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Day 17

Hello everybody!  Today is day 17 of the 28 days of the Fast Metabolism Diet… as I have already mentioned, this diet is supposed to heal your metabolism in 28 days but, every metabolism is different and some have more weight to lose than others so if you haven’t lost all the weight you need to lose in these 28 days you just repeat the whole thing all over again (and as many times as necessary), after that period of time then you can choose to incorporate some ingredients that are not allowed during this process or you can choose that you enjoyed the “feeling of good health” so much that you just “leave them out” … now… if you choose to incorporate some ingredients (like I will, in the case of dairy) the recommendation is to choose the organic kind and to avoid “overdoing” it… so… I will follow those recommendations for sure!

So… my first week on this diet I lost 2 pounds… YAY! … I was all impatient so I weighed myself again before week 2 ended… and I lost 2 more pounds (YAY!!!) so… 4 pounds lost, right? Awesomeness… Then… by the end of week 2 I weighed myself again and it turns out I gained 1.3 pounds so I thought “huh” but didn’t think more of it because I know it’s not that much to even think it’s real weight, it might just be liquid or whatever, right? well… I am midway week 3 and I actually saw the measuring tape move a little bit but not to the right side so I weighed myself and I gained 1.5 more pounds… interesting… So you could say that I have only lost 1.2 pounds total -sigh-… and that’s if the scale doesn’t keep going up…

Anyway… I know I should throw the stupid scale away especially if it is going to affect me… I still trust this method so I am choosing not to care too much about it… some other people in the group have reported weight gain on week 2 as well so I guess I’m not the only one… I am still hopeful about all of this but maybe the fact that I am on P2 (Phase 2) doesn’t help (phase 2 are Wednesdays and Thursdays where the diet gets really hard! but Friday, Saturday and Sunday are amazing so I keep telling myself that it’s just TWO DAYS! JUST TWO DAYS!)

So… I just wanted to give you all an update on how I am doing… I have been doing this to the “T” so I hope it will eventually pay off!

The Thin Lady Inside


4 thoughts on “Day 17

  1. Over half way there! I think you’re doing right by following it to a T, even when some days seem so hard. I hope more than anything that this works for you. And I think you’re on the right path – it almost HAS to be your metabolism and the way your body processes certain foods that keeps you from losing. You just need to find the right combination of stuff that works for you and your very stubborn body. 😉 Unfortunately, it may be a matter of trial and error, although I certainly hope that this is your last trial!
    Thanks for the update! Can’t wait for the next one!

  2. I have just completed the 28 days (1 week ago) and my loses went week 1 4 lbs, 1.5lbs, then .8 lbs for weeks 3 and 4 but the tape measure really started to move in the 3rd and 4th week especially in my hips and waist where most of my stubborn fat sits. I always weighed the most after phase 2 and was the lightest on Mondays which was conveniently my weigh day! Even though I didn’t lose as much weight as I have previously doing calorie counting in 4 weeks, I feel this is much more enjoyable and it’s the fat that is coming off and leaving toned muscle behind. Hang in there. Have you noticed how much better you feel doing this plan? I am now starting my second cycle I just love it!

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