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I knew my “weight gain” was more “hormone related” than real weight… I am back to 173.1 and we are about to leave on our vacation.

Shadowrun… my blog and I miss you over here! LOL! 🙂 I miss THL and Dave too… Jackie… well… so many … I guess my posts have been quite boring! LOL! Hopefully I’ll have nice stuff to share from my trip!

I will try to keep you posted even while I am away… I will remain in the fight even these days…


The Thin Lady Inside


9 thoughts on “173.1

  1. Hi Thin Lady Inside … sorry about being AWOL for such a long time in the comments. You’re blog is never boring but always encouraging and so real and honest – that’s what I like!! I look forward to each post. I pray for you most every day and I wish you the absolute best on your vacation! Remember … you can do it! God Bless.

  2. What? I’ve read every one of them! But now you’ve got me thinking. I did not comment on your last post, mainly ’cause I went to bed and forgot. But the time before I tried posting a comment THREE times! And each time I said, “I hope I’m not posting two/three of these…” For some reason, they weren’t posting, and again, I forgot to check back. I’ve been here! I promise! Have a great time on your trip and be sure to check in once in a while!

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