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I can’t wash my jeans!

Well, here I am… My “New Year Resolution” of not spending so much time on the computer is going great… I think I am even getting uninterested! I never thought I would say that! I am having fun staying busy with my girlies!

So… today… I said good-bye to obesity (again) … as I said… it was just a brief, very brief visit (thankfully) … I am still standing at the very door of obesity’s home though… I lost only about 7 ounces… so… I even joked around with hubby after he excitedly congratulated me for being “overweight” again… and I said: “oh yeah? well… look at me get back to being obese” -and chugged down a cup of water- LOL! … yes… a cup of water or eating an apple could put me back to obesity in a blink! because 7 ounces it’s not that much… but it’s progress!

Even when I am not “obese” anymore (according to WiiFit) I still can’t wash my jeans! I mean… if I wash them… I won’t be able to get in them… I need them nice and loosened for a few more days… they still get super tight on the waist… and I get a beautiful looking muffin top! -oy-

Anyway… Just wanted to report that it’s all going well here… exercising and counting calories … Today my calorie intake was about 1400 so I am very proud!

That’s it for now…

The Thin Lady Inside


7 thoughts on “I can’t wash my jeans!

  1. Funny story:-) Good news anyway and welcome back to the over weight club! I got a pair of pants like yours that I have been trying to avoid, its hanging quietly in the closet but every time I see it, its giving me the “I’m too tight for you now look” lol

    • YAY! Thanks! It’s nice to be back in the “overweight club” 😛 … I only got ONE pair of jeans… that’s it… and I can’t wash them… I can’t totally avoid them because that’s all I got… So I only wear them to get out of the house… (which rarely ever happens) I’ve been rocking some pj pants lately around the house 😛

  2. I totally understand not washing your jeans. It takes a good 2 or 3 wearings afterwards to get them to feel good, and by then, they need washing again. oy vey.
    Glad to hear your enjoying time with your girls. Such cuties they are! And they’ll grow up quicker than you know.
    Congrats are your 7 oz loss. And with such a low calorie intake, I hope the scale’s even nicer to you tomorrow!

    • Exactly that! can they make jeans that fit like they do when they’re worn? oh wait… that would be a bigger size? and then… the get all too frumpy once you wear them. 🙂 Thank you .. yes… it’s been nice to cuddle with the girlies!

  3. If it gets to a point where you have to wash them, I have a trick for tight waistbands if your legs will still fit. Put on the jeans, then et a spray bottle and dampen the waist band. Stick rolled up towels or stuffed animals (looks silly, your girls will love it) in the waistband while you get ready. It loosens them up!

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