Exactly that!

Saw this on fb today… I thought it was painfully funny and true πŸ™‚ ….

you are not a dog

Happy Monday everyone!

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Before things get completely out of control…

Ok… well… believe it or not…. Sickness refuses to leave my home… After my littlest one got better… she got sick again… First she had ear infections… later she had the respiratory flu… then I got it… and I am still sniffling here… I was so congested and just exhausted that I couldn’t even think of exercising… well… I must admit I considered it… so one night I got my clothes ready to go run in the morning of the next day… Of course I had no idea what I was talking about… in the morning I just managed to text my friend to cancel our run together… I was really, really sick…

So… for the first two or three weeks for disease here in our household I did pretty good all things considered… and then… all of a sudden… bad, bad old habits started to creep up… I blame it in part to the “not exercising” thing… Not that I can use it as an excuse but I do feel different when I don’t exercise and get my talk with my friend in the morning… the whole day feels “off” and at some point I just broke and haven’t been able to manage to get back in the groove of things… just today I had already eaten 1200 calories by 9 a.m. … my whole plan is to not eat ANYTHING else for the rest of the day… we’ll see how that goes!

So… before everything gets completely out of hand (I can already start to feel the emotional consequences of these days and the fears of being obese are overwhelming, devastating) I decided to vent here and try to gain control back…. some of it?

Thanks for reading… Thanks for your comments … if you read this… say something… I am needing a word… a kick on the butt? Something!?

The Thin Lady Inside

Could’ve been better, could’ve been worse…

Hello everybody! I feel like I was car sliding at full speed inΒ  a slippery road and I am finally gaining some control and slowing down… Yesterday the day started with lots of struggles but I did defeat them all, then I exercised here at home (not as intense as when I go running out) but at least I stayed active and that helped things but at night I was just super hungry! It’s amazing how quick it is for your body to get used to “eating more” and any feel of “deprivation” makes you want food that much more! So I ate pasta (which I hadn’t planned on doing) and even when nothing was horrible it was more than what I had already planned for the day… The bright side of it all is that I stayed much more controlled than I I had been the previous few days… and my day ended with a calorie intake of 1800… Not horrible… not perfect … but better!

So I am encouraged and looking for my days to continue to improve and the feelings of anxiety to continue to decrease! Today I went to take care of the dogs at my friend’s house for the last time… Hubby will be going tonight and tomorrow morning, thankfully he will not work tomorrow so I will have all the time in the world to go for a good run!

That’s it for now, Good Friday everyone!

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Wednesday is the day!

Do you have a day when you feel that for some reason you tend to eat more? Wednesday is my day… I don’t know why… I attribute it to me being in a hurry and some weird “nervousness/excitement” … It’s choir rehearsal night and also Awana for my 4 year old… I get a little nervous because I always end up running a bit late… and I realize that’s the day when I eat the most…

Yesterday I had all the same weird feelings but since I’ve been able to identify those emotions and reactions and I got that day “pegged” … I was able to stay in control! So… does this happen to you? is there a specific day? or event that makes you eat like that? Let me know πŸ™‚ I am curious!

So… my day was still very good! Here are my numbers:

I ate: 1,344 calories

I exercised for 2 hours on the Wii and burned 556 calories there

MyfitnessPal says that if everyday is like that I will weigh 167.5 pounds in 5Β  weeks (I am 178.4 right now) I know everybody is different and this might not be exact or totally accurate but it’s a good indicator that I am doing good! so, I think it was a great day especially for a Wednesday!

The Thin Lady Inside

It’s so emotional!

Hi everyone! I’m here… working at this! Yesterday I even incorporated some strength training! I am very happy I did… I started with my exercise early to just get it out of the way…I still do it when it’s late… but why wait? πŸ™‚ Right?

Yesterday I ate: 1471 calories and exercised for about 2 hours on the Wii Balance Board. Not bad!

Anyway…This morning I was eating… something normal, something good and healthy, my usual breakfast… and I was watching TV at the same time… all of a sudden there was some commercial about (and against) bullying… it shows some kids pushing around a kid in a school bus… and some other kids just watching and not doing anything about it … That was some real footage of an actual event… and they speak about teaching our children to not only not bully others but to also do something about it and not just be bystanders…
Well… when the commercial was over… I realized that I had just pushed the whole sandwich down my throat… I didn’t even notice when I ate it all… I actually had this sensation of “I should’ve chewed that” still because it was hard to swallow! …

I’ve always known that my emotions are key when it comes to my eating habits… and that’s what got me to being a compulsive eater in the first place! But this was just sooo clear! I was just so upset about what those kids were doing to that boy, I could feel what he was feeling! And I wished I had been there to defend or protect him… I was always very protective, with my siblings and with my friends as well…. I guess with everyone, even strangers! I can’t see injustice like that! Although I would’ve let others bully me because it’s easy for me to defend others but for some reason I get weak when it’s about defending myself… So… I guess for me… well… I’ll have to definitely stay away from TV when eating… I think maintaining a peaceful environment around us (compulsive eaters) is definitely INDISPENSABLE if we want to succeed!

The Thin Lady Inside.