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Here and Now…

This eating healthy again is a “here and now” kind of thing.. Of course I have a set mind and a goal and I am planning ahead to EAT HEALTHY but at the same time I have to resist temptations as they happen and make decisions… HERE and NOW …

Yesterday… I didn’t bake anything for hubby… even when he called me to tell me that he had had some issues at work… he knows that whenever there’s something “wrong” I immediately bake something… and it did cross my mind but I didn’t know if I would be strong enough to bake and not eat… when he came home and didn’t see a dessert he was disappointed… didn’t complain… I guess he was just a bit shocked… so I whipped some chocolate-chocolate chip cookies … and when they were out of the oven he attacked them and ooo’d and aaaa’d over them … How is one supposed to resist that? Well… I guess by resisting it… period… Just say NO … here and now! That’s the hardest thing… but once you’ve done it you feel better! And that’s what I did… the temptation was there… the thoughts of “it’s just one cookie” and “I can burn it off” and “I’ve done pretty well today anyway” did cross my mind… but I shooed those thoughts away and had my cup of coffee without cookies and immediately felt stronger and proud! Rather than enjoy chocolate flavor in my mind for less than a minute loaded with guilt, despair and thoughts of failure… I enjoyed a clean mouth with lots of pride and a boost for my will power.

I am not saying each temptation will become a victory… I am just saying that IT CAN! and it did… at least for last night… and as I continue with my day today… I have that victory in my bag… and the memory of “how good it feels to be strong” to help me make my next tough choice!

Yesterday I managed to keep my calories at 1500 … after my “who knows how many thousands” calorie days I’d say I did pretty good… I’ll continue to work towards bringing that number to “my number” where I lose weight… My scale already showed a .4 pound loss … and I know it will keep going down!

The Thin/Strong Lady Inside


7 thoughts on “Here and Now…

  1. Good for you! I know from experience, the more you say no to those treats, the easier it is to avoid them. Especially when you start seeing a difference in your health and weight.
    Keep at it one day at a time! It’s already working! πŸ™‚

    • Yes… and I know this… and I forget about it… then I re-learn it… feel confident about it… a master on the whole “experience” and then I forget and fall into temptation again! πŸ™‚ Thankful for you putting up with me in my ups and downs!

  2. Congrats on sticking to your guns! It is always hard to diet when your significant other brings temptation into your household. I agree with shadowrun…it gets easier the more you say no!

  3. Hey TLI 1500 calories! Good job! I have to re learn how to do that! I remember that you used to bake so much and were not eating one bit of it so you will get there again. I have been eating lots of baked treat lately and its really hard to resist, lets say that I have been cutting down but I was not able to go totally without it so you are way ahead of me!

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