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I’m just stopping by but not staying

Hello everybody! I know “my cold weather” seems like something to laugh about when you live in places that get below zero temperatures…. I remember being in Wisconsin and laughing when people said it was cold at 40 degrees… this morning we were at 24 degrees… but … I am telling you… it’s cold for Texas! Again, my friend and I went for our morning walk and we were, again, the only ones out! She said “we are crazy” and she’s right… I like this craziness though!

On a sad, sad note… today I stepped on the scale and went from being overweight to obese! I gained +0.7 pounds and that took me “there” … I had already made “eye contact” with obesity recently (the Wii Fit makes it very clear that you understand “YOU ARE OBESE” when you weigh yourself) but I actually thought “eye contact” would be it… it turns out I stopped by and I am now totally in “obesity territory” … I hope it knows I am “here” just for a brief visit!

Today I was hoping the numbers had actually gone down a bit more… that was not the case… quite the opposite… but at least I am already doing stuff about it… it is still a bummer! I hadn’t been in the “obese range” for about a year and a half! -sigh-

My calorie intake for today is a total of 1396 calories… I exercised and stayed active all day long… so I am quite proud!

The Thin Lady Inside


9 thoughts on “I’m just stopping by but not staying

  1. You are right about that, the wii fit doesn’t have any tact when it comes to says things! You said that you burned 2300 calories and you ate around 1300 maybe I am wrong and you don’t feel hungry but maybe you need to get a little more calories…It’s just a thought and I know that the body is hard to figure out.
    I know for myself at times when I did really good the whole week and I would gain anyway and other times I cheated a lot and I would get a loss so its a mystery…but keep it up and in the long(wish I could swap for short) run it should pay off.

  2. ugh. That stupid scale. But it sounds like you’re not letting it get you down. Keep on trying different things. You’ll find the right answer eventually.
    And yes, weather is all relative. It’s hard for ME to complain about -9 temps, when my friends in Minnesota are experiencing -20s. It’s cold(er) for all of us!

  3. Don’t feel too bad … I’m in the same boat … with my weight gain from last year … I’m in the obese too. Like you, I’m motivated to get down in weight! Hang in there!

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