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And then some more…

Hello friends! I read all of your comments to my previous post… thank you for supporting me on my highs and lows! You all rock!

So…. talking about highs (*rolling eyes*) turns out that when I weighed myself on Friday and was all bummed out (and wrote the previous post) I was tempted to eat a big thing of pasta with meat sauce I made… I decided I didn’t care anymore and then, when I served all that food on a plate… I realized it was stupid, crazy and senseless! So… if I gain one pound I am going to eat myself into oblivion just to make me gain more, feel horrible and get even further from my goal? NO!  I put the food away and ate none of it… felt awesome! Proud and happy for my decision! I went to bed pretty hungry I must say! LOL and then in the morning ran to the scale to weigh myself like if my “good action” could “magically” give me the results I expected and “miraculously” I would get the “reward” from it… So… imagine my “surprise” when I see the scale go up even HIGHER! I gained another 1.1 pounds… I blinked repeatedly like if I could make it all go away… like if somehow I could change things by blinking! When I stopped I actually laughed and carried on… didn’t let it bum me too much and it really helped that I went to church to focus on greater (and less carnal) things… At least this body is not eternal! 🙂 My spirit is… and lately I have been too concerned with what I eat or not eat… so much that I have been neglecting my spiritual feeding! I know that part of my obesity might be due to the stress I went through with my dad accompanied by the great amounts of food I ate while going through it… (horrible combination) and I know that I still have to watch what I eat, etc… but I need to quit letting it consume me because this “mindset” and emotional state will not help my weight loss efforts.

So… after church I went out for lunch and did great… I felt actually like some “weight” was lifted off of me… I came home, took a long nap and enjoyed the evening with my family afterwards… Today I weighed almost a pound less… and I laughed again… who cares? I keep doing this… I keep forgetting this is my lifestyle and there’s nothing that can bum me out enough to quit it!

Today I’ve been doing great and got out of my pj’s early! I was actually PUTTING ON my pj’s everyday after I showered! it was like my “outfit of choice” … I am making myself get into my jeans and look a bit better…

So… here I am … Thank you all for commenting!

The Thin Lady Inside


4 thoughts on “And then some more…

  1. You always been awesome at lifeting everyone’s spirit including yours. I love this post, I can feel your energy in it. I so understand you when you are taling about stress plus eating! I am very proud of you for resisting the pasta when you felt down. You rock girl!

  2. Way to go!! You would have felt so much worse had you eaten all that pasta, but I totally get what you mean. I went through those same feelings myself. I would tell myself I don’t care, but the truth is, I DID care.
    I’m not on MyFitnessPal, so I’m not sure I’ll be able to see what you eat. Do you think white sugar could be the problem? This article explains how sugar affects some people. http://www.caloriesperhour.com/tutorial_sugar.php
    It may be worth a try, even though I know you love your sandwiches and sweets. (So do I!) But in some people, hidden sugars (and obvious sugars) actually do the opposite of what you want. Even if you’re taking in less calories.
    Like I said, I’m not an expert, but perhaps if you try for a week to give up white breads, white pastas, and those foods with hidden sugars, you’ll see a difference. What do ya think?

    • Thanks shadow! I am sure I can make my food diary public… I will see and share the link with you even if you are not on myfitnesspal … I never eat white breads, I don’t eat my desserts (at all) and I only do sugar free bread… OY! 🙂

  3. This is awesome! I have been there…. where the scale doesn’t show you some number you are expected to see. I constantly remind myself that the scale is only one thing- a guide on your journey to a healthy you. It doesn’t know your self worth. It doesn’t know if you turned down a full plate of spaghetti and meat sauce, and what an accomplish that is! All that scale knows is a number. A number which doesn’t define who YOU are!
    Stay strong!! 🙂

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