Day 17

Hello everybody!  Today is day 17 of the 28 days of the Fast Metabolism Diet… as I have already mentioned, this diet is supposed to heal your metabolism in 28 days but, every metabolism is different and some have more weight to lose than others so if you haven’t lost all the weight you need to lose in these 28 days you just repeat the whole thing all over again (and as many times as necessary), after that period of time then you can choose to incorporate some ingredients that are not allowed during this process or you can choose that you enjoyed the “feeling of good health” so much that you just “leave them out” … now… if you choose to incorporate some ingredients (like I will, in the case of dairy) the recommendation is to choose the organic kind and to avoid “overdoing” it… so… I will follow those recommendations for sure!

So… my first week on this diet I lost 2 pounds… YAY! … I was all impatient so I weighed myself again before week 2 ended… and I lost 2 more pounds (YAY!!!) so… 4 pounds lost, right? Awesomeness… Then… by the end of week 2 I weighed myself again and it turns out I gained 1.3 pounds so I thought “huh” but didn’t think more of it because I know it’s not that much to even think it’s real weight, it might just be liquid or whatever, right? well… I am midway week 3 and I actually saw the measuring tape move a little bit but not to the right side so I weighed myself and I gained 1.5 more pounds… interesting… So you could say that I have only lost 1.2 pounds total -sigh-… and that’s if the scale doesn’t keep going up…

Anyway… I know I should throw the stupid scale away especially if it is going to affect me… I still trust this method so I am choosing not to care too much about it… some other people in the group have reported weight gain on week 2 as well so I guess I’m not the only one… I am still hopeful about all of this but maybe the fact that I am on P2 (Phase 2) doesn’t help (phase 2 are Wednesdays and Thursdays where the diet gets really hard! but Friday, Saturday and Sunday are amazing so I keep telling myself that it’s just TWO DAYS! JUST TWO DAYS!)

So… I just wanted to give you all an update on how I am doing… I have been doing this to the “T” so I hope it will eventually pay off!

The Thin Lady Inside


I can’t wash my jeans!

Well, here I am… My “New Year Resolution” of not spending so much time on the computer is going great… I think I am even getting uninterested! I never thought I would say that! I am having fun staying busy with my girlies!

So… today… I said good-bye to obesity (again) … as I said… it was just a brief, very brief visit (thankfully) … I am still standing at the very door of obesity’s home though… I lost only about 7 ounces… so… I even joked around with hubby after he excitedly congratulated me for being “overweight” again… and I said: “oh yeah? well… look at me get back to being obese” -and chugged down a cup of water- LOL! … yes… a cup of water or eating an apple could put me back to obesity in a blink! because 7 ounces it’s not that much… but it’s progress!

Even when I am not “obese” anymore (according to WiiFit) I still can’t wash my jeans! I mean… if I wash them… I won’t be able to get in them… I need them nice and loosened for a few more days… they still get super tight on the waist… and I get a beautiful looking muffin top! -oy-

Anyway… Just wanted to report that it’s all going well here… exercising and counting calories … Today my calorie intake was about 1400 so I am very proud!

That’s it for now…

The Thin Lady Inside

Back at it

Hello everybody… today… today is the day! My running/walking friend is still on vacation, she’ll be back on Monday… I thought I would wait until she’s back to “get back at it” but 4 days can make a big difference… knowing my metabolism I am sure I can gain 4-5 more pounds or lose 2 …. so… why not lose 2? right? I know I can lose at least 2 just because it’s such “recent weight” … weight from these days of overeating that can come off quickly if I don’t let it sit “longer” … so even when I didn’t go for my morning run I exercised with the Wii Fit and I have already bagged 45 minutes of being “very active” according to my New Fitbit Flex 🙂 … I am already counting calories and looking forward to remain strong from now until I reach my “short term goal” … my immediate goal is to lose the 10 pounds I’ve recently gained… my next “short term goal” is to hopefully get past 170s and into 160s and my goal for this year is to reach 150 pounds. So… I have a very clear set of goals and today is the day when I start taking small steps towards it.

The Thin Lady Inside

Got fruit?

Hello everybody! Here I am again… just to share quickly about my weight and emotional state LOL! 🙂 After getting off of my soap box and once I stopped feeling sorry for myself (which unfortunately has been happening too often lately) I decided to be totally honest with myself and realize that I did some bad changes in my eating that would definitely affect my weight! I am not a victim… I hate the whole victim position so I refuse to “stay there” … Yes, it is true that I don’t lose weight like most people would if they are determined to do it… I do have thyroid issues and I gain weight faster than most people regardless of the meds… but I CAN lose weight, even if VERY slowly. I started to remind myself that I was seeing more consistent results with my weight when I incorporated more fruit in my diet and got rid of “low calorie” but “very processed” foods… So I am going back to the basics and eating way more fruit…

Right now I am enjoying 1/4 cup of organic strawberry yogurt (love Stonyfield), 1 apple, raw pecans, grapes and a few craisins every morning! It is sooo yummy!!! It is not a lot of yogurt but it is sooo satisfying and creamy! I feel like I am eating a dessert… almost like it’s too good to be ok for me to eat! LOL! 🙂 I am going back to my baked sweet potatoes as well… rather than rice and/or pasta… so… I am excited and in two days I lost 1/2 a pound…. the first day back to being really disciplined with my food I must admit I felt REALLY HUNGRY! My body was just asking for more food.. and something greasier if possible! LOL! but today it hasn’t been so hard.

Friday will be “Social Friday” for our Church Lifegroup and they’re already talking “Restaurants” … I will be looking the menu in advance to make sure I make all the right choices and still have a great time with everyone.

The Thin Lady Inside

181 but it stops here

-sigh- I am at a very high weight of 181 pounds… 9 pounds heavier than the lowest number I reached about 2 months ago … it’s discouraging… and eye opening… regardless of my calorie counting and exercising I have been eating out more and those calories haven’t been in the form of “all good” stuff… I have been feeling quite depressed about it… and trust me… I am not using the word “depressed” lightly… I had actually felt thinner a couple of days ago and then I had the brilliant idea of weighing myself yesterday and that’s when I saw that number and decided to eat all the left over dessert from Thanksgiving… well… not all of it… but a lot! I’ve been stuffing my big face with pumpkin pie, cranberry upside down cake and apple pie… Thank goodness hubby finished the sugar cookies or I would’ve attacked those as well… Interestingly… I am more inclined to binge on salty food but desserts is what I had at hand… so… buried myself in sugar!

I am feeling like a whale… but I know that I have to shake off those feelings to be able to move on! I never seem to succeed to lose weight when I am feeling like I hate myself… so I need to find that self esteem, self-love to gather all the will power and press on to my goals!

I torture myself thinking how long it is going to take me to lose all this again… I get sick at the thoughts of ending this year in the exact same weight a year ago…. but… those thoughts don’t really help, do they? it’s not like I will lose weight by pitying myself!

Anyway… Just wanted to give an update.

The Thin (and ashamed) Lady Inside

Before things get completely out of control…

Ok… well… believe it or not…. Sickness refuses to leave my home… After my littlest one got better… she got sick again… First she had ear infections… later she had the respiratory flu… then I got it… and I am still sniffling here… I was so congested and just exhausted that I couldn’t even think of exercising… well… I must admit I considered it… so one night I got my clothes ready to go run in the morning of the next day… Of course I had no idea what I was talking about… in the morning I just managed to text my friend to cancel our run together… I was really, really sick…

So… for the first two or three weeks for disease here in our household I did pretty good all things considered… and then… all of a sudden… bad, bad old habits started to creep up… I blame it in part to the “not exercising” thing… Not that I can use it as an excuse but I do feel different when I don’t exercise and get my talk with my friend in the morning… the whole day feels “off” and at some point I just broke and haven’t been able to manage to get back in the groove of things… just today I had already eaten 1200 calories by 9 a.m. … my whole plan is to not eat ANYTHING else for the rest of the day… we’ll see how that goes!

So… before everything gets completely out of hand (I can already start to feel the emotional consequences of these days and the fears of being obese are overwhelming, devastating) I decided to vent here and try to gain control back…. some of it?

Thanks for reading… Thanks for your comments … if you read this… say something… I am needing a word… a kick on the butt? Something!?

The Thin Lady Inside

One pound a day… for three days…

Hello everybody… that’s what I’ve been doing… one pound a day… each day… for three days… it would be great if I was losing that… but I am gaining it! why? I don’t know… I don’t get it… if anything I am running more consistently… could that be it? Tell me! I am wondering about that but it seems crazy! It doesn’t make sense ! But I am actually starting to believe it… my first plateau occurred when I started running… then while I only walked I lost… I assumed it was the less processed foods and thyroid medication… because … well… I made some other changes not just walk… now that I was pumped about my weight loss… I decided to start running again and I thought “this is it! Now I am really going to lose” and no… I am gaining! and I feel it! I am still in the same calorie count but I am now up to 176 pounds! AGAIN! it is so discouraging! I feel like crying! I had reached 172.6 and little by little… I am back here… I … want… to … cry!