people who take water and the gospel to Sudan! plus a bunch of other things… so… I am excited!

The Thin Lady Inside

Man! That’s way harder than I thought

So… my rowing machine is up and running… well… ehem… not as much as I originally planned… Here I thought that I would be on it whenever I am watching TV and THAT THING IS HARD! My arms are killing me! I only managed to row for 10 minutes -in the easiest setting- (and not all at once, but taking like a minute or two to rest every 2 or 3 minutes!) and I am not out of breath or tired but my arms are just in pain! the machine says I burned 25 calories! What? Really? So… I went to a site that does the calculation per activity considering YOUR WEIGHT (which my machine is not considering) and it says that moderate rowing for 10 minutes¬† for someone my weight equals 93 calories burned… well… I’d rather believe that! I am trying to focus on the side of “it will make you stronger” rather than “you’ll burn calories like crazy” (which of course it would’ve been nice too)

Here’s hubby putting it together last night:IMG_5013[1]
Here is the rowing machine:

Sigh! I hope as I get stronger I’ll be able to increase time and repetitions, I did 176 repetitions in 10 minutes, so you can tell I wasn’t going fast! I must say I am a little bit disappointed… I wanted something that would make me be exercising MORE, way more… oh well!

The Thin Lady Inside