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2 cakes and 10 Pies later…

Hello everybody… I am back… It’s just been so busy days… and I’ve been struggling with my eating… a lot! I do good for most of the day and then end up splurging at night… I don’t know how much I weigh but at least I did great all day (and night) yesterday and started running again… I mean… I continued to walk in the mornings but wasn’t running at all.. now… I am running with my friend again, she walks and I “run next to her” even if sometimes I end up running in place so that we stayed together.

Also… I’ve been baking a lot… but that’s not my root of my overeating… I just decided to sell pies this fall… and I got several orders all together… First 2 pumpkin pies


One of the pumpkin pies… They were both delicious perfection!

And then 8 apple pies (plus a rustic apple gallette for our home Bible Study)


I made 6 of the pies (and the apple gallette) in one day…. each pie has 6 apples, my arms were sore from the peeling/coring/slicing.

 Everybody has loved my pies… I was worried because they are expensive compared to stores… but people have not only been paying… they have also thanked me, told me my pies are “the best they’ve ever had” and/or even given me random hugs to thank me for such deliciousness! You have no idea how good it feels!

Anyway… today I will have people over to help eat a big cake I made (I will share about that cake on some other post maybe) and I already did my running. It’s getting easier… it just requires me to continue to stay focused and have “a couple of rough days” to get back in the groove.

The Thin Lady Inside


2 thoughts on “2 cakes and 10 Pies later…

  1. You baked all the apple pies in one day? That’s incredible! And they look delicious! I always steer away from making pies because I can’t make my own crust. The last time I tried, it was so bad the dog wouldn’t even eat it. So if I make them, I use store bought crust.
    ANYWAY. Good for you for getting back on track. It’s difficult after all the busy-ness you’ve had as of late, but forcing yourself the first few days will turn it in to habit soon enough.
    I know we’re entering the favorite baking time of the year, but I expect you to check in once in a while. Got it? 😉

    • Hi Shadow! Yes, I baked most of the days in one day, those that are in the pic were all in one day -plus an apple gallette that doesn’t appear there and a pistachio pudding from scratch for the cake I made the next day- so… yes… spent a lot of time on my feet in the kitchen… I will be here more often! I promise 😀 LOL! 😀

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