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Dare I ask the question…?

How can this be???? I gained weight again and I am back to “obese” … today I stepped on the scale and gained more weight! Regardless of … ok… I sound like a broken record… you know the whole story already! I can’t stop regretting having “enjoyed the Holidays” the way I did … I am not one of those people who can “take a break” and think they’ll be able to “recover from it” like normal people do… I can’t deny it… I am SUPER BUMMED… But I also know it’s only been a week and I can definitely never throw the towel…

The Thin Lady deep Inside


11 thoughts on “Dare I ask the question…?

  1. I am sorry it didn’t move! Like you said its only been a week but I so understand, I am the same …I guess its been a long week and we need to see some proof! But I just read your previous post as well and I think you should trust what you feel wearing your pants! I remember when I used to workout everyday and the scale was not moving but I could feel my body was different. It has to be with all those steps are getting! I mean you are walking for a whole hour everyday so I think its an achievement in itself! I am happy for you that you get also to clear your mind and have fun with your friend while doing it. πŸ™‚

  2. Try not to focus on the scale so much…how you feel is MUCH more important. I find the scale makes me feel worse when I don’t see movement and it is really hard to see big improvements when you check once a week. Maybe try checking once every 2 weeks or even each month. Don’t let yourself get bummed. Think long term. How will you feel come summer if you stick to it? You’ll feel AWESOME!

  3. I SO wish I knew the answer. At this point, my gut’s telling me it’s a matter of finding the right types of food to eat, not so much the amount of calories.
    Can I ask a few questions? How tall are you? How many times do you eat a day? How many calories per meal? What types of food and drink do you usually have?
    If you don’t feel comfortable sharing, it’s okay. I’m not an expert anyway, but I’d love to help you figure out why you’re not losing.
    Keep up the fight, TLI. It’ll all come together eventually. ***Big Hugs***

    • ShadowRun… Feel free to ask! I appreciate it! πŸ™‚ … I am 5′ 7″ and I eat 3 meals with about 2 snacks. My biggest meal is for lunch, I always drink water, just water, nothing else… I do know I eat lots of carbs (love them) but mostly in the form of low calorie bread because I adore sandwiches! I eat mostly lean meat, veggies, fruits, mostly have yogurt in the morning or oatmeal with fruit, sometimes a thin bagel or english muffin with reduced sugar jelly, I do want to share every detail of what I eat with you and would love your input… You can see my whole “food diary” on myfitnesspal.com … are you there?

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