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Cold again

Well… you have to be kidding me! LOL! šŸ™‚ It is COLD, REALLY COLD again… freezing temperatures in this area of Texas are not common, especially not in March… but … oh well! I guess it is just a great opportunity to show determination and go out there and take my morning walk!

I am doing good with my eating… I haven’t lost more weight (well, just 0.2 pound… so… not even half a pound) but… again… I am amazed to be able to EAT and not gain weight… losing is even better! šŸ™‚

Right now my very favorite healthy treat on Plan (Trim Healthy Mama) is my “ice-cream” … it’s not real ice cream but I LOVE IT! And I eat LOTS OF IT! … I just use frozen strawberries -cut into smaller pieces so the food processor can handle it (or a berry medley) in the food processor container (frozen just like that, not thawed) and process until I get them into a “snow” consistency… once the berries are like that I just add a splash of vanilla, some stevia drops, about 1/3 – 1/2 cup of 0% greek yogurt (I use FAGE) and some cocoa powder (about 1 tbsp. or a bit more) … If I need to add more protein I just add about 1/2 scoop of Jay Robbs (ultra expensive so I am switching to Swanson’s which is way more affordable) whey protein isolate (no sugar! YAY!) but the extra protein is optional… greek yogurt is already a great source of it, process it all together and Voila! My delicious “ice cream” is ready… I sooo love this healthy treat! I find it addicting!

IMG_0160[1]I’ll be back… have to go now… I’ll be hopping around your blogs tomorrow! šŸ™‚

The Thin (satisfied) Lady Inside


5 thoughts on “Cold again

  1. I have seen recipes for fruit ice cream similar to yours, and many of them rave about the taste. I know I should try it. I know I should. But I LOVE my ice cream, and have to be mentally prepared to betray it with something healthy. šŸ™‚
    So good to hear from you! And SO sorry to hear about how cold it is there! We just had another winter storm come through too. Come on Spring!

    • Hi friend! Interestingly enough I have been signing in everyday to post something… if at least a comment… and I always end up having to go without being able to even hit the “post” “publish” “reply” button! -sigh- I am doing great and I will be updating soon… I was just about to send you if at least a quick e-mail… it’s been busy days, we had our anniversary and my birthday last week, we had friends come over for a few days and hubby took vacation… hubby now works very, very close to home (less than 2 minutes) so he is coming home for lunch everyday which is awesome but of course it also means I have even less time to spend here. I will be updating soon… not much weight loss but enjoying the food and eating better stuff! I have my appt. on April 8th now with an OB/GYN to look “somewhere else” in regards to my weight and other issues… and see if this could be hormonal. I will keep you posted! Thanks for checking on me šŸ˜‰ Love ya!

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