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Feeling lighter …. is it my imagination?

Hello everybody! So… today is a great day! I am feeling lighter and I’ve been sleeping better… I am definitely not going through “hot flashes” at night anymore… I knew it was the high calorie diet I had during the holidays that was making me feel like “I was on fire” … I’m back to normal with my body temperature and even whatever stomach issue caused by overeating or eating junk I get is gone! Since my gallbladder was removed I really shouldn’t eat much flours/greasy stuff or spicy… when I do I give myself “IBS” kind of symptoms… I am telling you … IT IS BAD! Even makes me wonder “why in the world I do that to myself” and then I ask for another soda! LOL! … But… now that I am back to my healthy eating/exercising… all of those symptoms are gone and I am better! Plus… walking with my friend every morning is a TRUE blessing! we talk, cry, laugh and hug all in one hour! I mean… we mean business… we are walking really briskly and if/when I run I am still focused on my heart rate, etc… but… we truly take advantage of that hour and get all of our stuff out there! LOL! It’s like therapy!

Today… after our walk… I truly felt “lighter” I came home so excited, actually looking forward to see the number on the scale… but it didn’t move… I am still the same weight I was a week ago (when I started to watch what I eat) … and as you know… I even gained weight “in between” these days… but… I am just happy I am feeling lighter and I don’t think it is my imagination… my jeans feel better too… of course I haven’t washed them yet (LOL) but I put them on just to go to the grocery store (next door) and they did feel different (not only “I’ve worn them many times already” different, but … different) So… I am excited and looking forward to continue moving in the right direction.

The Thin Lady Inside


One thought on “Feeling lighter …. is it my imagination?

  1. I can feel your excitement! Funny how just FEELING light can put you in a whole different mood. Even at my goal weight, I have days where I feel like I weigh a ton, and it brings me down. I think a lot of that has to do with being a female…. :/
    I’m so happy you enjoy your morning walks/runs with your friend! What a great way to start your day! Are the temperatures warming up at all?

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