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New plateau

Hello everybody… I’ve been absent because there’s pretty much nothing to share… I haven’t lost another ounce… I guess I am stuck in a new number… interestingly, even when that number is 10 pounds lighter than the previous one… I feel like my clothes don’t really show it… it’s truly like just “another number” but I don’t feel much of a difference… I get quite frustrated to not see more of a change.

If anything… I can share that I am looking into running more 5k’s … I don’t want to stop running… I want to keep going! Last Saturday I tried to run that amount and I couldn’t finish… I did run for most part but it was so hot and humid that I felt like I was going to pass out… I was tempted to call hubby so he would pick me up… my heart rate was high the whole time and I burned a total of 860 calories in 45 minutes… so… you can imagine how agitated I was… I hope I can do better next time.


3 thoughts on “New plateau

  1. Well – you got through the first plateau. I’m feeling pretty confident you can get through another. Hang in there!
    I can’t believe it’s still hot and humid down there. I’ve been running in 45 degree weather and it’s been fantastic! Won’t be long until I have to run in single digit temps though. ugh.
    I’m happy you’re signing up for some 5Ks. I wish someone would hold a 5K on a Tuesday. I’m more likely to be off. lol
    Anyway, good to hear from you again! I enjoy coming here, even if you have nothing to “report”. Hope to hear from you again soon!

    • oh! And the weather… it’s beautiful, just gorgeous right now! A little chilly in the morning and just perfect during the day… but then it gets back to being hot… LOL! … hopefully we’ll get a good break from the heat!

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