Because she believes me!

Hello everybody, here I am … today is day 9 of the Fast Metabolism Diet 28 day plan! This plan is supposed to heal your metabolism in about 28 days, some people have a slower metabolism than others, some have more or less weight to lose than others… so if by day 28 you’re “not done” you just start all over again… People have asked me “what made me try the Fast Metabolism Diet” and I always say “she believes me” … Allow me to explain: when I heard about this plan I thought I wouldn’t be able to do it because NO DAIRY is allowed… at all… no yogurt, butter, milk (except for rice/almond/coconut milks), kefir, sour cream, cheese, nothing! and I thought I for sure would never even try something that would separate me and dairy! Nothing could ever come between us! NOTHING! but… as I continued to read the book I found something that Haily Pomroy (author of the FMD) said that touched the very depths of my soul … she said: “I believe you!” … She says in her book that some of her customers come to her tired of dieting, skeptic to try something “new” or “opposing what they’ve learned in other diets” etc… and they tell her in frustration how they have REALLY ADHERED to other strict eating plans without any good results… and she says that she believes them … and then she talked to me, the reader, and said: “I believe you! I believe that you have done it, I believe that you have counted calories, I believe that you have only eaten protein or carbs, or whatever the diets required of you” (paraphrasing) I BELIEVE YOU! And it’s been so long since I last felt someone “believed me” … even when trying THM (Trim Healthy Mama, which I love) when I would come up to the wonderful groups where everyone is really, sincerely supportive and nice… I found that people would say “well, maybe you’re not doing this or that, well, maybe you are doing something wrong, maybe you’re eating too much of something, etc” … when I would go to doctors when I was eating low calories and exercising a lot they looked at me and smiled in disbelief and said “well eat less and exercise more!” … and for the first time… I found someone who said… “I believe you!” … Haylie doesn’t know me… personally (obviously) … but she knows I (and many others like me) exist! and she knows I (we) have really tried! she believes it… but there’s something else why diets don’t work even when test results come back from the doctor’s office saying that everything is “apparently normal” … So… because she believed me… I believe her! And I will do this as well… with everything I have! Sometimes I have doubts while doing this program… but I mostly doubt myself… Am I eating too much? And I go back to my meal maps that she put together… and I trust it and “Let it go” …. I weighed myself yesterday and I lost 2 pounds on my first week.. it’s not a lot but I am not stressing out… I am truly letting go and doing this thing! Hopefully my metabolism will get it!

The Thin (and hopeful) Lady Inside


A whole new page

Thank God for nights… Thank God for sleep… which marks the “end of something” to open your eyes to a whole new day… yesterday … yes… yesterday was hard… But it’s not yesterday anymore… that day has been lived already… and it’s gone… Yesterday died already, giving life to today… Today I am here… Today matters! Today I have a whole new opportunity to write a better page in my book, yesterday can’t be edited, deleted, re-written or anything… it’s gone… And even when I made bad choices… and even when I might still suffer consequences from yesterday … Today I can decide how “much more” I let yesterday hurt me! Yes… I ate too much… but today I am in control… not on my own but with God, and with the wonderful friends who support and trust me! If I continue living in “yesterday” and dwelling in it my “today” will become a bad “yesterday” tomorrow… IYKWIM.

Today I ran already and felt good… I burned 630 calories… I have to have breakfast now! I am all motivated and thankful for a brand new day!

The Thin Lady Inside

It’s a great feeling!

Hello everybody! It’s Monday! How exciting! There’s no horrible “Monday feeling” after a good weekend! So it’s totally worth it to stay in control because there’s no guilt or the feeling of “starting all over again” … of course… when you have a bad weekend it’s important to move on… and not dwell in that feeling, but it’s even better to not have to deal with the consequences of a weekend of indulgence LOL! …. My weekend was great…. I am very happy to say that yesterday was especially good! Getting ready to go to church I put on a pair of slacks that I had worn on New Year’s eve and they were very tight on the waist and let’s just say that I filled the area of the lower stomach pretty good… well… yesterday they felt comfortable around the waist… I also wore the shirt I wore for New Year’s Eve and it was also feeling better… but I was late for church so I didn’t have much time to look in the mirror or to even focus too much on how the clothes felt… As I got to church I ran to the choir loft because service was almost started and as we sang I started to realize how really comfortable the clothes felt! It was such a wonderful feeling! My pants were actually a little loose on the sides of my legs! I was truly happy!

Then, we came home, I changed my clothes and as I was changing I noticed something on my leg, it was for just a second as I was going to sit… it was like a darker spot that I had never seen before… and as I paid attention and moved again in the same way… I realized it was a MUSCLE! like a more defined line where the quadriceps (I am guessing) are… It’s not really a big deal… It’s not like I am super toned or anything, but I had never actually seen a defined muscle there! My calves are different, those are strong for some reason they’ve never been too soft or “squishy” but my thighs are another story… they’re not toned at all… so any sign of a muscle is... AWESOME!

Now… my numbers for yesterday:

I ate: 1,200 calories

I took a delicious nap! LOL! and felt better afterwards, I wasn’t going to exercise but as I watched a show in the evening I did some “Free Step” on the Wii Balance Board (it’s cool that it lets you watch tv as you do it) only for half an hour and burned 145 calories total (131 from the Free step and 14 cal. from 4 minutes doing basic little games on the Wii)

So… not a bad day at all! Today … I am looking forward to watching the Biggest Loser! And I am excited about tomorrow’s personal weigh in! we’ll see how that goes!

May the week go great for everyone! Me included!

The Thin Lady Inside

Happy Anniversary to Me!

Today, but a year ago, my weight-loss journey began… I am very proud to have stayed on the journey, even when “I sat” and “took breaks” I stayed “in the path” I really thought I would be further along by now but I can’t say I am disappointed either… Changing your life and leaving obesity behind is not for sissies! That’s for sure! When I look in the mirror now I have glances of who I really am…. A Thin Lady that has been “inside” and trapped in a big jail of extra pounds, excuses, lack of motivation and self-pity!

But not anymore… The “jail” has put up a fight but it’s coming down… and as I fight against the pounds I am learning more than just better eating habits! and the Thin Lady gets stronger and is ready to come out and be free!

Ah! it’s been a good year… ups and downs but always learning! And I am working towards leaving the prison entirely in the past and live a life as a Thin Lady … without the “Inside” anymore! but not just to be “Thin” but to be healthy, happy and better at everything I do… enjoying my family and the life that God has given me to live.

So… Happy Anniversary to me!

Yesterday… well… Yesterday was a great day… here are my numbers:

I ate: 1250 calories

I exercised (on the Wii Balance Board) for 2 hours and 20 minutes burning 682 calories, I did both cardiovascular and strength training.

Yesterday was my weigh-in day and I had a good number on the scale! I lost 3.3 pounds and hopefully the numbers will continue like that… Tune in every Tuesday to see what my scale says!

The Thin Lady Inside

Does confidence make you thin?

I don’t know the answer to that question… I don’t think confidence by itself makes you lose weight… But I think that relaxing and being more confident about your decisions helps you stay on track with weight loss! I am feeling it! In the days that fear took over me and I felt like I couldn’t eat ANYTHING because I was sure I’d gain weight even from just looking at the broccoli… I tended to either stay or gain some weight… even if just a little bit… I think stress is something to get rid of when you’re trying to lose weight… and confidence should replace it!

When you know you’re doing the “right thing” and taking the steps you need to take to lose weight… there should be the peace of knowing that eventually your body will start to show it and respond to it! I used to freak out at any increase on the scale and I am not saying it’s never going to happen again (I sure hope so) but I think I am learning to be more confident and trust the fact that I actually NEED TO eat in order to lose weight… such confidence and trust is actually giving me the freedom to play around with the food and with the calories I consume… to do things like “save calories for later” or just burn it all with exercise!

I don’t know if I am making any sense… the thing is that I feel somewhat liberated even by the things that I used to think were restrictions! Like calorie counting and exercise! Those are great tools that are making me take charge of my health and my weight! Interesting!

So… here are yesterday’s numbers (I try to share them every day for accountability and self discipline!)

Totals 1,479 179 58 88
Your Daily Goal 1200+299* 206 49 56
Remaining 20 27 -9 -32
Calories Carbs Fat Protein
*You’ve earned 299 extra calories from exercise today

The Thin Lady Inside