It is happening!

Hello everybody! How are you doing? I am thrilled to announce that struggling and all I’ve lost 10 pounds since I went and visited that horrible Natural Health Center in April…. I remember that as “the date” because it was a very low point in my journey… you can read about it here … If you’ve been following my blog then you know I started at 222.8  pounds (2 and a half years ago)… reached172.8 (50 pounds less) after a few months and then I didn’t seem to be able to go any lower… then it turns out I gained a lot of weight for what seems hormones/stress issues (December 2013) and then in April this year I found out I was 194 pounds!! horrible! I gained 22 pounds back! but Friday I weighed myself and even when I haven’t seen my weight go “dramatically down” I saw the number and it was 184 and that’s when it actually hit me! Yes… I am still heavier than what I had already reached… BUT… I HAVE LOST 10 POUNDS in about 5-6 weeks which is pretty good!!! Yes I’ve struggled but I am just happy to see some changes! I continue to not weigh everyday and I am happy I am at peace with it but it for sure was a nice surprise to see that!

I continue to do great and I am back to running in the mornings (just not as early and just making sure I eat something -a snack- before I run) … It’s harder to run but my friend and I are doing it and we’re planning on doing another 5k in September… today we went for 3.45 miles but ran only 1.3 miles out of those… Feeling good though!

Saturday I walked/ran in the morning and then it was an active day picking blueberries with my family… it’s been quite active around here in the pool and doing fun activities like that… I am sure that also helps reduce any stress/cortisol levels and in consequence aids my weight loss! Yeah! WIN/WIN!

Have a great week everyone!

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Ah! The struggle!

Today I struggled all morning long! It might even be funny to look at me… grabbing a cupcake and putting it down, grabbing something from the fridge and putting it back… opening my mouth to have something else to eat just to close it again while throwing the “thing” away from me while shaking my head repeatedly like if I had seen there was a worm or something horribly disgusting in it! And it’s just that I feel this crazy impulse to eat ‘WHATEVER’ and then my brain knows it’s wrong, my body knows it’s wrong and I end up acting just in time to reconsider and be a good girl no matter how strong the feeling  to eat might be!

I have noticed (or at least I think so) that not exercising like I was is part of what makes me more anxious… as you know I’ve been taking care of my friend’s dogs so instead of running I just hurry to feed them in the morning and then hubby hurries to feed them at night… which means, no time on my own without my little ones to go to the gym or go out and run…. So after a very hard morning I decided to do “something”, “anything” so I started to “walk in place” moving my arms like I am directing traffic or helping an airplane while landing… LOL! I did that for 45 minutes and I felt better right away… It must be something psychological, I don’t know… but I felt energized and more motivated to keep on going strong with my healthy eating… I can already feel this day will end great!

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Not throwing a party just yet…

Hi everyone! I just weighed myself… and apparently I lost 2.7 pounds… I re-weighed myself just to make sure it wasn’t a “mistake” and the number didn’t change, I did lose 2.7 pounds… I am being cautious with the way I feel about this though… I don’t want to end up being disappointed… But as I said, I am weighing myself everyday to keep track of my health and the changes in my body and the response I have to the thyroid hormone treatment and I have to report it… So.. I am not throwing a party just yet… I’ve lost weight in the period of a year before and I’ve gained it back (now I know that it’s because of the thyroid issue) but I sure can’t help but “enjoy” seeing the numbers on the scale go down… Hopefully this is a sign of “things to come”

Yesterday I didn’t exercise… I took it as my “day off”, although something inside of me was really needing to go to the gym or do something! I also knew I need one day off so it was yesterday… Today my running pal decided to not go run because she’s not feeling good… so our morning run together was cancelled … I will be catching up when hubby comes back from work, I’ll run in the gym or something.  Hubby bought tennis rackets the other day and we already played once… I look more like I am trying to catch butterflies or some invisible bug… LOL! But it was fun… It didn’t even feel like exercise but the next day I was all sore in muscles where I am usually not sore so I guess it’s a good sign! Hopefully we can play again tomorrow… It’s pretty hot outside now though… and in the evening when it’s cooler the tennis courts are full (or you need a code to get in) but we’ll see…

That’s it for now… not much planned this weekend… we just have to go grocery shopping and that’s i… How about you? Anything exciting for the weekend?

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Didn’t weigh in for two days

Well… We had a “kind of unexpected” visit …. one of my aunts (mom’s sister) came to our city for the weekend, she actually came to see a friend of hers but stayed with us yesterday and left today, I always weigh in on the Wii Balance Board and it’s in the living room, I do it before I eat anything and I don’t like having “an audience” for my weigh-in LOL! So… I just skipped it these two mornings, I hope I’ll have some improvement or something to show for my work and consistency this week… There were two days when I just couldn’t go to my Bootcamp and/or morning run but even those two days I made sure my day didn’t end without any workout… I went both times to the gym (from the apartments where I live) even when it was late and I was tired… I still pushed myself and got things done! Even when the treadmills were busy in the gym and I hate the elliptical I got up there and did it! No excuses! I am telling you… I don’t allow myself to use any excuse… even yesterday morning… (when I had to go to Bootcamp) every cell in my body was begging me to stay in bed… it was just 4:30 a.m. “come on! I am sleeping! I had a rough night with my 2 yr. old! I deserve to stay in bed! How am I going to get myself up right now?” Just the thought of getting out in the dark to get my butt kicked and my heart rate elevated from a resting number of 65 to a crazy number of 180 bpm was just a horrible thought! Plus I had a horrible headache! But still… I got up… and went to bootcamp… I am telling you it wasn’t easy… My head was throbbing in pain… and I actually felt I was going to throw up… My friend that exercises with me every morning even said: “I was about to txt you and tell you I wouldn’t make it today” but she’s very disciplined too and got up as well! I am proud of ourselves, by the time we were done with bootcamp we still had 1/2 hour left before we had to go back home so we walked together… it was a nice talk and at the end I had burned over 700 calories… last week we even reached 900 calories! We do burpies and a bunch of other unspeakable things LOL! but I am proud to see myself being able to do all that jumping around… 2 years ago I would’ve probably passed out just in the attempt and now I can keep up with everyone! The feeling of accomplishment I get when I am done makes the whole “waking up so early and getting out of the comfort of my bed in the dark” totally worth it!

So… no weigh-in numbers today… I’ll be here tomorrow to let you know how I am doing!

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Tears of joy!

That’s what I experienced when I crossed the finish line of my very first 5k! Not that I ran super fast or anything but I didn’t quit and ran the whole thing… There were times when I felt like “walking” only but I knew I wouldn’t “forgive me” later… I am so thankful to have a great friend IRL that runs with me and supports and encourages just like my followers/readers/online friends (including you Tiff!!!) when I was about to give up I kept thinking about all the people “cheering for me” … whether they were there or not… just all those that would be happy for me… and just about myself being able to “conquer” my body and make it submit! so… when I was about to finish I didn’t think much of what I would feel… I wasn’t expecting anything special… but then… right when I stepped on the finish line an overwhelming joy hit me right on my chest! and I felt tears flood my eyes! I didn’t really cry or anything, I stayed composed… after all… nobody else was making “that big of a deal” about it… after all, many crossed the line before I did, after all I wasn’t even being timed -snort- but still… the joy to see myself crossing a “finish line” for the very first time in any kind of “race/run” was just too big, too deep, too good! and I enjoyed seeing my husband and my daughters waiting for me in such excitement as well and with such pride that I will keep all those feelings forever!

I just wanted to share with all of you! … and to say “Thank you” to those who believe in me! Whether you comment or not… I just Thank you!

Before the race, with my running friend!

Before the race, with my running friend!


Can you see Me? The word “Me” is right on top of … well… obviously… Me!

Right after crossing the finish line!

Right after crossing the finish line!


Together after our run!

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Weigh in – I wasn’t trusting it!

Hello everybody… I think that the last time I reported my weight here I was at 179 pounds but even after that I think my scale showed again an increase and I was at 180 yet again… I kept feeling like “it didn’t make any sense” … I have been stuck between 179-182 pounds for almost a year… regardless of my exercising and calorie counting… Some would tell me to just “trust the fitbit/myfitnesspal recommendations, go ahead and eat more”… some others would say “it’s ok to “eat that little” … I didn’t know what to do … I tried them both… and I was still stuck…

In the period of that year I must say that for a few months I didn’t exercise as much… and it’s only been until recently that I got really disciplined and just telling myself “how bad do you really want this?” … that made me take the decision to start running in the mornings (which had always been “taboo” for me! LOL) I never thought I could exercise “that early” but I realized I had no choice! still my weight wouldn’t change much… but I didn’t give up and kept running! I also incorporated “rowing” -with my rowing machine- to my exercises… I do it about 3 times in a week… and still… my weight would go down a little bit… and then up a little bit… and then I started adding more protein and more calories even to my daily intake… I also added fruit and yogurt to my diet… and … well… All I can say is that… all of a sudden… in the period of a week… I lost 3.5 pounds… YES! yesterday my scale said I had lost 3.5 pounds… but I wasn’t trusting it… it was “too good to be true” and I didn’t want to get “too excited” and then find out “the next day” that I had “gained it all back overnight” … so I didn’t say anything yesterday and today I stepped on the scale again… and from yesterday to today I “lost” an additional 1.5 pounds… so I now weigh 175 pounds… all of a sudden… it seems that “my body gets it” … I don’t know… but I’ll take it! My goal is now to eat around 1600-1700 calories a day, and if for some reason in a day I exercise way more then I feel free to eat more, of course still making good choices… instead of 1200-1400, not only it seems more “doable” I can also be more consistent and it’s easier to avoid “sudden cravings” … plus I think it’s just the fuel I need to keep burning… I am still very overweight but I can see a light at the end of the tunnel… I hope my scale doesn’t turn against me again… I am glad I never gave up… there’s no way! There’s no choice!

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Burning that burger!

Well, yesterday my goal was to burn the massive burger I ate on Sunday, along with the french fries and the bacon wrapped stuffed shrimp! It was a great day, I got up at 5 to go running with my friend, it was cold and it felt “too early” with the whole time change, I didn’t get to see the sunrise but I still managed to run 1.5 miles non-stop and then walk the rest. It was a total of 3 miles. Then I stayed active during the day and went to the store (which is very close) just to get more steps in my day and later, when “the Biggest Loser” show started I got on the rowing machine and did 40 minutes IN A ROW! After the rowing I ate a protein bar and I felt great! Hopefully my body will start to show soon what I am doing, I promise there won’t be any more massive burgers, fries and shrimp like that… I can’t afford it! I really can’t! and I need to remember that… I am a little afraid because now my birthday is coming and then Easter but I know I can still make good choices, for my birthday we’ll go to Chili’s though… I know they do have good, healthier choices there so I am already committing to stay on “the good side” of the menu! Anyway… just for some numbers, my day ended like this:

13,560 steps taken

6.22 miles traveled

2698 calories burned

1341 calories eaten = 1357 calorie deficit (which could’ve all gone to my weight loss efforts but they have to go to making up for the huge dinner I had on Sunday)

Now… about The Biggest Loser, it was great, it was the last week at the Ranch and I love that week because they show the contestants, individually, the highlights of their journey, from beginning to end and then they show them a part they recorded at the beginning of the show where “the fattest version” of the contestant is speaking directly to him/herself saying “Never go back to this! Remember the sadness, depression, etc… you felt!” It’s very emotional and real! I am looking forward to watching “the BIG Live Finale” next week! it’s going to be GREAT! I am rooting for Danni! She truly deserves being THE BIGGEST LOSER! To the last week in the ranch not only she’s lost TONS OF WEIGHT, she’s also gained 19 pounds of muscle! 19 POUNDS OF MUSCLE! in 3 months! That’s awesome! and so inspiring!

Ok… that’s it for now… today I didn’t run in the morning because on Tuesdays hubby leaves at 5:30 a.m. so he wouldn’t be able to watch the girls, so I am running in the evening! I can’t wait!

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