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Obesity and Violence

Today is the international day against Violence against Women … and I thought I would just share that domestic abuse is definitely violence and it has many faces… it doesn’t just look like “beatings”… it is not limited to obvious physical violence, it includes sexual abuse; emotional abuse; controlling, intimidation, stalking, etc…  Alcohol consumption, drug addiction and mental illness can be co-morbid with abuse, and present additional challenges in eliminating domestic violence.

I was a victim of domestic abuse in the past… (previous marriage) and I’ve experienced many of the consequences and scars from it… Obesity, in my case, was one of the many issues that got worse as a result… not that I didn’t struggle with my weight before but it was definitely something that exacerbated the issue. Say NO to violence against women, against men, against children… The focus today is violence against women and it’s a topic that is very close to me… too close.



2 thoughts on “Obesity and Violence

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  2. I am so happy you were able to get out of that marriage, and thrilled you were able to find someone who treats you the way all women should be treated. Not all women are so lucky.

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