Getting easier

So… again, after a few VERY, very rough days where I struggled to keep my eating under control but still did… is getting a bit easier… yes… once again… I hope it continues that way… I am eating more calories than in the beginning… I am at about 1400-1500 calories a day… to be able to actually avoid the sudden “hunger attacks” but I am making sure that every calorie comes from a healthy source even making my own hummus (I make chickpea hummus and cannellini bean hummus) and I’ve found that “34 degrees” (brand) crisps are a great solution for “salty cravings” … you eat 9 crisps for 50 calories and 0 grams of fat!  so I eat those with my homemade hummus with about 50 calories per serving and there you go… you can still enjoy a salty treat and eat healthy.

Anyway… I still have continued to bake… and cook… I baked another apple pie now for hubby and made a potato/corn chowder for dinner, it wasn’t the best idea to make a potato chowder after making a pie… it only made me get into “peeling and slicing” after being already tired of it.. so … I hope you are a better planner than I am and go for a simpler dessert if you ever make that… the chowder was delicious and since I had barely had any carbs during the day I indulged with it. It was so creamy and satisfying!
For lunch yesterday I had an amazing, big ham sandwich with an ultra thin slice of sharp cheddar from Sargento (I love those things! What a brilliant idea! REAL, WHOLE cheese for only 45 calories!) … and avocado.. for only 393 calories – I eat sugar free whole wheat bread which only has 45-50 cals per slice. (I went for a double serving of ham! it was sooo delicious!) Let me show you:


And tonight… for dinner I cooked “Harvest time Chicken with Peppers” so delicious and comforting,  I used skinless chicken thighs which I lightly floured and then browned in a bit of olive oil, then transferred to a baking dish and in the skillet where I browned the chicken I then sauteed lots of onions, bell peppers (you can use all green, yellow and red, I unfortunately only had green) and fresh basil, fresh oregano and fresh parsley… plus fresh garlic, then added lots of chopped tomatoes, 1 1/2 cups of chicken stock -fat free- and seasoned with salt and black pepper, once it was all boiling I covered the chicken with the veggies, covered and baked for 30 mins. at 350 degrees, DONE!  I accompanied it with lots of steamed green beans. Talk about yummy!


So… once again… I am rediscovering my passion for cooking healthy! Going back to the basics and even for shortcuts that I had forgotten like cans of light progresso soup to have available for those moments when I am feeling weak and in need of eating something warm. Yup… I am remembering that eating healthy shouldn’t be boring and bland… it shouldn’t feel like a sacrifice but a reward.

There it goes… I hope I continue this way!

The Thin Lady Inside


Hearty Breakfast Options for less than 400 calories

Hello everybody… So yesterday wasn’t that good of a day… I am catching up today… I hate “catching up” because I know in the end… if you do it too often… well… you lose the battle… But I am doing good and staying focused.

Something I’ve noticed works best for me is to have a good, big breakfast, I think I’ve mentioned it before… If I eat too little for breakfast I pretty much set myself up for failure for the rest of the day… and even if I “make it” I end up frustrated or in a bad mood all day long…

So… I try to eat plenty in the morning… Something I’ve been doing lately is reduce, a lot, the amount of eggs I eat… so I but I only eat eggs on Sundays, when, because of extra church activities, I know I will spend more time without being able to eat… the rest of the week I just replace the egg with extra fruit…

Anyway… here are my breakfast options for you (all include Van’s Organic Waffles, which I just discovered and are sooo delicious!)


Waffles with Maple Syrup, Fruit and Coffee = 330 cals.

You need:

Van’s Totally Natural Organic Waffles (2 Waffles) 170 cals.

Dark Amber 100% Pure Maple Syrup 1 tbsp. 53 cals.

Coffee with 1 tbsp. sugar free creamer (the sugar free creamer is optional and it’s the least healthy of all items) = 19 cals.

1/4 Banana (medium) = 35 cals.

4 Medium Strawberries 15 cals.

7 Fresh Raspberries 7 cals.

1 tbsp. raw almonds 30 cals.

Waffles with Maple Syrup and Big Banana Milk Shake: 306 calories

You need:

Van’s Totally Natural Organic Waffles (2 Waffles) 170 cals.

Dark Amber 100% Pure Maple Syrup 1 tbsp. 53 cals.

Unsweetened Almond Milk (Vanilla) – 1 cup (8 oz.) = 30 cals.

1/2 medium ripe banana 53 cals. (If you use the whole medium ripe banana your whole breakfast will be 359 calories… so still very good!)

(For the milk shake just blend the Almond Milk and Ripe Banana, serve cold and sprinkle some ground cinnamon on top)

Waffles with Maple Syrup, Egg and Fruit: 368 calories.

You need:

Van’s Totally Natural Organic Waffles (2 Waffles) 170 cals.

Dark Amber 100% Pure Maple Syrup 1 tbsp. 53 cals.

2 Medium Strawberries = 8 cals.

1/2 Medium Banana = 53 cals. (substitute for your favorite fruit, just check the portion sizes)

1 large egg (scrambled and cooked with Pam) = 84 cals.

So… I hope you enjoy a big, guilt-free breakfast that will help you stay satisfied and energized throughout the day!


The Thin Lady Inside

Ah… the temptation

Hello everybody… so … I’ve been doing good… BUT… it’s been hard… for the last couple days I’ve opened invitations for all my fb contacts (in the area) to come and eat cupcakes or just even stop by and pick a cupcake up for free obviously… I love having people over… I love adding some “sweetness” to someone else’s day … so I figure my baking is the way to do it 🙂 I love it because my girls get to have a great time and they enjoy playing with the children of the moms who stop by for their cupcakes… and the moms stay and sit for a while and just enjoy some “girl talk” while their little ones play with my girls… They always tell me they leave my house “refreshed” and that makes me feel so happy! I want my girls to be always hospitable … rather than focusing on being good entertainers… and I don’t want them to wait to have “the perfect home” or “the perfect dishes” … the “matching napkins” … all that is cute… and I do want it as well… LOL! But I think, here, in the USA… whatever it is you have is ALREADY PERFECT.. If you have air conditioner during summer or heat during winter in your house … it is already PERFECT! trust this Mexican!

Anyway… So… I made lots of cupcakes to share… and people loved them (I was tagged in some sweet pictures of cupcakes or empty cupcake liners on facebook with lots of “thanks”) … BUT… and here’s the but… hearing over and over how good my cupcakes were, giving a cupcake to every child, woman and even a guy who stopped by to get one… started to turn into a temptation… I could’ve just bended my arm a little more, direct my hand to my mouth and… bite! and enjoy what everybody else was enjoying! LOL! … But then I managed and realized I didn’t really “want or need” the cupcake… it would’ve been more like “social eating” rather than a real need or want… so … I did good with that…


This is the picture I used to invite everyone over… I had just made them!

But then, last night… I was tired and had to pick hubby up from work (his car just died) and I had no chance to make dinner… I was hungry and exhausted… so I told hubby “how about eating chinese?” he was so hungry he agreed and said “oooh! Yes” so I started thinking of all this deliciousness! I thought “yeah… it’s not that bad… and then I’ll just burn it off the next days” but… once we got home (hubby would go get the food) I just started cooking dinner… I made myself a very healthy hamburger with sandwich thins, lean meat, avocado, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and pickles and I made hubby “breakfast” which he always loves for dinner (eggs, bacon, english muffin with jelly) and that’s what we had… I was happy and proud of myself… hubby was confused… but I explained I was acting on impulse and motivated by my being too tired and hungry… but I knew better than that… he was proud of me… I was proud as well! I am so happy I can now write this instead of sharing with you what could’ve been a whole different story… full of excuses and loaded with guilt!

Today… is a good day!

The Thin Lady Inside

Breakfast Time! Egg Burrito for less than 300 calories!

Hello everybody! How are you doing? just a couple days ago I was looking at the stuff in my fridge and I was really low on veggies, I usually have lots of veggies with an egg in the morning but this time I wanted something different and the fridge just confirmed I’d have to find another choice.

So… I decided to make a “breakfast burrito or breakfast taco”

It turned out delicious, it’s easy to make and very satisfying… so… here it is!



  • 1 90 calorie tortilla (I use whole wheat from HEB)
  • 2 large Eggs -150/160 calories-
  • 2 tbsp. Pace Chunky Salsa (Mild) -10 calories-
  • 1 sec. Spray of Pam (Olive Oil or Butter Flavor) -9 calories-
  • 1 tbsp. Sharp Shredded Cheddar Cheese (whole) -22 calories-

On medium heat… Spray a (non stick) skillet with pam (for 1 second only), Let it warm up, when the skillet is hot (not smoking, just hot enough) add the eggs, a sprinkle of salt if desired and once the eggs are cooked half way through just add the 2 tbsp. of salsa. stir until incorporated. Also at the same time warm up your tortilla (on a griddle like I do or in the microwave if you prefer) Fill the tortilla up with the cooked eggs and salsa and sprinkle with the cheddar cheese!

YUM! This tasty burrito made with TWO eggs is only 281 calories! Very flavorful and obviously packed with protein which will make you feel more satisfied during the day. Enjoy with a cup of coffee.

Ok… now… about me… I did great yesterday… 1 hour exercise and calories right on my daily goal! Feeling good!

The Thin Lady Inside