It is happening!

Hello everybody! How are you doing? I am thrilled to announce that struggling and all I’ve lost 10 pounds since I went and visited that horrible Natural Health Center in April…. I remember that as “the date” because it was a very low point in my journey… you can read about it here … If you’ve been following my blog then you know I started at 222.8¬† pounds (2 and a half years ago)… reached172.8 (50 pounds less) after a few months and then I didn’t seem to be able to go any lower… then it turns out I gained a lot of weight for what seems hormones/stress issues (December 2013) and then in April this year I found out I was 194 pounds!! horrible! I gained 22 pounds back! but Friday I weighed myself and even when I haven’t seen my weight go “dramatically down” I saw the number and it was 184 and that’s when it actually hit me! Yes… I am still heavier than what I had already reached… BUT… I HAVE LOST 10 POUNDS in about 5-6 weeks which is pretty good!!! Yes I’ve struggled but I am just happy to see some changes! I continue to not weigh everyday and I am happy I am at peace with it but it for sure was a nice surprise to see that!

I continue to do great and I am back to running in the mornings (just not as early and just making sure I eat something -a snack- before I run) … It’s harder to run but my friend and I are doing it and we’re planning on doing another 5k in September… today we went for 3.45 miles but ran only 1.3 miles out of those… Feeling good though!

Saturday I walked/ran in the morning and then it was an active day picking blueberries with my family… it’s been quite active around here in the pool and doing fun activities like that… I am sure that also helps reduce any stress/cortisol levels and in consequence aids my weight loss! Yeah! WIN/WIN!

Have a great week everyone!

The Thin Lady Inside


Let’s run

After my gain weight of the holidays (if you remember I gained a total of 16 pounds like it was nothing!) I hadn’t been able to run… I started walking, walking, walking again…Today I started to introduce “running” for short periods of time during my walk! It felt good! It was hard because it’s been so long… and my heart rate got high real quick (my recovery time was good though) but I want to get back to running and being able to do it without feeling like I am going to pass out… I know I’ll get there!

I’ve been doing really good keeping my calories down… although I’ve been eating more bread than I should… I started to see a very slow weight loss and got out of obesity one more time and I am in the overweight range again… unfortunately last night I succumbed to temptation and ate meatloaf (thankfully made with extra lean turkey) and mac and cheese (which was just unholy! it was loaded with whole cheddar cheese and lots of butter) I shouldn’t have done that and I’m paying for it… I had “hot flashes” again all night long … it’s definitely high calorie food that makes me go through that, I had my doubts but I confirmed it… and it’s SOOO not enjoyable that it is for sure going to help me stay away from foods like that!

Well… anyway…. I’m proud of my progress and happy I’m regaining motivation and excitement about all this!

The Thin Lady Inside

Hanging in there

After the disappointment of my weight gain… followed by binging with Nutella and then having a hard time to get back on track and going over my “ideal calorie intake” for a few days I am going back to MY normal… running even more and eating great… I think that my few days of “freedom” (although they actually felt very “entrapping”) something might have kicked in that I actually lost some weight, not much, but I wasn’t expecting that…

Right now I am baking carrot cake for hubby. Baking , for me, is like “cheap” therapy… I enjoy it SO MUCH… I’d love to be able to eat what I bake but baking is “good enough” by itself.

Thanks for hanging in there with me and being patient with this me as I fluctuate more than my weight… I hope I’ll be running a 5k in November 10th… Looking forward to it.

The Thin Lady Inside

One pound a day… for three days…

Hello everybody… that’s what I’ve been doing… one pound a day… each day… for three days… it would be great if I was losing that… but I am gaining it! why? I don’t know… I don’t get it… if anything I am running more consistently… could that be it? Tell me! I am wondering about that but it seems crazy! It doesn’t make sense ! But I am actually starting to believe it… my first plateau occurred when I started running… then while I only walked I lost… I assumed it was the less processed foods and thyroid medication… because … well… I made some other changes not just walk… now that I was pumped about my weight loss… I decided to start running again and I thought “this is it! Now I am really going to lose” and no… I am gaining! and I feel it! I am still in the same calorie count but I am now up to 176 pounds! AGAIN! it is so discouraging! I feel like crying! I had reached 172.6 and little by little… I am back here… I … want… to … cry!

New plateau

Hello everybody… I’ve been absent because there’s pretty much nothing to share… I haven’t lost another ounce… I guess I am stuck in a new number… interestingly, even when that number is 10 pounds lighter than the previous one… I feel like my clothes don’t really show it… it’s truly like just “another number” but I don’t feel much of a difference… I get quite frustrated to not see more of a change.

If anything… I can share that I am looking into running more 5k’s … I don’t want to stop running… I want to keep going! Last Saturday I tried to run that amount and I couldn’t finish… I did run for most part but it was so hot and humid that I felt like I was going to pass out… I was tempted to call hubby so he would pick me up… my heart rate was high the whole time and I burned a total of 860 calories in 45 minutes… so… you can imagine how agitated I was… I hope I can do better next time.

Still baking

Hello everybody… I’ve continued to stay busy through cooking and baking…. but here I am… I have been doing great with my exercising and eating… On Sunday I walked/ran in the morning like I do everyday (except Tuesdays), then went to church, had lunch at Chili’s -went for the 250 cal. sirloin dish with a side of broccoli- and then, since the day was just glorious we went to a park where I got lots of steps in… we walked so much that I ended my day with almost 20,000 steps in! I felt really great! -exhausted but great-


Tonight we will have a “Social” at a gym that is owned by some friends from church… there will be some “volleyball playing” and lots of eating… I have never played anything in my life… I am interested to do so but I am really bad at any game… I am afraid I will have to hang out with those who decide to stay by the food and sit… the playing does get quite competitive… and I am the kind of person that hides and dodges when the ball gets close… -sigh- we’ll see… I really want to “play something” but I don’t think tonight will be the right time for me to begin… I just hope I do good with all that food… I will do my best.

The Thin Lady Inside

2 cakes and 10 Pies later…

Hello everybody… I am back… It’s just been so busy days… and I’ve been struggling with my eating… a lot! I do good for most of the day and then end up splurging at night… I don’t know how much I weigh but at least I did great all day (and night) yesterday and started running again… I mean… I continued to walk in the mornings but wasn’t running at all.. now… I am running with my friend again, she walks and I “run next to her” even if sometimes I end up running in place so that we stayed together.

Also… I’ve been baking a lot… but that’s not my root of my overeating… I just decided to sell pies this fall… and I got several orders all together… First 2 pumpkin pies


One of the pumpkin pies… They were both delicious perfection!

And then 8 apple pies (plus a rustic apple gallette for our home Bible Study)


I made 6 of the pies (and the apple gallette) in one day…. each pie has 6 apples, my arms were sore from the peeling/coring/slicing.

¬†Everybody has loved my pies… I was worried because they are expensive compared to stores… but people have not only been paying… they have also thanked me, told me my pies are “the best they’ve ever had” and/or even given me random hugs to thank me for such deliciousness! You have no idea how good it feels!

Anyway… today I will have people over to help eat a big cake I made (I will share about that cake on some other post maybe) and I already did my running. It’s getting easier… it just requires me to continue to stay focused and have “a couple of rough days” to get back in the groove.

The Thin Lady Inside