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New size… ?

Hello everybody! Here I am, just a  real quick stop before our family vacation… I’ve been baking a lot so I’ve been pretty busy… and, I’ve been a little stressed out, just worrying about something… Well.. not really worrying but something has been “occupying my mind” turns out that I’ve been having thoughts… about … the possibility… of … being pregnant! … Don’t worry… I don’t think I am, I really don’t … and it’s almost confirmed that I am not… but the thought has been there. We haven’t been thinking about getting pregnant again, we actually think we “are done” but… there has been the chance that I am so… I took a pregnancy test yesterday and it was negative… although… I took it before the time I should… I haven’t even missed my period yet… so… it’s not time for me to be POAS… not yet… but I have all the symptoms that my period is coming soon so I doubt it even more…

Anyway… that kept my thoughts… let’s say… busy!

So… because of our upcoming trip, I knew I would need to get some clothes, for the girls and for myself, I went to the store and got my “usual size” 12 but had a feeling and also took a size 10 to the fitting room “just in case” and it turns out that I tried size 10 first and it fits perfect, which makes me soooo happy! it’s not even “a little tight” it’s JUST PERFECT! I wonder if I can trust this, because I am always doubting myself, but my clothes do start to feel a little looser … and today, everybody in church kept mentioning I am looking thinner… so I am thrilled of course! I am excited! Everything seems to be going great! I didn’t weigh myself today but I will tomorrow and I will share with all of you!

Have to go now… busy day ahead!

The Thin Lady Inside


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