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Long time no see -sigh-

Hello friends… patient friends… here I am … again…

I have continued to follow my Trim Healthy Mama regime and … well… it’s been nice to be able to eat… it’s not been nice to not be able to lose weight…

I have been doing some things and waiting on some tests before coming and giving an update… I guess I didn’t even know what to say? It’s been kind of confusing here…

So… several changes have been made:

– I no longer run/walk in the mornings… I had to admit I am not a morning person and walking/running in the morning actually made me tired for the rest of the day… having to take naps here and there… just extremely fatigued… so… hubby banned them suggested I shouldn’t continue running so early (5 in the morning) maybe soon I’ll be able to walk/run again in the morning when his schedule is a bit more flexible and allows me to go at 6:30 a.m. as the earliest time…

– How is his schedule going to be more flexible? Well… it turns out that he now works across the street from home YAY! so … I love that BUT here he has been starting at 6:30 a.m. many days of the week… so… he is actually leaving home earlier than he used to… but soon the schedule there will change too and I’ll be able to go walk while he’s still home and then when I come back he can leave (just in case you don’t know, we have two little ones so, one of us always has to stay home with them)

– In my desperation and due to the fact that I saw the scale go up a few times regardless of all the changes towards healthier eating, etc… I went to see a charlatan “Professional Homeopath” that I was referred to …. I got there and I actually started crying from the very beginning (that’s how desperate and maybe hormonal I am) so… they did 1 weird test (that didn’t even last 10 seconds) and they were able to tell me the following:

  • – My biological age is 60 years old
  • – I am 44% fat (which I believe)
  • – I burn only 1340 calories in 24 hours (not too improbable either)
  • – I am allergic to milk (what??? I never saw the allergy tests, etc… but she mentioned that I must be allergic because of my skin sensitivities, interesting! No blood drawn, no skin tests, not even a look at my skin! nothing)
  • – All of my ailments have a solution! Yes… one easy solution… I have to buy all of their products!!! (-sigh- I must say I got a very expensive sales pitch!)

They also managed to make me feel confused and discouraged… I had been reading an awesome book that I got from the library… “The Good Fats Cookbook” (look it up!!!) and it all pretty much agrees with everything else I’ve been learning on my own about health, good fats, dangers of sugar, soy products, etc… besides the amazing benefits of coconut oil… etc… etc… well… this lady from the Natural Center of Health… told me that soy is the best for hormonal balance (WHAT???!), coconut oil isn’t that good for you (HUH!!??), and that I obviously need to eat well below 1300 calories if I want to see any weight loss… pretty much … many things that go against everything I’ve been reading… I gave her my arguments and she treated me as an idiot… she said that she knows we all just go “running to Google” and believe everything we find there… ummmm I honestly didn’t want to convince her of anything… by then I realized it was best to just end it all quickly and go home… I couldn’t believe I traveled that far (it was quite the drive) and pay money to hear so many things that made me feel so… BAD! I cried the whole way home!

So… a few days later I went to my OB/GYN… I told her many people have told me I must have some hormonal imbalance… she “chuckled” and said: “many people come here saying the same thing! I wish I knew what they’re talking about! There’s no such thing! except for thyroid or … I don’t know… I wish I knew specifically what they’re talking about” I thought I was “in” for another session that would leave me feeling like I am not just fat but dumb too… thankfully the Ob/gyn appt. didn’t last too long but she did have some blood tests done and… it turns out I have dangerously low levels of vitamin D … Praise the Lord! This could explain my chronic fatigue! I am now being treated for that and hopefully I’ll start to feel better!

I continue doing THM … at least I can eat… today I have actually started the “fuel cycle” which is a plan within the method that is done only when you have stubborn weight that will not budge… so… I am trying that… we’ll see how that goes!


Sorry this is not my usual, upbeat post… I wish I had more of a better attitude and happier things to share right now…. I want to feel good… I want to lose weight … I am 190 pounds and staying there! Nothing like my 172 pounds I had already reached (and I still had a long way to go) so … it’s even worse now…

Thanks for reading!




8 thoughts on “Long time no see -sigh-

  1. Wow. I figured a lot has been going on with you, and I was correct! I’m so sorry the people you’ve gone to for help haven’t been very helpful. But on a positive note, you’re still trying and you haven’t given up!
    Exercising in the early morning isn’t for everyone. Sounds like once your husband’s schedule gets better, it’ll be much easier for you to stick to a routine.
    Thanks for taking the time to catch us up! Still think of you often!

  2. You don’t know how much how understands! I have been desperate and went to see that kind of people too! I haven’t posted for ages(longer than you), didn’t log food for ages and I have my belly fat back and don’t like it. Hang on in there I am sure things will get better soon 🙂

  3. I am so sorry THL! I know you can get back on that horse! You WILL get there! I am here if you need anything! It takes me a while to post but if I am not around here I am just an e-mail away! 🙂

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