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Let’s run

After my gain weight of the holidays (if you remember I gained a total of 16 pounds like it was nothing!) I hadn’t been able to run… I started walking, walking, walking again…Today I started to introduce “running” for short periods of time during my walk! It felt good! It was hard because it’s been so long… and my heart rate got high real quick (my recovery time was good though) but I want to get back to running and being able to do it without feeling like I am going to pass out… I know I’ll get there!

I’ve been doing really good keeping my calories down… although I’ve been eating more bread than I should… I started to see a very slow weight loss and got out of obesity one more time and I am in the overweight range again… unfortunately last night I succumbed to temptation and ate meatloaf (thankfully made with extra lean turkey) and mac and cheese (which was just unholy! it was loaded with whole cheddar cheese and lots of butter) I shouldn’t have done that and I’m paying for it… I had “hot flashes” again all night long … it’s definitely high calorie food that makes me go through that, I had my doubts but I confirmed it… and it’s SOOO not enjoyable that it is for sure going to help me stay away from foods like that!

Well… anyway…. I’m proud of my progress and happy I’m regaining motivation and excitement about all this!

The Thin Lady Inside


4 thoughts on “Let’s run

  1. Walking is great! I started run/walking with the C25k almost 6 months ago- worked wonders for me and helped me lose the stubborn weight!

    Mac n cheese would so be my weakness too…anything cheesy 🙂

    You got this- one day at a time!

    • Thank you so much! That mac and cheese wasn’t supposed to end in my stomach but it turns out that hubby hates mac and cheese (even from scratch) and the girls only care for the boxed/store bought one…. so I had a whole delicious batch of baked mac and cheese in the fridge just starting at me! I couldn’t resist it any longer and ate it! 🙂 it was delicious but oh so wrong!

  2. I also have a weakness for bread, cheese,pasta, rice lol Everything that I shouldn’t have in fact! You are listening to your body for food choice and it is much more important than calories, way to go! Good on you for starting to run again.

  3. I feel pretty lucky that I’ve never been keen on pasta. And although I love bread, big, chunky bread with crusty crust and soft insides, mmmm, I will usually resist it.
    Nice to hear that you’re running again! I will be so glad when our weather warms up a bit and I can get out for some longer runs. It’s just not the same in my basement.
    Enjoy your weekend, TLI. Oh, and thanks for sending me the link to your fitness pal. I haven’t forgotten about you!

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