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Back at it

Hello everybody… today… today is the day! My running/walking friend is still on vacation, she’ll be back on Monday… I thought I would wait until she’s back to “get back at it” but 4 days can make a big difference… knowing my metabolism I am sure I can gain 4-5 more pounds or lose 2 …. so… why not lose 2? right? I know I can lose at least 2 just because it’s such “recent weight” … weight from these days of overeating that can come off quickly if I don’t let it sit “longer” … so even when I didn’t go for my morning run I exercised with the Wii Fit and I have already bagged 45 minutes of being “very active” according to my New Fitbit Flex šŸ™‚ … I am already counting calories and looking forward to remain strong from now until I reach my “short term goal” … my immediate goal is to lose the 10 pounds I’ve recently gained… my next “short term goal” is to hopefully get past 170s and into 160s and my goal for this year is to reach 150 pounds. So… I have a very clear set of goals and today is the day when I start taking small steps towards it.

The Thin Lady Inside


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