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Could it be?

Just want to say I continue to struggle with my weight regardless of working out/counting calories… I lose a bit and then gain it back… Yesterday I went to the dr’s office because I am late with my period (it should’ve started on the 14th and nothing yet) so I want to discard the possibility of a pregnancy.

The doctor was shocked when I told her how much I walk/count calories, etc… and how I don’t lose weight… she actually weighed me yesterday and I was 190 pounds -BIG, LONG SIGH-

I have already taken pregnancy tests at home and they are negative (although I read they can come negative if you’re early in the pregnancy, drink a lot of water and pee a lot and very often) the HCG might be too diluted for the urine test to pick it up… so that’s why I am getting the blood test done. I will find more tomorrow and hopefully get an explanation for my “no period” thing… I am even getting nauseous in the morning but I wonder if it’s because I am obsessing about it.

If I am not pregnant, the doctor said I should schedule an appt. to treat “gain weight” … I am sure that requires meds… I don’t want to go that route….

I am left with so many questions… wondering if I am hormonally jacked up and/or even pre-menopausal.

We’ll see

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4 thoughts on “Could it be?

  1. You don’t have to take the meds route, but it might be helpful to talk more with the docs about it. I’ve been doing some research on what may be causing you to gain weight, and the only thing that makes some sense, from what I can see, is that maybe your body is turning whatever forms of sugar you eat into fat.
    I found this statement in one of the articles I read…. “I originally thought sugar was the only problem. While cutting sugar out is enough for some, others need to reduce carbohydrate as well. Refined carbohydrates like bread, pasta, white rice and starchy vegetables like potatoes cause insulin release, and insulin causes fat to be deposited,” So it’s advice was to reduce carbs.
    I don’t know, TLI…. I’m just as frustrated as you, but the answer is out there somewhere. Keep searching, keep learning, and never give up.
    (And really?? You may be pregnant? Is that a good thing? I mean, of course it’s a good thing, but.. well, you know what I mean.. right?) 🙂

    • Hi Shadow! Yes… I know what you mean…. we weren’t really trying to get pregnant so not being pregnant is fine (I got the results back last night and I am not) but interestingly I was actually hoping I would be… just because for some reason I got my hopes up and I honestly wanted an explanation for my weight issues… but no… that’s not it… and no… I don’t have my period yet… hubby said he wants to look into doing more things to help me lose the weight (just because he knows how bad I want it not to put any pressure or anything)… he wants to get me into kind of a “semi” “biggest loser” program or something like that (I am sure there must be something like that out there) … something to “shock my body” … I don’t know right now… we’ll see 😀

  2. Seeing your doctor about it is a good idea, there might be something else that stops you from losing and your doc could help you find out. Your hubby wants to help you and its so sweet! I’m sure you will find something that works for you soon, in the meantime you are getting fit and it’s just as important 🙂

    • Yes, I plan on still seeing a doctor… I still don’t want to take meds though… I want to make sure I get to the root to the problem… I feel like my weight is just a symptom 🙂 Thank you so much for your support THL

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