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Ice Cream Makes me hot

Hello everybody… well, here I am…. taking steps on my road to recovery… I feel like an addict that fell again and I am starting to count my days of renewed sobriety! It is hard though… I hate how quick the body gets used to “eating more/eating junk” Yesterday I still ate more calories than I had planned … I was just incredibly hungry all day… but at least I never gave in to the temptation of just “eat it all” but actually held myself together and would just try to kill the cravings with something healthy… I love the combination of fruit, strawberry yogurt, craisins and nuts… so I had that as “dessert” at the end of the day…

Today I weighed myself and it turns out that I weigh even more… so… let’s talk numbers even when I have refused to… I have to face it … I am now 186.5 pounds …. it feels horrible to see/say that number when I had already reached 172.3 pounds … but I am not going to “dwell in the past” or in the “could’ve, would’ve, should’ve-s” and I’ll just continue to move on towards my goal. My goal for this month is to lose 10 pounds… we’ll see how that goes.

Something that is making it easier for me to go back to the good “path” is the fact that I am having trouble sleeping at night… the extra weight and having been eating so many high calorie foods makes me very uncomfortable and … hot! It’s like I am experiencing hot flashes! It is horrible… I find myself covering with a thin blanket in the night and keeping the fan (actually 2 fans) on at night because I get incredibly hot… and then I uncover myself completely because I am hot like a furnace… Then I fall asleep and get cold again so I cover myself and it turns out that just from the movement of covering myself I feel like this rush of flames from hell invade me from head to toes and I am burning again… This has been going on for about the last month… and I know it’s the weight increase and all the calories I’ve been eating that I don’t need! My last super high calorie food was 2 nights ago, when hubby, the girls and I went out for ice cream… we went to “Cold Stone” and I had a big thing of Dark Chocolate/Cheesecake Ice cream with toasted almonds! That night was near to impossible for me to sleep! So… my sleep deprivation and constant being “hot” while my family complains that the apartment is too cold and hubby would love to move out to another room because he can’t stand my fans at night… all that combined is definitely motivating me to go back to eating better/less and exercise again.

Today… will be another good day… an even better day than yesterday as I continue to bring my calorie intake down to the 1250-1400 range.

Before I stop writing though I would like to show off the cake I made for my littlest one… she turned 3 on December 29th and I made an “all strawberry” cake for her… no flavorings, no jell-o… all the strawberry flavor both in the cake and frosting came from real strawberries πŸ™‚ it’s my first strawberry cake and she loved it! (unfortunately I loved it too and I ate all the leftover cream cheese/strawberry frosting by the spoonful)

IMG_9495 IMG_9471 IMG_9472 IMG_9496

The Thin Lady Inside


3 thoughts on “Ice Cream Makes me hot

  1. Beautiful cake!! That weight will come back off once you are eating clean again. I find when I eat “fake” food (food with man-made chemicals, low-fat food that shouldn’t be low-fat, refined ingredients, foods high in both fat and sugar rather than one or other) I bloat up and retain at least 5 pounds of water and inflammation! Oh, and your husband would hate to live with me. I can’t sleep without the sound of a box fan, I even take one with me when I travel!!

    • LOL! My husband gets like “allergy type” reactions with air blowing … he gets all congested… but he’s had to manage… I can’t sleep without a fan either… but … two? when it’s cold… it’s too much for him … he has to wait until he’s completely exhausted to join me in bed… by then I’m snoring… he’s a trooper though… he’s never turned the fan off… but the moment he hears that I am up… he jumps and turns it off… it just tells me how much he didn’t really deeply sleep… poor guy!

      Yes… I am confident I’ll lose this weight soon… from yesterday to today there’s a difference of half a pound already. πŸ™‚ Thanks for your comment!

  2. Beautiful cake! Strawberry cakes are my daughter’s favorite!
    I suppose I should feel lucky that ice cream doesn’t make me hot. I’m usually snuggled under tons of blankets while eating it. I have noticed, the older I get, the more I have to eat “clean”, like Jackie says. I’m trying to open myself up to the possibility I may not be able to eat ice cream as a daily treat forever. :/

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