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The heart attack…

There’s not much mystery here… I wish the title of this post was “figuratively speaking” or just “an expression” or just an exaggeration  but it is not… and I thought it would be good for me to post this here since it has to do with health issues and lack of a proper diet and exercise…

I got a phone call at midnight and hubby told me the number was a Mexican number… I rushed to try and dial back but just dialed a wrong number… I was more asleep than awake and I apologized to the poor guy who I woke up with my phone call… hung up and dialed again, ever so slowly, with my foggy brain due to sleepiness and worry… why did someone from my family in Mexico call? Why that late? I hope everyone is ok… and then …

Ring, ring

my sister: “Hello”

Me: “You called? what’s going on”

my sister (sounding worried): “uh, well… sorry for calling so late, um, something happened, there was a little incident with dad… um… he is in the hospital………”

Me (listening to my heart and afraid to ask more and anxious to hear more at the same time): “WHAT HAPPENED?”

My sister: “Well, he had pain on his chest and we thought we should take him to the doctor, he kept saying no but we got really worried, when we got there the doctors did an Electrocardiogram and they said he had a heart attack, but the worst was two days ago, he just hadn’t said anything”

Me: “what??? how?”

My sister: “I don’t have more details, I guess they’ll give us more information during the day, we just know that this heart attack actually started two days ago… he just didn’t say anything, but he is more stable now”

after that we just talked a little bit more … I was foggy wondering if he’d be fine, thanking God this didn’t happen while he was on his own when my sister and mom were here for a few days for Thanksgiving… I know he would’ve just slept through it … and maybe wouldn’t have woke up…

The thought terrified me… The thought of losing him… wondering if the last time I saw him, in July, was the last time I saw him… I talk with him often on the phone but… when I saw him… did I hug him enough? did I show him my love enough? I just love that man! I am a daddy’s girl! I am angry with him for not taking care of himself… He was sick about two years ago and they said his heart was enlarged… high blood pressure was a big concern as well and he only seemed concerned about his food and exercised for a few weeks after being released from the hospital, he promised he’d take care of himself… until the “scare” became another memory and “feeling good” seemed like “permission to eat anything he wants” … I remember when I lived in Mexico, my dad and I were partners in crime many times… eating tacos from the street before getting home just to eat dinner AGAIN … stopping at gas stations for a big, cold soda and chips and laughing about our “sneakiness” … it doesn’t seem that funny anymore… and I do love all our memories, we’re both very similar… witty, funny, sarcastic and at times irreverent… there’s a comedian inside him… and I know there’s one inside of me too (hey maybe that’s why I am fat… there’s a thin lady inside of me AND a comedian!) … I understand HIM… and he “gets me” as well.. we laugh a lot… and we’re both impersonators… but… overeating is an addiction, obesity is one of the side effects! This is not something to laugh about (even if I am too used to making jokes about it!!)… obesity and its consequences are serious… this is not funny! … Fat people are the “stars” from many jokes, comedies, tv shows… but it’s not a happy (or long) life… not for the obese person or for their loved ones. Overeating is an addiction and eating junk is a selfish/destructive behavior with many victims! My dad is not necessarily obese…. he is overweight… but even thin people who don’t watch what they eat are going to pay the consequences of their unhealthy lifestyle… My dad is 64 and should be healthier than this. I love him and I hope he’ll be all better soon!

Pray that my dad will be better… and that he will have another chance to take care of himself.

The Thin Lady Inside


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