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Still baking

Hello everybody… I’ve continued to stay busy through cooking and baking…. but here I am… I have been doing great with my exercising and eating… On Sunday I walked/ran in the morning like I do everyday (except Tuesdays), then went to church, had lunch at Chili’s -went for the 250 cal. sirloin dish with a side of broccoli- and then, since the day was just glorious we went to a park where I got lots of steps in… we walked so much that I ended my day with almost 20,000 steps in! I felt really great! -exhausted but great-


Tonight we will have a “Social” at a gym that is owned by some friends from church… there will be some “volleyball playing” and lots of eating… I have never played anything in my life… I am interested to do so but I am really bad at any game… I am afraid I will have to hang out with those who decide to stay by the food and sit… the playing does get quite competitive… and I am the kind of person that hides and dodges when the ball gets close… -sigh- we’ll see… I really want to “play something” but I don’t think tonight will be the right time for me to begin… I just hope I do good with all that food… I will do my best.

The Thin Lady Inside


2 thoughts on “Still baking

  1. What a beautiful park! Easy to make you forget how many steps you’re actually taking!
    I love playing games – especially volleyball – but I’m not good at it. When we play for fun around here, there are so many people on the court that I could go a whole game without hitting the ball. Maybe it’ll be that way for you. Either way, perhaps they need a cheerleader or a score keeper so that you’re not tempted by all the food. 🙂

    • Yes, it’s a beautiful place! A little scary though… we went to the “nature center” there and they have in display all the snakes that just “belong there” and they tell you to stay in the trails and to leave the “fauna” alone… I was wearing open sandals and I was all freaked out looking everywhere… we have “copper heads, rattle snakes, cotton mouth, etc…” how cool is that? Talk about keeping a high heart rate! LOL!

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