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Before things get completely out of control…

Ok… well… believe it or not…. Sickness refuses to leave my home… After my littlest one got better… she got sick again… First she had ear infections… later she had the respiratory flu… then I got it… and I am still sniffling here… I was so congested and just exhausted that I couldn’t even think of exercising… well… I must admit I considered it… so one night I got my clothes ready to go run in the morning of the next day… Of course I had no idea what I was talking about… in the morning I just managed to text my friend to cancel our run together… I was really, really sick…

So… for the first two or three weeks for disease here in our household I did pretty good all things considered… and then… all of a sudden… bad, bad old habits started to creep up… I blame it in part to the “not exercising” thing… Not that I can use it as an excuse but I do feel different when I don’t exercise and get my talk with my friend in the morning… the whole day feels “off” and at some point I just broke and haven’t been able to manage to get back in the groove of things… just today I had already eaten 1200 calories by 9 a.m. … my whole plan is to not eat ANYTHING else for the rest of the day… we’ll see how that goes!

So… before everything gets completely out of hand (I can already start to feel the emotional consequences of these days and the fears of being obese are overwhelming, devastating) I decided to vent here and try to gain control back…. some of it?

Thanks for reading… Thanks for your comments … if you read this… say something… I am needing a word… a kick on the butt? Something!?

The Thin Lady Inside


8 thoughts on “Before things get completely out of control…

  1. Sometimes it is harder than at other times to stay in the ‘zone’, especially when we’re sick. It’s no fun to be sick! Remember … We all believe in you!

  2. Being sick takes a lot of you! Being sick and taking care of other sicklings, it is absolutely exhausting!! You made the right decision by resting. Hopefully plenty of sleep will help you kick the illness out of your house once a for all.

    Also, I think sometimes when we are sick, we go to “comfort” mode and indulge ourselves more than we may need to in order to cheer ourselves up. While you’re battling this, would writing down your food plan for the following day (if you don’t already), the day before help? Build in comfort foods you like when you’re feeling sick. Could you look up healthy alternatives to your favorite sick comfort foods? Also, look up what sugar does to your immune system!

    • Thank you for your comment and for the empathy you show… I appreciate it! You, of all people… who could choose to be selfish (and rightly so) and think just about yourself when you’re dealing with so much… you care enough to comment when my issues are just dumb… thank you!

      • You are very welcome, but there is no need to thank me. My caring is genuine. Your issues aren’t dumb! They are every bit as real as mine, they’re just different.

  3. My goodness! You all have had a rough go of it. And the flu season is just starting. :/

    I could give you a swift kick, but I have a feeling you’ll do it yourself once you’re feeling better. And I like Jackie’s idea of finding healthy alternatives to comfort foods.
    But I hope you didn’t really go the rest of the day without eating. Doing that just makes you crave junk food. Better to at least eat a big bowl full of veggies and a piece of fruit. They don’t have many calories, and keep you from feeling deprived. And then you can get back on track tomorrow.

    Hang in there! We’re rootin’ for you!

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