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My sister’s progress

Hello friends! Since I can’t report any weight loss of my own for now… (don’t worry… I’m ok… still counting calories/exercising)… I am pleased to share with you some pictures of my sister so you can see her progress… I am just so proud of her!!! She is doing awesome!

Here are some pics… They’re not in order… (except for the last one, which is the most recent one) they were all taken at different moments, I am not sure about the timeline… but you can clearly see the difference compared to how she looks now

denise weight loss

Here’s the shot of her “NOW” on its own

JpegDoesn’t she look great? She’s doing an awesome job! I am so happy for her! It is great to have my sister to talk to about my own journey and know she “gets it” because she is going through her own weight loss experience as well!

I had to share!

The Thin Lady Inside


4 thoughts on “My sister’s progress

  1. She looks so much like you! Beautiful!
    As for you…. you’ve come a long way too, and it’s terrific that you haven’t given up despite all the setbacks. I can only imagine how wonderful it is to have someone close to you fighting the same battle. I wish I had had someone to talk to and cry to and vent to during my own journey. It’s definitely not easy, but well worth the effort.
    Stay strong!

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