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One pound a day… for three days…

Hello everybody… that’s what I’ve been doing… one pound a day… each day… for three days… it would be great if I was losing that… but I am gaining it! why? I don’t know… I don’t get it… if anything I am running more consistently… could that be it? Tell me! I am wondering about that but it seems crazy! It doesn’t make sense ! But I am actually starting to believe it… my first plateau occurred when I started running… then while I only walked I lost… I assumed it was the less processed foods and thyroid medication… because … well… I made some other changes not just walk… now that I was pumped about my weight loss… I decided to start running again and I thought “this is it! Now I am really going to lose” and no… I am gaining! and I feel it! I am still in the same calorie count but I am now up to 176 pounds! AGAIN! it is so discouraging! I feel like crying! I had reached 172.6 and little by little… I am back here… I … want… to … cry!


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