Back from Mexico…

Hello everybody… so… I did have to end up going to Mexico… My dad’s condition was way worse than we originally thought… he actually had a massive heart attack. The doctors can’t explain yet how he made it for 2 days without medical attention, when he got to the hospital he had over 3000 units of some enzymes produced by the body when the heart fails… I am sorry if I can’t explain things right… it’s all a blur… but the doctors said something like: “when a person has over 300-400 units it is considered a heart attack, your dad has over 3000 units”… so we rushed to Mexico but I wasn’t allowed to see him… he couldn’t have any emotions… nor good or bad. At least I was a support for my mom and siblings in the scariest hours.. the first 72 hours were crucial, he was in the ICU and he made it… the doctor says he is still not out of danger and they continue to administer medication to keep him from having a thrombosis, he is now in a normal room and he started asking last night about me and if I could go see him… he doesn’t have any clue I just returned last night from being just a few steps away from him all weekend. Now my mom is afraid to tell him I was there and wasn’t allowed to see him… so he won’t know… it makes me sad he probably wonders why I am not there!?

Anyway… I just hope his recovery is complete…. and I obviously didn’t have much opportunity to count calories while there… but did have the opportunity to eat things that I love and I hadn’t eaten for 7 years! Things right there in my country… that can’t be fully replicated in the USA…

"Pollo Feliz"

“Pollo Feliz”

My favorite Grilled chicken "Pollo Feliz" with tortillas, guacamole and blanched/seasoned red onions.

My favorite Grilled chicken “Pollo Feliz” with tortillas, guacamole and blanched/seasoned red onions.

"Tamal Sinaloense"

“Tamal Sinaloense”

Regardless of my not counting calories and letting myself enjoy some Mexican food I must say I still stayed away from my very favorite street tacos and soda… and from many other succulent dishes… I must say I am happy I am not there anymore because it would be near to impossible to lose weight with all those options… Ah! Can’t resist Mexican dishes!!! and my favorite ones are not that healthy! Although I know I still lost weight when I used to live there… you can always adapt every dish to make it a healthier/lighter version… (it still isn’t the same though!)

So… thankfully my dad is getting better and thankfully I am now away from all that food… or it would be likely I’d end up in a hospital just like him.

The Thin and very Mexican Lady Inside



Hearty Breakfast Options for less than 400 calories

Hello everybody… So yesterday wasn’t that good of a day… I am catching up today… I hate “catching up” because I know in the end… if you do it too often… well… you lose the battle… But I am doing good and staying focused.

Something I’ve noticed works best for me is to have a good, big breakfast, I think I’ve mentioned it before… If I eat too little for breakfast I pretty much set myself up for failure for the rest of the day… and even if I “make it” I end up frustrated or in a bad mood all day long…

So… I try to eat plenty in the morning… Something I’ve been doing lately is reduce, a lot, the amount of eggs I eat… so I but I only eat eggs on Sundays, when, because of extra church activities, I know I will spend more time without being able to eat… the rest of the week I just replace the egg with extra fruit…

Anyway… here are my breakfast options for you (all include Van’s Organic Waffles, which I just discovered and are sooo delicious!)


Waffles with Maple Syrup, Fruit and Coffee = 330 cals.

You need:

Van’s Totally Natural Organic Waffles (2 Waffles) 170 cals.

Dark Amber 100% Pure Maple Syrup 1 tbsp. 53 cals.

Coffee with 1 tbsp. sugar free creamer (the sugar free creamer is optional and it’s the least healthy of all items) = 19 cals.

1/4 Banana (medium) = 35 cals.

4 Medium Strawberries 15 cals.

7 Fresh Raspberries 7 cals.

1 tbsp. raw almonds 30 cals.

Waffles with Maple Syrup and Big Banana Milk Shake: 306 calories

You need:

Van’s Totally Natural Organic Waffles (2 Waffles) 170 cals.

Dark Amber 100% Pure Maple Syrup 1 tbsp. 53 cals.

Unsweetened Almond Milk (Vanilla) – 1 cup (8 oz.) = 30 cals.

1/2 medium ripe banana 53 cals. (If you use the whole medium ripe banana your whole breakfast will be 359 calories… so still very good!)

(For the milk shake just blend the Almond Milk and Ripe Banana, serve cold and sprinkle some ground cinnamon on top)

Waffles with Maple Syrup, Egg and Fruit: 368 calories.

You need:

Van’s Totally Natural Organic Waffles (2 Waffles) 170 cals.

Dark Amber 100% Pure Maple Syrup 1 tbsp. 53 cals.

2 Medium Strawberries = 8 cals.

1/2 Medium Banana = 53 cals. (substitute for your favorite fruit, just check the portion sizes)

1 large egg (scrambled and cooked with Pam) = 84 cals.

So… I hope you enjoy a big, guilt-free breakfast that will help you stay satisfied and energized throughout the day!


The Thin Lady Inside

A small gain

Hello everybody… My scale is acting up on me! LOL! … Yesterday it gave me a +0.4 and today it gave me a +0.7  … There’s nothing I’ve changed… I continue to eat fruit instead of ice cream… I continue to exercise… BUT I am not going to start freaking out… my weight is still lower than it had been in a whole year… I am not going to start fretting over this because it’s still minimal… hopefully it will all go away within the next few days…

I just wanted to share that!

Happy week everyone!

The Thin Lady Inside

Slow but steady!

Hello people! I am here just to say that I am continuing to see slow progress in my weight… First of all I am thankful with God… because if He wasn’t giving me strength I would’ve probably quit a long time ago, when I stopped seeing any results (on the scale)… I am thankful I still saw health improvements and that also kept me motivated to go on… But right now I am just thrilled to start seeing the numbers go down again… I think what’s been doing it also is … well… the thyroid hormone treatment, I am sure it’s helping… BUT also the changes I made… trying to get rid of processed stuff (my nightly ice cream treat) that even when it was low in calories it still had plenty of sugar… I am actually eating about 150 more calories a day (I am usually at 1350 calories now) I substituted the nightly ice cream for fruit that I eat throughout the day… I think when I made the switch I started seeing some of this progress… It might have been the “extra push” my body was needing

Today I am 174.1 pounds (I hadn’t been able to leave the 178 -182 pound range for a long, long, long, long time -over a year of trying and trying-)

and I am ecstatic! My hopes and dreams of hopefully crossing to the 160’s before going on our Family Vacation might not be too far fetched anymore. We shall see!

The Thin Lady Inside

Ah! The struggle!

Today I struggled all morning long! It might even be funny to look at me… grabbing a cupcake and putting it down, grabbing something from the fridge and putting it back… opening my mouth to have something else to eat just to close it again while throwing the “thing” away from me while shaking my head repeatedly like if I had seen there was a worm or something horribly disgusting in it! And it’s just that I feel this crazy impulse to eat ‘WHATEVER’ and then my brain knows it’s wrong, my body knows it’s wrong and I end up acting just in time to reconsider and be a good girl no matter how strong the feeling  to eat might be!

I have noticed (or at least I think so) that not exercising like I was is part of what makes me more anxious… as you know I’ve been taking care of my friend’s dogs so instead of running I just hurry to feed them in the morning and then hubby hurries to feed them at night… which means, no time on my own without my little ones to go to the gym or go out and run…. So after a very hard morning I decided to do “something”, “anything” so I started to “walk in place” moving my arms like I am directing traffic or helping an airplane while landing… LOL! I did that for 45 minutes and I felt better right away… It must be something psychological, I don’t know… but I felt energized and more motivated to keep on going strong with my healthy eating… I can already feel this day will end great!

The Thin Lady Inside

Sounds harmless… But… is it?

So, today my end is going to end like this:

Goal Food Exercise = Net
1200 1617 – 273   1344

Now my goal is to eat 1200 net calories, today I had a net calorie intake of 1344, not bad, still not what I want but I am glad I’ve been able to be making great choices… and my exercise definitely helped me… The 1344 calorie intake is already reflecting the treat I’ll have later tonight!

Now… let’s talk about tomorrow… Planning ahead will help me stay within my calorie goal… Tomorrow, I’ve, well… we’ve been invited for lunch to a friend’s house… it’ll all be “soups, salads and sandwiches” … sounds very harmless and very delicious too! But … is it really harmless? I don’t think so… the yummiest of salads I’ve made have sugar and real mayo in them… or they’re loaded with nuts, grapes and/or raisins… and well…they’re just delicious! but when you check the amount of calories in them you realize you would’ve probably been better off eating a hamburger!  So… what am I going to do? I will bring my own Progresso soup! It might sound corny! LOL! But I will do just that… my friend is one that I am very comfortable with, we’re really close and it will not be a “formal lunch” it will just be “lunch with friends” and I know It’ll be ok to do that! … another family will be there too and I’m bringing a delicious (high calorie) chicken salad as well… I guess I’ll munch on some crackers or probably have half a sandwich of the best choice I can find there…

There you go… I’ve planned ahead and I haven’t been listening my fat side tell me “it’s ok, it’s just soup and salad” LOL!

The Thin Lady Inside